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ZombiU (Nintendo Wii U) discussion [game]
ZombiU on the Wii U
8.48/10 from 20 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ZombiU on the Wii U!

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ZombiU Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.0)  by  

So ZombiU seems so hot right now, consumers are queueing up out the door to get a piece of what is surely to be one of the biggest selling Wii U launch games. Are you guys interested in picking up a copy? Are you waiting on reviews? Please discuss the game below and feel free to post any media you may find.

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Posted: 10/01/12, 15:38:57  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/12, 20:15:36
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@DrFinkelstein Oh ok. That's almost like Demon's Souls in a way. Except not really, but yeah, the idea of unlocking shortcuts that you can use even if you die. I was just curious because a lot of the descriptions just sound like "stay alive as long as you can' which sounds interesting but I am hoping there is more to it.
Posted: 12/13/12, 02:59:54

Listen to that podcast I linked to, they address that.
Posted: 12/13/12, 04:51:10
No, no. I think I was on my 8th or 9th survivor, but he had lasted a good 3 hours. Then I got mobbed in the DARK.
Posted: 12/13/12, 17:38:53
From GoNintendo: Ubisoft wanted to be '1st core' game on Wii U with ZombiU, upset with reviews, pleased with sales

I'm better upset with reviews, pleased with sales works out to a net pleased. It's kind of weird to me how other publishers / developers keep handing Ubisoft the big 3rd party launch title.
Posted: 12/13/12, 22:53:20
I haven't put in as much time with this as I'd like to (≈7 hrs) since I've been busy, but I love it so far. There's lots of awesome ideas at work and they're executed well for the most part. I can see why some reviews aren't too high, i.e. it's buggy (from my experience) and/or ugly; but I haven't encountered anything deal/game breaking. I only point to those reasons because some websites seem to put a premium on one or the other, not because I am a shallow D-bag (although a truly broken game could very well find itself in my trash can). Also the type of game just isn't everyone's cup of tea.

I wasn't all that surprised by some of the early reviews, due to the lack of legit survival/horror and the many zombie shooting/action games this generation. That's not to say I wasn't incredibly disappointed in some outlets, but I don't put much stock (if any) in reviews anyway, as I like to form my own opinion.

Back to the game itself: it is awesome. Totally overlooked, even in most positive reviews, is the fact that this game brings back survival-horror. Looming jump-scare moments & the threat of instant-permadeath at the hand of zombies, and the of the severe lack of vital supplies and room in which to store them, AND needing to look at the GamePad... all combine to make one scary-as-hell experience. The terms 'survial' and 'horror' actually apply to this game Here's a quote from Polygon's review that pretty much mirrors my feelings on the game but probably words it better: "Your struggle to survive, to maneuver, to shoot, combines with the very real possibility that the character you're controlling will die and not come back. There's a virtually constant overwhelming sense of fear and risk. ZombiU didn't need to kill me to make the stakes understood, but when I did die for the first time, those stakes sat on my shoulders like so much dead weight." I couldn't agree with that last sentence more. For some reason, the game just seemed to earn my full appreciation by simply killing me...

EDIT: 'overlooked in most reviews' may be an exaggeration, but it does seem like there was a relatively big handful of reviews that were concentrating more on whether or not ZombiU legitimized the GamePad than they were the game itself.
Posted: 12/13/12, 23:12:44  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/12, 23:35:41
I'd be upset by such bullshit reviews too. Thank god they like the sales numbers. Sequel baby!
Posted: 12/13/12, 23:17:37
Well, they have to see that the second wave of reviews started to become more positive, at least. Seeing such reviews from sites like Giant Bomb and Penny Arcade is what finally pushed me to go and pick up the game at full price rather than waiting.

Most importantly, gamers themselves seem to be enjoying the game and appreciating the fact that it's true survival horror in a world where even Resident Evil has abandoned the genre.

I look forward to that sequel. Imagine what they can do with more time and polish, now that the foundation is set.
Posted: 12/14/12, 01:25:02
E3 reveal plz.
Posted: 12/14/12, 01:47:55
Started playing last night, will post more impressions later. Meanwhile, I hate that the Y axis inversion works for my character but not when I'm using the analog sticks to scan. Grr.
Posted: 12/14/12, 16:43:35
I abandoned Y axis inversion a long time ago, don't know why exactly.
Posted: 12/14/12, 17:31:09
Very much agreed.
Posted: 12/15/12, 05:49:58
I pushed some things in front of doors outside my safe house, immediately saved/quit, and when I came back the things I had pushed in front of doors were destroyed. What happened?
Posted: 12/17/12, 06:30:17
I've had the glitch where text like "press A to use shortcut" stays stuck on the screen pretty often, it's getting annoying. Also hate it when an exploding zombie pops up next to me out of nowhere. KABOOM, next survivor. I've also killed myself more than a few times with mines. Note to self: do not place a mine while the zombie is chasing after you.
Posted: 12/19/12, 21:35:35

Zombi U2?

Looking forward to playing the rest of this over the holiday break.
Posted: 12/19/12, 22:14:27
Guys is this a fair review?

Posted: 12/19/12, 22:24:48
Nice review. I hated that she said that this is the only "hardcore" game for the Wii U though. I mean, WHAT?!? Can Nintendo ever win?
Posted: 12/19/12, 22:43:24
I'm about 5 hours into the Campaign (6 survivors played), and am greatly enjoying the game! The graphics are quite nice: I love the atmosphere which is highly augmented by the terrifying sounds which really increase the tension, especially your characters' reactions to what's happening around them.

The challenge is great: you're very vulnerable throughout, barely managing to get enough ammo. It does feel like a new kind of Resident Evil, in a way.

I like the level-up system for using your weapons. I think I've leveled up the handgun only so far. I also appreciate being able to find upgrades for your weapons if you thoroughly explore your environments, then you can apply the upgrades at a workbench.

This game makes fantastic use of the GamePad! Can't wait to keep playing this game some more.
Posted: 12/24/12, 19:48:18
Just lost my longest living survivor today, and I feel so dumb. I shoulda known better! 5 hours for one character is pretty good though, so I can't complain. It was a black guy at that! They never live long in horror situations!

I guess it was just a friendly reminder to ALWAYS use the scanner!!
Posted: 12/25/12, 00:02:23

What happened? I want details!
Posted: 12/25/12, 00:09:38
anon_mastermind said:
I abandoned Y axis inversion a long time ago, don't know why exactly.
It is the natural path of evolution.

j/k, I don't care either way. Inverting the Y IS kind of weird, though. I mean, you're not flying a plane.

BTW, I am ZERO hours into this game. But I did play some multiplayer.

Zero said:
BTW, this is one of those rare games that went from being fairly low on Gamerankings after 10 reviews or so (mid 60s) and actually rose with time (usually it happens the other way around) to the 76% that it is now. I wonder if it is a game that people appreciate more with time? And "late" reviewers got to sit with it more and dig into it a bit deeper? I dunno.
I think the abbreviated schedule of most game reviews is a real issue. Some games and genres are suited to a marathon playthrough, and some just aren't. It might explain the comparative reception of the campaigns of, say, Call of Duty and Zombi U.
Posted: 12/25/12, 17:45:49  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/12, 17:54:00
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