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Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II (Nintendo NES) discussion [game]
Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II on the NES
8.5/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II on the NES!

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I finally snagged myself a copy of Startropics 2 for my NES. The game is not rare or anything, and is nice on the wallet (I got it for three bucks).

The original Startropics was one of my favourite games on the NES. I actually purchased it pretty close to its release date because the commercial intrigued me. I have since played through the game countless times. YAY!

I never got around to Zoda's Revenge until now however, and just played for an hour or so. I'm not 100% sure how I feel yet, but I do miss the tropical setting already. Snow is cold and brr and gross!

The controls are changed up, which is both good and bad I feel. There were quirks I had while playing the original that I can't do anymore, such as tapping the directions on the controller while Mike is jumping. That changes his direction now! I died doing this in the first dungeon.

So far I made it to the first dungeon's boss and died. I shall prevail, however! Right now I have this and FF3 (6) going on. Startropics 2 is my fall back game when I feel random-battled out.

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09/30/12, 07:24    Edited: 09/30/12, 07:30
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Wow, that's not a bad price at all, it's cheaper than the VC version!

I would love to play this game. I played the first StarTropics for the first time on the VC and really enjoyed it, so I plan to do the same with the sequel and download on the Wii. It's been on my Wanted List for a long time, the only problem is my Wanted List is huuugggge.
09/30/12, 08:42   
Nice pick up. StarTropics II is one of the best NES games for sure, I like it a lot more than the first game. It still has a few problems of course, but the controls are way better, and it feels less cheap, making the game a lot more manageable.
10/01/12, 00:55   
@Mop it up
Less cheap, eh? You have to let me know: Are there any trap rooms that lead to instant watery/lava death?
10/01/12, 01:13   
@ploot If you just mean pits of water/lava that you have to jump over, there are those. If you mean a room that you get trapped in and can't get out unless you kill yourself, I don't recall there being anything like that.
10/01/12, 01:21   
@Mop it up
The first game had a couple rooms that were ONLY water. As soon as you jumped onto the room you'd drown. GRR!
10/01/12, 02:27   
@Paul Ah, I see. Well, it's been a few years since I last played StarTropics II, but I don't recall there being anything like that.
10/01/12, 03:13   
Edited: 10/01/12, 03:13
Bringing this back up because of the Retro Game Club.
02/23/13, 09:39   
ploot said:
@Mop it up
Less cheap, eh? You have to let me know: Are there any trap rooms that lead to instant watery/lava death?

Aww, but that was one of StarTropics' funniest moments! Secret room...then a secret switch in the secret room, leading to a MORE secret room...then a secret switch in THAT secret room...leading to death! I mean, yeah, design-wise it was probably a pretty crummy thing to do, but it stands as one of the game's most memorable moments to me.

ST2 is pretty good. The dialogue seems just as silly as the first game and the time travel stuff gives the game some decent variety (although I do miss the "Tropics" aspect of things as well). The game's last chapter is actually pretty awesome.

But holy cow is that "life is low" sound incredibly, incredibly annoying. It's seriously a contender for worst gaming sound effect.
02/23/13, 18:07   
I don't think ANYbody got around to Zoda's Revenge.

That probably would've worked better before some folks admitted to actually playing it.
02/24/13, 00:21   
This is the last NES game I bought new! Yes, I found it in a USED store COMPLETELY sealed with a few more copies (this isn't when it came out, but like..10-15 years ago?). It was definitely less than 10 bucks, and like Ploot, I want to guess 3 dollars, which is what they charge for their loose games. Slamma.
02/24/13, 00:36   
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