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Code of Princess (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
Code of Princess on the 3DS
8.7/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Code of Princess on the 3DS!

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So this game finally comes out in North America tomorrow, October 9th. Who's picking it up and who wants to play online? With 4 player co-op and a bunch quests to complete, as well as a vs mode, it's sure to be a great game for 3DS owners to play together. Feel free to share your 3DS code below so we can add each other and get some online games going!

VofEscaflowne (Fabien): 2277 6633 7837
GameDadGrant (Grant): 2964-8577-8227
Anand: 3007-8093-4928
Koovaps (Brandon): 2878-9597-3846
kvapilntr (usually Brandon, sometimes daughter of Brandon): 4854-7038-1045
DeputyVanHalen (Josh): 4167-5776-9657
Deerock69: 5284-1411-6090
gojira: 5069-3940-1530

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10/08/12, 20:19    Edited: 10/15/12, 03:23
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I ordered a copy online since I had a gamestop gift card to use. But I got the cheap shipping so I'm not sure when I'll get the game. I'll post my info once it comes.
10/11/12, 00:27   
Hoping to order a copy in the next couple weeks (money woes). Didn't think I'd grab it but it's getting me interested more lately, mainly due to the artwork.

...hey something's got to draw me in! (And no, it's not the half-naked princess darnit).
10/11/12, 00:49   
Man, I'm sure my copy is going to come in all smashed up. But $10 off! Good ol' Newegg...
10/11/12, 01:48   
Mine shipped today from Amazon.
10/11/12, 01:58   

Que? Newegg has poor shipping?
10/11/12, 03:13   
Got the game and played a few levels. The dialogue in this is great! I've barely played it and already have had quite a few laugh out loud moments
10/12/12, 01:48   
So, do I just give out my system code for this? If so, it is 5284-1411-6090. Digits seem to match up. Just played a 2 player co-op online with nary a hitch. Seems really solid. :)
10/12/12, 02:17   
Not this time, surprisingly! The postal gods have smiled upon me. Only one minor dent. I almost don't want to open it...
10/12/12, 02:20   
Just played a bunch more and this is definitely an awesome game. I've only played as Solange so far (the main character) but she's really fun to play as and has nice varied attacks. I'm also shocked that this game features full voice acting for every line of dialogue from every character. And it's great too!
10/12/12, 03:26   
I haven't played too much, but I've gone through the first handful of levels with Solange, Ali, and Zozo. I like Ali by far the best. I'm still very mashy with the controls, but I'll refine that as I go. I also haven't touched online yet. I want a slightly better handle on the game first. I absolutely love everything about the presentation, from the graphical style to the voice acting. This is exactly my kind of game. I can't wait to really dump some time into it.
10/12/12, 06:02   
Wow, this game is short. I already beat it
10/12/12, 19:26   
VofEscaflowne said:
Wow, this game is short. I already beat it

Isn't there a bunch of extra stuff though? Like bonus missions and the like?
10/12/12, 19:58   

Yeah and I thought it wouldn't add much... but holy shit, they're HAAAAARD. Even though I plowed through the main game, 4 star missions are kicking my ass. This could definitely be fun co-op. We gotta set up games!
10/12/12, 20:12   
I tried out some co-op missions with a friend... the game's slowdown is insane. How could they let this pass through?
10/12/12, 22:12   

That's a shame. Is it single-cart?
10/12/12, 22:17   

I'm not sure since I played online. It's still playable but it's not like there's only slowdown at certain moments. It's CONSTANT throughout the entire game's battles.
10/12/12, 22:27   
So...I was right about the system codes, right? I want to meet up with some of y'all soon, too. :)
10/12/12, 23:01   
Yep, I think that holds true for every 3DS online game.
10/13/12, 01:02   
@VofEscaflowne Sucks to hear its laggy.

I've had my eye on this one and am interested but curious on how long it is and how it plays. Is it RPG-ish and if so in what ways? Are there any anime segments? Does it cover character back story?

Reminds me of one of my favorite co-op beatem up cabinets but with characters from BlazBlue
10/13/12, 02:08   
Edited: 10/13/12, 02:10
i pretty happy with this game. But i think it took on too much. The fighting mechanics are far too unbalanced. It seems like the goal in the fighting segments are to try ones best to lock on to an opponent and then bust your way to finally landing a combo on them. The move set for the characters is way to basic. Then theres the npcs that cannot even jump and whos attack are far to delayed to even have effect. As for the story mode it hold itself well in the game play aspect as a pure brawler. The rpg elements fail this game as most of the items will lower stats. So one is pretty much stuck with the same things he started with. I would have like a co op story mode as well but i guess the online co op campainge does well.
10/13/12, 02:53   
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