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Pikmin 3 Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Pikmin 3 on the Wii U
9.21/10 from 31 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pikmin 3 on the Wii U!

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Pikmin 3 Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.8)  by  

Just thought this title needed an official thread.

Yesterday, while browsing the interwebs at work, I found a hands-on of the game that mentioned something that I had not heard of anywhere else. Unfortunately, I don't remember where it was, but here's the gist...

Pikmin 3 now has an evade move! From Nintendojo "Handy, then, that our new lead character has a nifty dodge ability that sees both him and his band of Pikmin roll to the side in perfect unison whenever dangerís about to rear its ugly head. It took a while to master, especially since there seems to be a small amount of recovery time before you can initiate another one, but it brought a welcome sense of drama to the fights, as well as a greater feeling of control over your large army."

Let's give this launch window game some love! ERRR..... Releases August 4th!

Well, I tried to post the trailer. Thanks Renjaku!

Now lets take a look at Gamexplain of the newest video

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10/13/12, 20:05    Edited: 02/17/14, 04:24
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This game looks AWESOME

I mean looks as in "I haven't played it yet" not just graphics.
08/27/13, 19:39   
Edited: 08/27/13, 19:40
Finally got my copy!

Although I'm in the middle of a bunch of games right now, so I may not get to it right away.

On the other hand, Pikmin 3 seems like a high priority game to me... other stuff can wait!
09/02/13, 04:10   

It should be high priority! Plus it's actually pretty short in a sense. I spend many days on it but if you get in the groove, the basic end comes quick enough. I am going back in soon to collect all the missing fruit though and 100% this beotch.
09/02/13, 05:01   
Short? Boo. Pikmin 2 was long and meaty! But there are all of the challenge stages too and such.
09/02/13, 05:16   

I've never played the others so I don't know how it compares but when it was over, it suddenly was. I felt like I was expecting more. Maybe I have weird expectations.
09/02/13, 05:26   
@DrFinkelstein I kind of felt that way too.
09/02/13, 05:33   
I felt that the game made it pretty clear leading up to the ending that it was about to be over, but I do think that the ending itself was a bit underwhelming.
09/02/13, 08:18   

Well I thought that once we found Olimar there would be more to it. I mean, the plot of the game turns out to be... Three people crash on a planet. They find two other travellers who happen to have the pieces they need to leave.

The End.

I figured that once we met with Olimar there would be one final area where whatever came about finding him had some relevancy.
09/02/13, 08:44   
Edited: 09/02/13, 08:45
I felt totally griefed that the final level wasn't a true fruit collecting level. 'This is going to be a gimmicky final boss level isn't it? Oh my god it fucking is.'
09/02/13, 09:27   

I thought that last part was fun, if not a little frustrating but I figured out a great tactic to keep things moving. Still I too wished that the last level was a fruit-collect-a-thon with final environmental puzzles.
09/02/13, 15:57   
Was that tactic use the 'go here' command and have the captain with Olimar walk in a big circle?
09/04/13, 01:25   
Thanks everyone on this page for the spoilers tags. Legit!

I really gotta finish this, ideally before Wonderful 101. You know, since they're exactly the same game.
09/04/13, 01:28   
I too was let down by the final area. Ah wail. DLC?
09/04/13, 04:05   
I finally made it to that point of "Okay, just one more day and then I'll quit. I mean it this time."

And that's when the real fun begins.
09/04/13, 04:05   
It's definitely compulsive. I find myself thinking - I'll just explore a little to make my next play session more streamlined, and then the end of the day message comes and I'm like, Oh crap.
09/04/13, 04:50   

That's the one! At first I was doing it manually, then I realized, what a minute...
09/04/13, 05:01   

In the cave segments you can have blue or pink pikmin take him into/above the water and the boss will stay at the water's edge. He can't swim.
09/04/13, 16:46   

Ooh, I wish I had thought of that!
09/04/13, 16:52   

Aww! Why didn't I notice that? :'( Oh, well, that's what second play throughs are for.

I guess I'm the odd one out in that I had no problem with the final area. It was kind of like the ending of Pikmin 1, where the final area was basically just a couple puzzles and the boss with the final ship part. I went in expecting to use all my pikmin types to solve puzzles to get to the boss, and to get one single item in the area, and that's exactly what happened. If anything, it was much larger and more epic than expected.
09/04/13, 17:27   
Edited: 09/04/13, 17:27

Brilliant! There's no water early on though right? I guess that's when I found my method and stuck with it, despite usually using Flying Pikmin to hold Olimar.
09/05/13, 01:01   
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