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ZombiU (Nintendo Wii U) discussion [game]
ZombiU on the Wii U
8.48/10 from 20 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ZombiU on the Wii U!

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ZombiU Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.0)  by  

So ZombiU seems so hot right now, consumers are queueing up out the door to get a piece of what is surely to be one of the biggest selling Wii U launch games. Are you guys interested in picking up a copy? Are you waiting on reviews? Please discuss the game below and feel free to post any media you may find.

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Posted: 10/01/12, 15:38:57  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/12, 20:15:36
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Go with your gut.

I've believed in this game for a long long time, and with each slew of impressions and videos I was able to make a better judgement for myself. Even if the game gets panned, I'll buy it and form my own opinion. Chances are I'd disagree strongly, but there are still small chances I'd agree.
Posted: 11/13/12, 08:11:57
I'm abandoning Anand and just getting zombiU. I'm afraid AC3 is going to bethseda-syndrome on me. And nintendoland dominates rabbidland...I could wait for its price drop anyway and get it along with the pikmin 3 and wonderful 101 wave.
Posted: 11/13/12, 20:33:44
So.... how do I save progress here? What are the rules of that?

So only on my bed at the safe house?

And on another note... this game is just plain creepy. I'm afraid of what'll happen when I come across multiple zombies... if it takes 5 hits per....

I understand the somewhat stiff and weird controls but I hope the difficulty is such that this is passable.
Posted: 11/20/12, 02:05:33  - Edited by 
 on: 11/20/12, 02:14:05
Waiting for some more Negative Worlder impressions before I pull the trigger on this one.
Posted: 11/20/12, 07:24:34
Pull the trigger. Fuck the terrible reviews.

I don't know who IGN think they are hyping the game up then giving it a 6.3 or whatever. Fuck them.

I was a little disappointed with the game at first but after putting in more time I realize it's really quite awesome. Visuals approach photo realism often.
Nice depth to the gameplay too. There's more than meets the eye.
Posted: 11/20/12, 07:47:36
The game makes me tense as hell... and as with Bioshock I'm once again getting confused on whether or not I prefer Y-axis inversion or not... (i hate that my brain can never decide). But so far so good. I'm super scared I'm gonna die in the game at any point even though I'm probably not at some points.

I gotta figure that radar thing out. And man, when I first made it to the streets... I saw a horde of zombies in the distance and it make me so nervous. They didn't see me and just kind of sat that but still... i had a real sense of terror as if I were a character in The Walking Dead or perhaps truly in a zombie apocalypse.

So far, I recommend it.
Posted: 11/20/12, 13:40:13
This game is pretty stressful, most of the time i DONT WANT TO walk through another door but i have to. I am glad i got a silenced pistol now so that I can kill zombies in a different way, but I play much more cautiously now because I do not want to get eaten and lose it....

on another note, i found a couple of my friends' zombies roaming around, it was nice to get the sense of beating my friends faces in with a cricket bat.... until i find they are carrying just wood planks and i realized it was a waste of time.....
Posted: 11/20/12, 14:46:07  - Edited by 
 on: 11/20/12, 14:46:28
I only played about an hour of this last night, but everything feels very solid to this point. Look and feel reminds me a lot of Condemned, anyone else feel that way?
Posted: 11/20/12, 16:32:52

Yes yes yes. That's why I knew I'd love it even if the reviews were shaky. Love that game.

I've only played for an hour or two but I am loving it so far. Hopefully it keeps going in this direction.
It's definitely got atmosphere and creep factor to spare, I even jump at the select noise at the startup screen
Posted: 11/20/12, 17:23:03
Hey, if it makes you feel any better, even I abandoned me. Zombi U is, as of now, my only retail launch game. My wallet's gettin' itchy, though!
Posted: 11/20/12, 18:39:10
Nintendo World Report gave it a big fat... 9
Posted: 11/21/12, 00:11:24

Clearly they are biased. A couple of publications gave it a 5, so it's unanimously terrible.
Posted: 11/21/12, 08:24:22

Forbes writes an article in regards to the divisive reviews towards ZombiU. I don't think it really adds anything that I didn't know already but I figured I'd throw in an article from a non-gaming focused publication here (after all, this board does have an anti-gaming journalism thread going on ).
Posted: 11/21/12, 08:39:26  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/12, 08:40:06
@CPA Wei

That article was "DEAD ON" (no pun intended...ok...I lied). Yes, exactly, if this really happened in real life people would be using whatever they could find, be it a cricket bat, a rake, ect. Seriously, like there would be guns and ammo just laying around everywhere. Now maybe if you came up a a police station or a place where the cops got attacked and then died, turned, ect. In that case most of the guns would be empty of ammo or nearly empty. Anyways, read below what I feel about the game, I will be getting it as a Xmas gift, though I am trying to get it early along with my Wii U...read below to find out what I think and all the gory details.

Right now on Metacritic the game is at a 7.3 overall. Out of all the reviews there are more reviews above an 80 than below. Those that are below an 80 are actually at 70 and lower. Its because of site like IGN..letting Greg(four eyed fatass rate the game was the most wrong thing to do). God, I really hate that individual.

