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What do you guys think Retro is working on? [roundtable]
What would you want it to be?

Barring any crazy steampunk Retro-Zelda, the two clear options to me are Prime 4 or DKCR2. Honestly, I'd be happy with either (and it's possible that they could be making both). The Prime mechanics have some real possibilities with the Gamepad. Moreso than 2D Metroid, I'm sorry to say (but not TOO sorry, since I want to see that on 3DS with parallax scrolling). And I'm sure DKCR2 would be a super-solid game, especially if they took out the few annoying features of DKCR (you know which ones).

So, what do youse guys think? Raven Blade?

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09/20/12, 17:58  
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Look at all that glory, look a the huge BOSS meter that takes up like 25% of the screen... so utterly badass.

09/21/12, 21:27   
@Earendil How are you defining "heard"? How valid is this source? Also why aren't they on Negative World?!
09/21/12, 21:32   

He's a poster on Beyond3D. Others seem to trust him, so I'm inclined to as well. But as always, take everything with a grain of salt. I generally do until there is definitive proof.
09/21/12, 22:42   
Emily Rogers
A summary copied from Gonintendo:

Our friend Emily Rogers is the queen of internet snoops. She manages to find out information through hours and hours of tough digging in every corner of the internet. She most recently set out to try and see what Retro is up to. Through various means of scrubbing the web, she managed to come up with this handful of details.

- Artist left Naughty Dog because he doesn’t enjoy working on realistic look games. Says Retro is a better fit for him.
- The lead director of Epic Mickey is involved on this project.
- The game will have high quality hand painted 2D texture maps
- According to Monty Goulet’s YouTube video from his official YouTube channel, he finished working on Retro’s game on August 2012.
- A contract artist named Crystel Land started working on a Nintendo IP for Retro Studios on May 2012.
- The game will have ambient, environmental and weather effects.
- Not only will the game have enemies, but it will also have bosses.
- The game will have cinematic cutscenes.

Some of the things like "will also have bosses" sounds pretty obvious, but it does help eliminate racing games like FZero
09/22/12, 01:01   
Edited: 09/22/12, 02:28
^ Best post in this thread. That is very interesting. And it's nice to see they're working on a Nintendo IP. A lot of comments on that website guess Star Fox, I would love that. I mean, I've loved friends, family and girls before, but Retro Star Fox... that is true love.
09/22/12, 02:08   
I wouldn't mind RetroFox. But I'd rather have RetroStarTroid.
09/22/12, 02:20   
Hand painted 2d texture maps???

edit: If that news is true and these people are finished working for Retro's game....why the hell is everyone trying to keep it a big secret if its so far along in development??
09/22/12, 02:34   
Edited: 09/22/12, 02:44
What's the one creature that everyone likes?


What's the one weapon that everyone things is cool?


When you mix the two, how is that not an awesome game? Turok 4 would be awesome, especially if Retro made it. Turok Rage Wars is still one of the best multiplayer FPS games I've played, and so a component like that mixed with a good single player campaign would be a great package.

Too bad this isn't what's happening...
09/22/12, 02:46   
09/22/12, 02:50   
Edited: 09/22/12, 02:50
@Wellsy529 Already linked in my post. Guess I should have put "article" after her name
09/22/12, 02:57   
doh!! sorry haha
09/22/12, 03:41   
A Retro-developed Starfox would be pretty rad.
09/22/12, 05:17   
SEeing that we may not see a GTA on the Wii U, why not a Body HArvest sequel/remake(i know, they would have to spend for the rights).

09/24/12, 10:36   
Gosh, hand painted textures makes me drool. I hope its fo reelzzz.
09/24/12, 18:46   
@Mop it up

That sounded a lot like the pitch for Lasercats. Maybe that's what they are working on.
09/24/12, 19:56   

Some people don't like cats though. Which is sad because cats are awesome. But those people generally like dogs as well.

Which means it's obvious: Nintendogs +Cats + Lasers.

You heard it here first.
09/24/12, 23:25   
I think it's Zelda - the first one I think that will be developed by a western studio.

The art staff Nintendo poached from Naughty Dog would not have left for a project of lesser caliber. The only other I think would be Metroid. Star Fox just doesn't have the same level of prestige.

For me Zelda SS was a 10/10 game, but I can see Nintendo being dissatisfied by the sales. They simply aren't comparable to TP's. My guess is that the Zelda demo for the Wii U was made by Retro, and that they are making a game that will satisfy western gamers more. It may not look exactly like the demo, but I think they are going for a game with a more mature look (yes I hate that term too).

While Skyward Sword has sold 3+ million, Skyrim has done 10+ million. From a business perspective, Zelda is not really capitalizing on its potential. Its gameplay, visuals and focus have become less appealing to "core" gamers over time. With a little change in emphasis, they can dramatically increase sales without alienating people who loved SS like me.
09/25/12, 00:21   

Makes sense to me.
09/25/12, 00:51   
From GoNintendo:

The following info supposedly comes from an inside source...

- Retro Studios is working on game engines for Wii U
- they're also helping other developers implement them
- includes both internal and external projects
- Retro showed off their work to Epic and has them considering UE4 support

Hit the Link to the original story. It's a nice write up rather than just the bullet points shown above.
09/26/12, 03:29   
Edited: 09/26/12, 03:32

Working on game engines, huh? Not actual GAMES? Hmm.
09/26/12, 03:33   
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