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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 13 Double Header: Metal Slug X & Shinobi III [community]

Why not add Metal Slug X and Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master to your collection, and indicate that you are currently playing them? And don't forget to rate them when you're done!

Metal Slug X (900 Points): This game is an improved version of Metal Slug 2, adding the new “Iron Lizard” weapon that chases enemies and the “Drop Shot” weapon whose shots bounce. It also adds many new enemies and allows players to adjust the game’s difficulty level by changing the position of bosses and other things. It includes several arranged production features such as changed backgrounds and some rearranged BGM. It’s a solidly enjoyable game-play experience that offers Metal Slug 2 fans some new discoveries if they look for differences while they play.

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (800 Points): In this thrilling sequel to The Revenge of Shinobi, Joe Musashi finds that Neo Zeed – the crime syndicate he believed he had wiped out two years earlier – is indeed still alive and well. The return of Neo Zeed and its leader, the mysterious Shadow Master, forces Musashi to return from exile and confront the growing evil. As the Shinobi, the master of long-forgotten Oboro Ninjitsu martial arts, Musashi must utilize all his powers to overcome his various enemies. Thanks to his considerable combat skills and special Ninjitsu moves, only the Shinobi can thwart Neo Zeed and vanquish the Shadow Master.

List of Awesome (finish either game)
Guillaume (Metal Slug X/Shinobi III)
Jargon (Shinobi III)

List of Awesomer (finish both)

List of Awesomest (finish both games plus one other game in either saga)

For the first time ever, we have an absolute tie. Metal Slug X and Shinobi III received the exact same number of votes (both in Yes’ and in Yes. Played it before’s). So this month, and for the first time in Negative World history, we are having a Retro Game Club Double Header. Have fun everyone!!!

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11/01/12, 07:15    Edited: 11/19/12, 00:52
This month is particularly crazy for me, but I plan to try to finally play all the way through Shinobi 3 at some point before it ends. I'll probably even fire up some Metal Slug X even though I'm not a fan of the genre.
11/05/12, 17:54   
I have Metal Slug X from the Metal Slug Anthology and Shinobi III from the PS2 Sega Genesis Collection, so I'll probably be joining in at some point. But I'm more interested in playing Pikmin for NewGameBer, so I'm not sure when that'll be.
11/06/12, 03:31   
Hey, I played Shinobi III for a bit and made it to chapter IV (the surfing, and climbing around on pipes after that).

It's really weird playing this game after playing Shinobi III, since many stages and scenes were taken directly from this game in the newer game. Those ninjas in conduits in that elevator stage, or those brain-looking enemies and vats of green goo in Chapter III, for instance.

The controls take some getting used to, as well. Is there a way to block attacks? Jumping has a delay to it, it doesn't seem ideal to react to ninja stars or bullets. And is it normal that my normal attack is throwing shurikens, unless I'm close? Or is it a result of playing on Easy?

I should probably read the manual. A word to the wise: there IS a double jump in this game. You have to press jump again at the very apex of your jump, otherwise it won't work. I died 6 -7 times in the elevator level before figuring this out...

Am I the only one playing these, still? What are you guys waiting for, the release of the Wii U!?
11/10/12, 08:41   
@Guillaume Been busy this week, I'll definitely play through Shinobi III next week. Also, I think the only difference between Easy/Medium/Hard is the lives and continues available. Maybe shuriken drops are more plentiful on the easier modes and enemies take less damage too, but I can't remember. Definitely don't remember any major changes, though.

You can block by holding the attack button, which obviously costs a shuriken and also you can't move very quickly while blocking. I actually didn't know this until after I'd beaten the game a few times and decided to read the VC manual, haha. And yes, normal attack is shurikens.

You can do a dash sword swipe as well (double tap to run, then attack). When you hit the attack button, you'll do a little hop before the slash. This makes the timing of the move a little tricky (gotta press attack while still away from the enemy) but while you're hopping you're invulnerable to most things, so you can go right through bullets and shuriken and such. It's really helpful for flying through the stages quickly and taking out regular enemies.

Also, I'm not sure what the game does and doesn't teach you, but in addition to the double jump (most easily activated just AFTER the apex of your jump) you can also wall-jump and hang on ceilings. Also, if you hit the attack during the double jump flip, you'll rain down shuriken in a big arc, killing basically everything at the cost of like 7 shuriken.

Be sure to get good at the double jump, there's a few stages that pretty much require a good grasp on it.
11/10/12, 16:41   
Edited: 11/10/12, 16:42
TheOldManFromZelda said:
Anand said:
They're pretty much right up Anand Alley.

