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ZombiU (Nintendo Wii U) discussion [game]
ZombiU on the Wii U
8.48/10 from 20 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ZombiU on the Wii U!

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ZombiU Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.0)  by  

So ZombiU seems so hot right now, consumers are queueing up out the door to get a piece of what is surely to be one of the biggest selling Wii U launch games. Are you guys interested in picking up a copy? Are you waiting on reviews? Please discuss the game below and feel free to post any media you may find.

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Posted: 10/01/12, 15:38:57  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/12, 20:15:36
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I haven't really touched single player, though I've already died in probably 2 hours of play.

Multiplayer was actually pretty decent once everyone gets on the same page about it.
Posted: 09/20/14, 03:48:56
r_hjort said:

For starters:

1. Never be too proud to run away.
2. Work your way through areas slowly and methodically.
3. Use the tagging function on your scanner wisely.
4. Come to terms with your mortality.

I am FORCING myself to embrace that on my Survivor run. 9 days, AHHH!!

--And great deal, CC!
Posted: 09/21/14, 07:47:57
Posted: 07/11/15, 09:53:24

Why? It doesn't (or shouldn't at least) affect your enjoyment of the game.
Posted: 07/11/15, 09:57:03

Because they're going to a """real""" system now instead of people enjoying the game how it was INTENDED to play it. That'll also harpoon ANY chance of a sequel down the line, and this game will probably flop as its missing the entire dynamic that separates it from the rest of the pack. It's garbage, man. And it happens all the time.
Posted: 07/11/15, 10:00:16

If we accept all of that as fact it doesn't change anything in your world. ZombiU was more than likely never getting a sequel regardless. ZombiU is as good as you remember it on Wii U.
Posted: 07/11/15, 10:12:00

Alright. Thanks for playing.
Posted: 07/11/15, 10:18:35

Sorry if I came off as a jerk, I was just trying to offer some perspective.
Posted: 07/11/15, 10:27:49

At least people would have to admit its good. I can't really see it working nearly as well without the Gamepad though.
Posted: 07/11/15, 10:53:35
Well, couple points, to well, point out!

First off, its Ubi-soft's own fault, for starting a game, then ditching it, then coming up with an, all brand new title, for a brand new console. With all the money wasted on the original project, added to all the money it took to develop Zombi U, the game was already doomed to fail, by bringing it to a brand new console, with a userbase of ZERO! It takes alot of guts and stupidity to bring out a brand new, untested IP to uncharted waters. Plus, Ubi knew of Nintendo's past, where third parties typically have a poor track record, even with well known IPs. Plus, those gamers who got stung with Ubi's Red Steel offering, probably did not forget, so one more reason not to trust Ubi.

Which, brings me to my second point, You can't blame a company for wanting to make a profit from a game they had put so much time and money into.

You know, I used to feel exactly the way Rob feels, right now, but I don't anymore. I've finally realized, how all of this is ALL NINTENDO'S FAULT! Ever since the N64, Nintendo has slowly, but surely sent a message that their systems are not for the hardcore gaming crowd. Even Nintendo doesn't know who their market is. First the Gamecube, a console I got many hours of enjoyment, there was the kiddy looking purple gamecube and then there was the more hardcore 'black' Gamecube, unfortunately, both included a handle that looked like it was aimed at the fisher-price crowd. Then came the Wii, which the more I've thought about it, I hate the f@cking Wii more than any other Nintendo console. Even though the Wii supposedly won last gen, it is mainly responsible for Nintendo's current position. Nintendo blatantly said, 'We are going in a different direction, We want the casuals, we don't want the hardcore gaming crowd, we are not in the same race as Sony and MS. Again and again, the hardcore gamer slowly walked away, as craptastic casual shovelware was introduced, with the real gems becoming fewer and farther in between. I could keep this story going, but by the end of it, you'd have fallen asleep. By the time the Wii U was released, with the worst marketing campaign in videogame history, no one knew who or what Nintendo is anymore, except for the small group of their hardcorest of fans.

You know, there was another console, at this point in it's life cycle that was sucking in sales and it looked like the end. It was called the Sony PS3. Sony wanted the console to succeed. They knew it couldn't win the console war, but the drastically changed the direction it was heading...by taking out all the unnecessary expensive crap, like the PS2 innards, all the extra usb ports ect, Sony was able to drop the price and become more competitive. Hmmm....Is there something Nintendo could drop from the Wii U, something that, even though I like it and you may like it, but in most cases, 99% of the games don't even use it. Yes, the gamepad. I know its been debated here on NW and everywhere else, but instead of just killing the Wii U off early, HELL, GIVE IT A CHANCE, NINTENDO! DROP THE FUCKING GAMEPAD, REDUCE THE PRICE, REPACKAGE AND REMARKET THE CONSOLE. A $199.99 Wi U will sell much quicker than a $299.99 Wii U. The gamepad actually costs Nintendo around $80 to manufacturer. Now, sure, Nintendo could sell the gamepad separately for those who would still like to own one, if not now, then later on down the road. The whole argument about splitting the userbase is complete nonsense since 99% of the Wii U games don't even use the gamepad in any important ways.