Then there is Gamespot give the game a 45. Now a 7.3 is average, but the game would not be as low as it is, were it not for those sites rating it so low. Honestly, first off, people need to forget about fucking Red Steel. Not that I loved Red Steel, but the game was not as bad as people let on. So yea, the motion controls were not what people thought and thats why Red Steel sucked, cause of the sword sequences. The rest of the game was alright. Sure, there are games waaaay better. But guess what, I never played any of those games. And when it comes to fps genre, which Zombi U is in that genre, I know reviewers are comparing it to some of the best fps. Fuck those games, I never played any of them. Plus, even though Zombi U is in the fps genre, its not really that type of game.

Sure, I noticed some graphical problems with Zombi U in some videos I watched, like seeing Zombis clipping through walls and doors, ect. Shit like that doesn't bother me unless it would be really, really excessive. If it just happens now and then and maybe again, big fucking deal. Come on its a launch title cut it some slack. Reviewers, esp. those with an agenda**cough...Greg Miller...cough***, will try to axe anything that is exclusive to a Nintendo system. Seriously, just watch a handful videos with him and anytime Nintendo is brought up, he never has anything good to say. Again, why in the hell is he even reviewing any Nintendo Wii U games.

Anyways, I think its fairly easy to see, from all the interviews and videos of the people who helped make the Zombi U game, these people are proud of the game. Going back, there wasn't those types of videos for Red Steel. I honestly don't feel that their emotions, ect are faked when they are talking about the game. Again, its a launch game and we all even know that the game was originally something else and then Ubisoft changed the direction and story of the game. So, development time was not that long.

I pretty much can tell when I will like a game or not. Its been that way before the friggin internet ever happened. Actually, I think people would be better off using their own judgement when picking a game and not going off of reviews. In a way, I honestly feel the internet has ruined alot of things for everyone in general, esp. if taken too seriously. Anyways, since day 1, when I saw the first video for Zombi U, I've wanted the game. I think the game is goint to be great fun! And I don't care how it compares to all the other 100s of games on the 360 or PS3, ect. When I play a game, I base it on the game itself, not on a another game that may be in the Zombi survival. The game will either be great fun, ok or it will plain out suck. Come to think about it, ever since the NES, I've never bought a videogame that I thought sucked. There has been a few that I have bought, that just ended up not being my cup of tea,...most recently, Might Switch Force on the 3DS, but its not cause the game sucks, its actually good for what it does, just not a game I am crazy about.

I think the game will be great fun, thats why I picked it to review in that contest here on NW. Of course, who knows if I will get to review it. Since my mother is being all anal about letting me have my Wii U early. I honestly can't believe she is going to make me wait till Xmas.Even though I may act it, I'm not a little kid, I don't give a shit about receiving gifts on Xmas, plus I never fucking asked her to buy me the system(for those confused, you can read my OMG!!! Its 8:20pm and......... thread. Yes, I am still pissed about it. And yes, the next day I ended up telling her I was pissed that she bought it for me and that I wished that she had not. I told her I never said anything cause I didn't want to hurt her feelings, ect. I wasn't going to say anything, but something came up on that sunday, so I ended up telling her how I felt.

Anyways, I'm surprised more people are not talking about the game. Seriously, did not that many people but the game. Out of all the games coming out for the Wii U, esp. games that are BRAND NEW and not some fucking port, it seems like a no brainer on picking up Zombi U.
Posted: 11/21/12, 10:57:36  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/12, 11:04:52
Dude...I would shit rainbows if my mom bought me a Wii U. It's an incredibly nice thought and gesture.

Anyway, I'm picking ZombiU up tonight. Stoked!
Posted: 11/21/12, 18:13:36

I am getting one from my parents for Christmas and while the wait will be tough its only like a month, You can hang on in for that long.
Posted: 11/21/12, 19:39:06
No idea what the reviews are thinking, I will read them later.

Everyone over here is loving the game. I haven't been scared from a video game forever. THIS GAME GETS TENSE.

The controls are wonky, but it almost improves the game because you cant just run full speed trying to head shot everyone. It is a slow game.

The flashlight runs out of batteries and needs recharged. THIS ALWAYS happens at the worst times!

My only concern for this game will be length. But since I have many friends, after I get bored I will just let them borrow it. So I'm sure it will get played plenty.
Posted: 11/22/12, 03:42:04
Oh, we play loud and with the lights off over here

Increases the suspense
Posted: 11/22/12, 03:43:15
Just played for 5 hours straight, so I think it's safe to say I like this game... I'm very bad at it, though. Haha. It's pretty damn tough... I panic any time there are more than a couple zombies after me.

Does the sound in the game seem really messed up to anybody else? Is that just how it is? It seems like they forgot to add in a lot of effects or something. And, for example, when that doctor NPC behind the glass was talking to me, it sounded really muffled and was incomprehensible.
Posted: 11/22/12, 07:51:49  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/12, 07:55:01
Actually I'm a bit disappointed by the flashlight mechanic. True it needs recharging but it lasts a super long time and fills up really quickly. Reminds me a bit of the Doom 3 BFG Edition.

Also the flashllight seems weak to me in certain areas.
Posted: 11/22/12, 13:53:53
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