That's what she said!
I've said it before, and, god(s) help me, I'll say it agin': The sun don't shine in Anand Alley.
11/11/12, 02:02   
Edited: 11/11/12, 02:03

Thanks for the tips, Nate!

I still need to perfect the double jump. I try to press jump right after the apex of the first jump but it doesn't work 100% of the time, still. I don't know if it's the PS3's analog buttons or the wireless or what, but I always feel like there's a delay in the controls.

I started over and just got past chapter 5 (on easy) losing only one life, so I'm doing much better than previously.
11/12/12, 20:19   
Metal Slug X is pretty damn fun, I didn't make it too far but I'll give it another go.
11/12/12, 20:20   
Having finally beaten Dragon Warrior 3, I played some Shinobi 3 today. I was breezing through on Normal mode until I got to the boss in Round 4. I could not figure out how to avoid all his attacks.

The controls definitely take some getting used to. The double jump is one of those things that feels easy when you're in no danger, but once you are in some perilous situation, it gets much more tricky. Also I feel like the consequences of getting hit are kind of unpredictable.

But the variety of the levels are as appealing as I remember from watching my brother play when I was younger. Definitely cool stuff going on.
11/13/12, 02:47   
I've beaten Shinobi III on Easy.

I started again on Normal and it really does look like the only thing that changes is the number of lives you start with. I won't beat the game on Normal in that case, I don't think I would get more out of the experience.

I'll post some more thoughts tomorrow...
11/13/12, 08:53   

Are you playing alone? I'm quite afraid to.
11/13/12, 09:15   
Just took down Shinobi 3. Must have been almost 20 years ago that I watched my brother beat it, and now I can finally say I did too!

Guillaume gave me some very helpful advice on the double jump. As far as I can tell it doesn't have to do at all with any visual cue or even the apex of your jump (since you can jump different heights depending on how long you hold the button), but instead just about tapping A a specific amount of time after your initial press. So the best way to think of it is as a rhythm game. Once I did that, I had much more easy time with the first part of the last level.

The last level was a ton of fun I thought with an emphasis on precision platforming (even though you could kind of gut your way through it even if you weren't being that precise in some parts).

Definitely a really good game once you get used to the controls and some of the annoying quirks like running into enemies. I feels fresh throughout the whole game and if there's a certain part you don't really like (like Round 5 for me), you can rest assured the next level will be something completely different.

I wish more people were participating this month!
11/14/12, 18:59   
I decided to give up on finishing Persona 3 Portable last night, and went on and loaded up the Genesis Collection for PSP. Then I checked out Shinobi III... and the controls felt so much more responsive than on the PS3!

I'm guessing the lag of the wireless Dual Shock 3 and the lag of the TV add up, making controls less responsive. But I've also never been a fan of the DS2 and 3's analog buttons and I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with it as well.

It kinda makes me wonder about playing action VC games on the Wii U Gamepad, I have to admit.


Yay, I was helpful!
11/14/12, 19:09   
Guillaume said:
Am I the only one playing these, still? What are you guys waiting for, the release of the Wii U!?

To be honest I had planned to and then when it came down to it I thought "am I insane, I have no time for NEW games right now!" It's a rough month for a retro game club, some of us are scrambling to finish up some old stuff to have a cleaner plate for the Wii U.
11/14/12, 19:27   

Fair enough.

Both of these games are so damn short, though! It helps! If you already own one of the Genesis collections, or the Metal Slug Anthology, give them a spin!

You'll technically be clearing your plate, too.
11/14/12, 19:31   
Edited: 11/14/12, 19:34
Don't own any collections. Is Shinobi super tough? I always just assume all old school ninja games are. It's the Ninja Gaiden effect.
11/14/12, 19:36   
It's not as hard as it first seems. Initially I had trouble getting through the first level while I was learning the timing and controls, haha. Now I can't make it to stage 4 (of 7-8?) without losing a life.

And on Easy, you got essentially 27 lives, even if you don't pick any 1ups along the way.
11/14/12, 19:52   
Yea, it's nowhere near as challenging as Ninja Gaiden. Thank god, because there's finite lives.
11/15/12, 00:06   
Finite lives? Ug. I'm not sure that I have the patience for those kind of games anymore.
11/15/12, 00:09   
It depends, if my friends are around or if the fiancé wants to play. Otherwise I might just put it on easy and plow on through by myself.
11/15/12, 00:13   

Playing on easy gives you plenty of lives, as Guillaume says, and it's really short. I completely understand your hesitation, but as far as patience goes, you will absolutely replay levels much, much less than in Ninja Gaiden.
11/15/12, 00:19   
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