I'll be honest, Nintendo's reputation right now sucks so hard, just ditching the Wii U and coming out with a different console isn't going to change the public's or the hardcore gamer's opinion on Nintendo. Nintendo has a loyal fanbase, but it has dwindled greatly. Yes, Nintendo needs third party support, but it needs exclusive games from third parties, not just the same ole games that one can find on the ps4/xboxone. Nintendo needs to woo these companies and make whatever deals it takes to get third parties back.

I can promise you this, whatever Nintendo does next, it will either make or break them. I guarantee. Sure, Nintendo has alot of money to keep them going for years, so its not like they'll close shop in the foreseeable future, but whatever they do next, has to be a success, a very big success. As a long time Nintendo fanboy, I want them to succeed, I really do, but they have a huge mountain to overcome. I know they can, but I have my doubts as well.

Sorry to get so off topic. I've been very pissed at Nintendo lately and so should you. Don't just be a blind fan, acting like everything they do is perfect, cause upto now, Nintendo's actions have been far from perfect.

No sense in getting mad at third party developers/publishers. I used to get mad at them, say things like, I'm not buying anymore of their games. When I should have been getting mad at Nintendo, for losing all the great third party support over the years. I know Rob is a huge sports fan, I'm sure he'd like to be able to buy more sports titles on Nintendo's consoles. Its Nintendo's fault tnat there isn't more third party sport titles on the Wii U. Nintendo is letting us all down. So, lets hope that they have some big plans, with a great strategy to get those games back on a Nintendo platform.
Posted: 07/11/15, 11:08:42  - Edited by 
 on: 07/11/15, 11:17:13
Mr_Mustache said:
The Wii U's Best Non-Nintendo Exclusive Is Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

SHUT THE HELL UP. I hate everything.
Can't imagine the game working even half as well without a GamePad type setup. Sure, they could go with some minimaps/subscreens/menu solutions, but that's not going be anywhere near as immersive and scary as having to rummage through your GamePad as if it were an actual backpack, while the undead roam the streets around you. I suppose they technically could use some smartpad/PSVita solution, but that would be a pricey alternative. This is what saddens me the most, that the game concept will likely not be done justice, but reduced to some more traditional first person horror experience.
Posted: 07/11/15, 12:06:46
I might double-dip, depending on what sort of changes they end up making to the port.

Anyways, good to see more people will get a chance to play it. It deserved to do better than it did, it's a really good game.
Posted: 07/11/15, 15:19:33
Anyone want to do a Survivor Run for Shocktoberfest? I'm going to guess "no" since most of the people posting in here have already posted in there, but yeah. I think I'll be done within 28 minutes this run. Sad.
Posted: 09/30/15, 02:26:16
I still haven't finished this game. I think this was my shocktober game from 2 yrs ago
Posted: 09/30/15, 02:55:22
How the hell am I supposed to do with the horde attacks. Like I got my ass kicked by a zombified colonel volgin and now I'm stuck in the safehouse with no weapons besides the bat and a pistol with five rounds of ammo against like 30 zombies knocking at my door.
Posted: 02/20/17, 23:23:45  - Edited by 
 on: 02/20/17, 23:25:02
Posted: 02/20/17, 23:25:01
I'm just starting a new file and playing on the chicken difficulty now because I found out the only thing it changes is how many hits enemies take.
Posted: 02/21/17, 00:45:23

You can hem them in. Ammo is probably lying around somewhere, too. And there may also be some land mines (...) in a cabinet in your Safe House. "Be careful with those!" And never underestimate running away. You'll tire out and whatever after a while, but yeah. Maybe you can close yourself in a door, or funnel them somehow. And I know its REALLY HARD to THINK effectively while thats going on, even with just TWO of them coming at you.

I never did the chicken difficulty, but yeah..you'd think that a game full of Goombas would be pretty easy to stomp. Not so. (I've only finished that initial Horde rush without dying 3 or 4 times out of my numerous attempts. I believe I've bit it for the first time in that sequence more times than not.)
Posted: 02/21/17, 02:38:18
I found a used copy for $7, but the memories of when I rented this game at launch still haunt me, so I stood there staring at it but eventually left without buying it.

That alone brought the nightmares back...
Posted: 02/23/17, 00:17:54
J.K. Riki said:

That alone brought the nightmares back...

Oh, then its working. They made quite the game, eh?
Posted: 02/23/17, 01:38:48
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