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What is the absolute worst game that you ever bought? [roundtable]
I suppose you can count gifts too, but I'm more interested in games that you decided you wanted and bought and found out were utter fail.

I don't generally buy crappy games, but I remember years back the Blockbuster by me had like a million SNES games on sale for $10 each right before Christmas. I talked my parents into getting 3 for me, and my aunt into getting 2. 5 games at once! I'm not from a rich family by any means, getting 5 games at one Christmas was insane.

I can't recall what the other 4 were, but I remember generally enjoying them. Super Empire Strikes Back was one of them for sure. I vaguely think that one was a SHMUP... Gradius III or Super R-Type? Maybe?

Anyway, so yeah... 4 were good. 1 was very, very not good. This piece of pure fail:

Why did I get it? Well, I was super big into NHL '94, and saw a game by EA that looked to be the basketball equivalent of that game, so I thought hey I liked Double Dribble and such, this could be pretty good. Also I was getting 5 games at once, so I just kind of grabbed whatever looked ok. Man was I wrong. Everyone in the game moved like they were in molasses. It was borderline impossible to make a shot. I got called for fouls for going near another player. Yada yada. Basically, it was a completely broken basketball game and Double Dribble was like 8,000x the game that this POS was.

Alright, your turn.

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Posted: 09/22/12, 02:12:03
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Body Harvest, maybe? OH. WAIT. WAIT. Can we go old-time used?

This guy, no joke, go farther than I ever have by the 1:00 mark. I have no idea why. Incredible.


Definitely a frontrunner for me. Quest 64 is bombastic. The bad kind.

TriforceBun said:
Does Mega Man X6 within the X Collection count? That game is STANK.

Haha, great, thats the only one I haven't got to yet. *sigh*


Huh. I think TheOldManFromZelda really liked that.
Posted: 09/22/12, 23:31:06

What.... was happening there? What a bizarre game. And yes, I did like Resident Evil 0. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either.

Worst game I ever purchased with my own money? That's difficult to assess. I usually buy games I've researched and know I will like, and avoid bad purchases. I rarely, if ever, regret buying a game.

But if I had to choose, it would probably be the last Madden game I bought on the Wii. 2009? 2010 maybe? Man, it was terrible.
Posted: 09/23/12, 19:24:45
kriswright said:
Edit: Or Superman 64, which really is as awful as everyone says.
It really is that awful, although I don't think it's the worst game on the Nintendo 64. I'll leave it to you to imagine how things could possibly get worse. I think the main reason why Superman 64 got infamous is because it's within a popular franchise and received some hype back in the day, so many people were exposed to it, whereas worse games on the N64 and PlayStation have gone ignored.
Posted: 09/23/12, 22:11:52
I haven't bought too many games that I would classify as "bad", most of them would be more just not for me. But one that was pretty bad...

According to Wikipedia, this was apparently made by Bethesda? I had no idea.
Posted: 09/24/12, 00:27:37  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/12, 00:28:56
I forgot one. I also purchased Transformers: Dark of the Moon day one. It was made by the same company that made War for Cybertron. I didn't really care that the single player mode was terrible. But I was disappointed that the multiplayer was a huge step back from WfC.
Posted: 09/24/12, 00:39:54

Everytime I see the Where's Waldo game, I think of those old sour pop-bottle fruit snacks. Those tasted about as bad as that game was, and I ate a package or two of those while my Steve Cocchiara played this rental. Gyah.
Posted: 09/24/12, 06:07:21
I guess it would be this:

Couldn't get past the shitty controls, and obtuse puzzles.

or this:

glitchy and just not very fun to play.
Posted: 09/24/12, 18:56:35
At full price? Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut for GameCube. Not a bad game, but a horrible port. Glitchy and slow-downy, and that made it a lot less fun. Honorable mention is Mario is Missing, but I bought that at a yard sale for $2, so it wasn't that bad.
Posted: 09/24/12, 19:35:00
Duke Nukem Forever
Posted: 09/24/12, 19:37:01
@ploot E. T. was one of my favorites when I was an itty bitty. I was under the age of 5, though, so I had nothing to do with the purchase of that game, that I can recall.
Posted: 09/24/12, 21:01:13  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/12, 21:02:14
@anon_mastermind Wow, I'm surprised to see someone else say Scibblenauts. It seems that everyone is so enamoured with the concept that they are blind to the game based around it being terrible.
Posted: 09/25/12, 01:11:36
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