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Punch-Out!! (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.85/10 from 46 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Punch-Out!! on the Wii!

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Hell yeah. HELL yeah. I love this game so much. We can use this thread to discuss any game in the series, since they're pretty similar.

Don't you love games that instead of throwing random BS at you, use one simple yet awesome game mechanic, and polish it to absolute perfection? That is the definition of a classic video game to me. And Punch-Out is one of the best examples of that. It's just so addictive, so purely fun.

Gotta love the characters too. This is how you do racial stereotypes right - you make them all equally awesome and extremely unique. My all-time favorite is Aran Ryan, because he cheats and he doesn't give a shit, plus he's Irish. Can't compete with Irish people. But I also love Piston Honda, Flamenco and Great Tiger.

So what's your favorite Punch-Out game? Mine's chocolate.

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Posted: 10/13/12, 19:04:58  - Edited by 
 on: 10/13/12, 19:08:26
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Theme was good, but I couldn't figure out how to play the game and got 0 points! What was I supposed to do??
Posted: 05/28/14, 19:18:50

You click on the FAKE names, and when you click on a REAL name, your score reverts to zero (or you lose points, I can't remember which). The FAKE ones will be Punch-Out!! boxer names, or have a backwards E in it, or an upside down A, or something like that. When you beat the game again (which you will, of course!), you can take another crack at it.
Posted: 05/28/14, 23:42:27
Just beat Title Defense mode. Such a good addition and satisfying to defeat.

Promptly got taken down by King Hippo in Mac's Last Stand and browsing the internet it looks like you are just completely locked out with that profile if you lose 3 times? Man, that is super annoying. What were they thinking?!
Posted: 05/29/14, 00:24:07
Goddamn, that's hardcore.
Posted: 05/29/14, 00:45:55

You can still do the side stuff though (challenges), right?

And when you lose Mac's Last Stand, Career Over. Whats left to prove, my man?
Swap your old Profile pic with another Mii on your Wii, and start anew!
Posted: 05/29/14, 01:54:47
Been replaying this after downloading it on my Wii U. Just beat Sandman! First seven fights were a piece of cake. Don Flamenco took me a few tries, but wasn't too bad. The strategy to beat Aran Ryan was really really interesting! That was a cool fight. Soda Popinski and Bald Bull were a bit harder, but still not too bad. Took probably three or four tries each.

Super Macho Man was really tough. They did a really good job of making you hate that character. He shoves the ref!

Mr. Sandman seemed impossible at first... realizing that he had a pattern was a really cool discovery. It seems like anticipating his moves is pretty much the only way to beat him, right? After a while it kind of became instinct. It's possible that it was all in my head, but by the time I finally beat him I was accurately predicting most of his moves.

Looking forward to doing Title Defense! I never got very far in that mode back when I first played the game.

Anyone else playing this again now?
Posted: 01/25/15, 07:03:25
I totally would have double-dipped if they somehow made it possible to play this using only the Game Pad.
You'd think, since the Game Pad is the Wii U's shtick, they'd have made it possible by now.

It is definitely an excellent game, and people are crazy if they don't jump on it at this price. That is, if they don't already own it.
Posted: 01/25/15, 17:06:42
Bought this yesterday. I've never played the game so I'm looking forward to giving it a shot.
Posted: 01/25/15, 17:19:57
Now that this is getting attention again, maybe I should use this excuse to finally try my copy...
Posted: 01/25/15, 21:27:06  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/15, 21:27:58
I'm liking the game a lot too. Really wish they could've done an HD up-red on these. I'd pay a little extra for that. Punch-Out still looks good though, thanks to its art style and large characters.
Posted: 01/26/15, 00:17:53
I had a great time with this game when it first came out. You can't beat $10 for this one.
Posted: 01/26/15, 06:41:16

You know, they might be hinting an HD sequel here. One can hope, right?

I've been having a good time with this title. I do think the cel shading is really nice but at the same time it would look awesome in HD. At first I thought the game was too easy and then I got to the hillbilly guy and got my butt whooped. I'll have to play again later on.
Posted: 01/26/15, 18:59:41
@Mop it up

Oh, Mop it up..

Beardednerd said:
You can't beat $10 for this one.

You got that right!
Posted: 01/27/15, 21:19:32
I wasn't going to, but...you know what? I'll download this for $10. Sure.

Looking forward to Thursday so I can download the Metroid Prime Trilogy. It'll be the third time I bought this (these) games, but hey. $10 is a bargain.

This Punch-Out!! is pretty great. It's an example piece of software that I like to roll out when people talk about how weak the Wii was and how it wasn't able to do good and/or impressive graphics, and prove them wrong. I mean sure, the Wii was not nearly as capable as the 360/PS3 are, but there are several games on Wii that can still get an earnest "wow!" out of people. This is one of them.

The fact that it's a great game that's really fun certainly doesn't hurt either.
Posted: 01/27/15, 21:51:56
What is the general opinion on control methods here? I started this last night (brand new to the series) and stuck with the default motion controls. Simple but satisfying time on the Minor Circuit but hoo-boy was I sweating by the end. Shirt off for King Hippo. My wife had to leave the room (too powerfully erotic for her, I guess.)

Are the other controls schemes better?
Posted: 02/15/16, 12:15:13
My first play through was with motion controls (no fit board) and I barely made it through the first Sandman.

Second playthrough I used the NES controls and made it to Bald Bull on championship mode... it was easier to control but I had more fun with the motion controls
Posted: 02/15/16, 18:11:22
Oh man, I've got no idea how you could rely on motion controls for this game. Need that digital NES pad precision.
Posted: 02/15/16, 23:05:34
Yeah I'm in the no way is this game even possible with motion controls boat. Fine, someone out there has probably finished it with motion controls but I can't see how. Digital controls all the way.
Posted: 02/15/16, 23:12:27
I tried motion controls once and then went right back to NES style. If the game adjusted for the lack of precision when using motion controls, I might be willing to give them another shot, but it got too hard way too quick for me.
Posted: 02/16/16, 03:24:19

Sideways remote, like the NES controller. Shake to get up.

Super_Conzo said:
Shirt off for King Hippo. My wife had to leave the room (too powerfully erotic for her, I guess.)

Duh. (Where is kissy face Kirby?)
Posted: 02/16/16, 04:33:26
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