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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 13 Double Header: Metal Slug X & Shinobi III [community]

Why not add Metal Slug X and Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master to your collection, and indicate that you are currently playing them? And don't forget to rate them when you're done!

Metal Slug X (900 Points): This game is an improved version of Metal Slug 2, adding the new “Iron Lizard” weapon that chases enemies and the “Drop Shot” weapon whose shots bounce. It also adds many new enemies and allows players to adjust the game’s difficulty level by changing the position of bosses and other things. It includes several arranged production features such as changed backgrounds and some rearranged BGM. It’s a solidly enjoyable game-play experience that offers Metal Slug 2 fans some new discoveries if they look for differences while they play.

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (800 Points): In this thrilling sequel to The Revenge of Shinobi, Joe Musashi finds that Neo Zeed – the crime syndicate he believed he had wiped out two years earlier – is indeed still alive and well. The return of Neo Zeed and its leader, the mysterious Shadow Master, forces Musashi to return from exile and confront the growing evil. As the Shinobi, the master of long-forgotten Oboro Ninjitsu martial arts, Musashi must utilize all his powers to overcome his various enemies. Thanks to his considerable combat skills and special Ninjitsu moves, only the Shinobi can thwart Neo Zeed and vanquish the Shadow Master.

List of Awesome (finish either game)
Guillaume (Metal Slug X/Shinobi III)
Jargon (Shinobi III)

List of Awesomer (finish both)

List of Awesomest (finish both games plus one other game in either saga)

For the first time ever, we have an absolute tie. Metal Slug X and Shinobi III received the exact same number of votes (both in Yes’ and in Yes. Played it before’s). So this month, and for the first time in Negative World history, we are having a Retro Game Club Double Header. Have fun everyone!!!

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11/01/12, 07:15    Edited: 11/19/12, 00:52
What the... double header?! I guess I will just go with Shinobi 3, have played Metal Slug X in the past. Can maybe discuss it... if I remember anything.
11/01/12, 07:18   
Zero said:
What the... double header?! I guess I will just go with Shinobi 3, have played Metal Slug X in the past. Can maybe discuss it... if I remember anything.

I know. I did the math three times just to make sure.
11/01/12, 07:20   
Next time Gadget. NEXT TIME. (How far behind was PoP?)

(I will try to squish Metal Slug in between Fire Emblem though.)
11/01/12, 07:21   
Edited: 11/01/12, 07:22
Shadowlink said:
Next time Gadget. NEXT TIME. (How far behind was PoP?)

(I will try to squish Metal Slug in between Fire Emblem though.)

There was a two way tie for second place between POP and Ecco. I didn't count to see which had more Yes' than YPIB out of those two since they had already lost, though.
11/01/12, 07:28   
Hell YES! It appears that for the first time I shall participate in the Retro Game Club.

I will beat X one of these afternoons.
11/01/12, 10:48   
Alrighty, looks like I'll have to pick up Metal Slug Anthology from my house, too. What a month of games!
11/01/12, 12:41   

Well at least Metal Slug X is short... right? Shinobi III probably is, too, though it's also probably really hard.
11/01/12, 13:58   
@Guillaume Shinobi III isn't that hard. It has its moments in the second half, but it's no Ninja Gaiden or some such. I'd say it's about on the level of Super Turrican, but with fewer cheap segments.

Good idea on the double club! Two short, somewhat tough games that are both good choices. I almost regret swapping Metal Slug Anthology with Gui...I'll definitely play through Shinobi III again though.
11/01/12, 14:39   
Shinobi III is pretty tough near the end. I own it on VC, plus I also have the Metal Slug Anthology. Perhaps I will participate!

Shinobi III is awesome fun. Make sure you adjust the difficulty, haha.
11/01/12, 14:50   
Shinobi III is great! Maybe this will motivate me to finally play through these games. They're pretty much right up Anand Alley.
11/01/12, 22:10   
Anand said:
They're pretty much right up Anand Alley.

That's what she said!
11/01/12, 22:57   

Come over and play, Jerk! CO-OPPPPP.
11/01/12, 23:00   



11/01/12, 23:02   

I'm off on Friday, and Nikki has to work. Come to the new plaaaaace.
11/01/12, 23:10   
Alright! I played through Metal Slug X on the collection! By myself, like a loser!

Using 40 continues.

That took me by surprise, I didn't know the continues would be unlimited when I started. Once I finished, I saw in the options that you could turn that off, which is good. I'm not sure if I want to go through it again? The experience really wasn't as enjoyable as playing the first one was, a couple of years ago. Then again, I was playing with a buddy, and we had limited continues, I believe (VC version).

Maybe I'll play with Karen. We'll see. She's busy. The violence might turn her off, but the cartoony style might turn her ON.

Really beautiful game, and I didn't notice any slowdown. Such smooth animation, and the visual gags are priceless. But I find the game a bit too chaotic. I often can't figure out what's going on, and half the time I shoot at bosses I can't tell if I'm damaging them or not.

I have very, very mixed feelings about this one.
11/02/12, 06:45   
@Guillaume I think MSA gives you 30 credits when you go limited. Seems like a good number to me.
11/02/12, 22:44   

Turns out it's 20. I just made it to the last chapter, but not very far into it. Solo. I'm gonna give it one more shot and then I'll switch to Shinobi III.

I was playing with the Wiimote sideways this time around, and I thought it played much better than with the GameCube controller.
11/05/12, 04:03   
@Guillaume Yeah I wasn't big on the shake-grenade, but didn't the Gamecube controller force you into using the control stick? I remember something about the GCN controller really bothering me.

I will also probably play through Shinobi III sometime this week to refresh my memory on it.
11/05/12, 05:04   
@Guillaume Yeah the game really nailed presentation, not only style humor and great visuals but also zero slowdown. And thankfully, because it's a remake of Metal Slug 2 made solely to fix that game's horrendous slowdown.
11/05/12, 12:22   
I will do my duty and pick up Metal Slug X for some co-op this week.
11/05/12, 17:52   
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