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10 Must Have Wii Games out of YOUR collection... [roundtable]
Ok people... The Wii is almost over - In another month, it will be replaced (but not forgotten) by it's new counterpart. As you look at your Wii collection, imagine that all your games just went up in smoke... (not a nice thought I know) - what ones would you miss the most? What do you think are the most important (not necessarily the overall best) Wii games in your collection?

It should be hard to do as I only want 10 - listed in any order you like. If you have less then 10 Wii games after 6 years you are seriously missing out on some wonderful games.

Ok .. Me first. My collection is here in case you wanted to know but the 10 games that are most important in my Wii collection are as follows - in no special order:

Donkey Kong Country Returns. Challenge was back in a big way - and so is 2D platforming. Wonderful.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. Easy to just put in and play - it's a solid fighter. Exciting, Tight - and only for Wii.

The Last Story. As the final Wii game added to my collection - I was very pleased with this title. I found that even though the story was a bit on the 'typical' side - it still drew me in and that's what won me over.

Metroid Prime Trilogy. Ummm yeah. You don't have this one yet? Are you nuts?

Muramasa: The Demon Blade. This game was so.... good. It's a unique title on the Wii system with a fantastic art style. I just enjoyed it and appreciated the effort the developers put into this game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2. What else can I say about this game? It's awesome!!

Xenoblade Chronicles. Another huge RPG game - and it's for Wii. Play it now.

Mario Kart Wii. Tons of multiplayer fun to be had - even to this day with NW friends online and friends and relatives that come over. It's a must have.

Brawl. Any Objections? Didn't think so.. It's fun and a Wonderful Nintendo Fan Service Game even if online play wasn't the best..

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I stil think so highly of this game - it was overall, a perfect game to play. Way to go Zelda.

There you have it. Ok - lets have yours!


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10/18/12, 04:43   Edit:  08/22/13, 05:37
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In order

1) Skyward Sword
2) Mario Galaxy
3) Mario Galaxy 2
4) The Last Story
5) Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond
6) Xenoblade Chronicles
7) Metroid Corruption

I'm going to be that guy who won't list ten. I know. It's a problem.
10/23/12, 16:26
I don't think I even own 10 Wii games that I would consider must haves. (trololololo...) At Any rate here is what I do own.

Metroid Prime Trilogy
Wario Land Shake it
Donkey Kong Country Returns
World Of Goo
Red Steel 2
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Mario Galaxy
Monster Hunter 3
Resident Evil 4

That's about it I guess. I have Xenoblade cronicles that I still haven't played. Then there is the No More Heroes titles of which I prefer 1 more than 2, with that said, looking back, they really aren't that great from a gameplay perspective or even concept to warrant a mention. I also enjoyed
10/23/12, 16:32
@GelatinousEncore, @Stephen, @Smerd

Oh yeah, Twilight Princess is a really fun game. One of my favorites for sure. The only reason I didn't list it is because I consider that a Gamecube game. I played the GCN version first, so to me it will always be a 'Cube title. Still, it's really good stuff and probably the best launch title for the Wii.
10/23/12, 16:47

Fragile Dreams is relatively short (you can beat the whole thing in 15 hours or less), but the atmosphere and characters really grabbed me. I can't recommend it enough.
10/23/12, 17:08
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