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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (3DS) discussion [game]
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on the 3DS
9.3/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on the 3DS!

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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (Nintendo 3DS) Review (9.1)  by  

BEHOLD! The sequel to one of the best late-life DS games, 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors is here! A brand new story, new characters (with some returning ones from the previous game) and puzzles galore, this sequel is a fantastic and very welcome addition to the 3DS library.

If you're ready for one of the most engrossing and engaging stories in the realm of video games, as well as clever puzzles and a unique gameplay progression complete with multiple endings depending on what you do, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU.

I was kind of hoping that Zero would make this thread (since it'd be pretty appropriate for him to do so - if you know the story of 999, I think you'll know what I'm talking about) but I'm not waiting any longer! Now is the time to discuss Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward!

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10/25/12, 17:44    Edited: 10/25/12, 17:47
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I got a bad ending today. I figured the ending would be bad considering I had to be a jerk to get to it. I hate playing as a jerk!

Also, I am stuck at a password screen. I THINK I'm supposed to play through other choices to figure it out. That, or I'm not good at figuring stuff out. If I click back out of the screen it gives me a "To be Continued" and starts over. EEP. I'm exploring other options at the moment.
10/29/12, 17:36   
Game is done. Totally, totally done!

Please, do yourselves a favour and check out the Gold File "Secrets." They are both amazingly intriguing and often laugh-out-loud funny (Prof. Layton reference made me chuckle).

I loved it all the way through the 36+ hours I played. The only complaint I have is that we have to watch doors open. ALL. THE. TIME. TOO MANY DOORS OPENING! NO MORE!

This series is officially one of my all-time favourites. Great characters, tonnes of mystery and some tough-as-nails puzzles.

Man, more people need to beat this game so we can TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!

Wait, one other complaint is the 3DS crashes. I had the game crash on me in the PEC room three times and a weird glitch in the Crew Quarters took away my ability to access the menus.
11/01/12, 02:40   
Edited: 11/01/12, 02:41
@ploot You should totally... write a review for the game!
11/01/12, 03:20   
Hmmmmmmm... I've been giving it some serious thought. If I do, it'll be soon. Have to keep things fresh.
11/01/12, 03:23   

How much time did you put into it, once you got all the endings?

Also, did the game just randomly crash on you in the PEC room? Or did it crash when you tried to 'Save' or something?
11/01/12, 16:33   
Finished. 100% done. Took me nearly 50 hours. (!)

Amazing experience. Loved it.
11/10/12, 21:18   
I put 47 hours into this lovely game.
11/11/12, 02:40   
Oh man, I didn't notice your questions before. Sorry!
The PEC room crashed while playing normally. I was too scared to save there. I had to restart due to bugs four times.
Did anyone else have these issues?

Regardless, awesome experience! It took me just shy of 40 hours or so.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
11/11/12, 06:41   
Playing through this on the Vita now, and loving it. About halfway through, assuming the Flow can be believed.
11/13/12, 00:11   

That sucks that the game crashed for you so often. I played through the entire thing and it never crashed (or glitched, or whatever) even once. Maybe it's only some copies of the game are buggy?

Kal-El814 said:
About halfway through, assuming the Flow can be believed.

11/13/12, 02:06   
How did you guys like the art style? This game and the new Phoenix Wright have me confused. Why go to weird semi-3D kind of ugly graphics when the 2D hand-drawn stuff looked great? Although I did really like Paperman's animation style, and these games seem to be trying something similar.

I'd like to play 999 pretty soon.
11/13/12, 06:54   

Yeah, I know, stupid assumption. :p


I assume it's because the combination of decent 2D art and "worse" 3D art keeps the cost for this kind of game pretty low.
11/13/12, 19:52   
Professor Layton fits into the same category.

I like the poly art a lot more than I thought I would. The fact that it's animated makes it feel more alive as well (same with Layton).
11/13/12, 23:19   
Well the guy that made it said he didn't do 2D because he didn't think 2D art would work well with the 3DS(Now he knows it does.) so they did that and I like it myself. I only have one problem with the animation on a character but other than that one person it's fine.
11/13/12, 23:55   
11/14/12, 00:19   
Just finished the game 100%, with about 41 hours logged. Holy crap, my mind is blown.

Zero Escape 3 plz.
11/29/12, 05:52   
I got everyone else here beat. I just 100 percented it at 56+ hours (3DS ver, BTW)! Reason being is my stubbornness in not leaving a room until I find its gold file, and one room's gold file solution in particular had me fuckin' stumped for hours! Anyone else here had to either set the game to EASY or find a guide to get the gold file in the infirmary like I did?

So about my thoughts of the game: HOLY HELL! My head is still spinning from the amount of info you get near the last 2 hours of the game! For a minute I thought Tenmyoji was Santa but I never would've thought he was actually Junpei! Looking back on some of the guys that complained about Sigma not being voice-acted the reason why is VERY important to the plot; even how the stills/cut-scenes of Sigma are framed makes perfect sense! The guys at Spike-Chunsoft are pretty damn shrewd at storytelling, and good on 'em for keeping us guessing until the very end.

rebonack said:
Zero Escape 3 plz.

I frickin' concur but please don't rush the localization this time. Although the English VAs were amazing -especially Zero Jr. (but none were mentioned in the credits?)-, Aksys made some typos of Capcom proportions.
12/04/12, 11:55   
Edited: 12/04/12, 20:49

I'm around your clocked time for getting 100%... I was shocked that it took that long. And since I basically played 999 for the first time and then VLR right after, this is like 80+ hours which I spent on one huge story for me My mind has been blown several times throughout these two games. Holy shit.

A few things have left me confused with the ending. What exactly is Kyle's importance in all of this? Though they never seem to truly explain it, or not Phi anyway, since it would alternate the past when they go back to the past to try and stop Radical-6 from happening. And apparently Kyle also hops from one body to another... but who? Is this why he's special in all of this? He can hop to whoever's body he wants to? I imagine Santa doesn't have any importance in all of this. I thought for a while that Santa was Zero Sr. and June/Akane was the old lady (saw it coming as soon as Tenmyouji pulled out that picture of Akane as a child as well as his true identity... still, wow). Having Sigma be Zero Sr. was quite the revelation. My mind had a hard time wrapping itself around everything that had happened. Whoever wrote this story is nuts!

Oh and about Phi... they also never really explain who she is. Much about her is still left a mystery but the last gold file seems to hint at her identity a bit more... I'll have to go back and check that. I didn't quite understand what it meant.

But wow, what a crazy game. Once the game hooks you in, you're in for one hell of a ride.

EDIT: And a trick I used to save is that every time I finished a story or puzzle section, I used the flow chart to return to the same area at the very beginning to save. Aside from crashing in the PEC room once, I had no issues at all.
12/04/12, 15:29   
Edited: 12/04/12, 15:39
Speaking of the gold files: EVERYONE should read them. The information in the files is awesome. A lot of it is genuinely laugh out loud stuff all the while being truly informative.
12/04/12, 20:33   
@ploot I lol'd at the one about gentlepoints!
12/04/12, 20:34   
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