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New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS
8.33/10 from 25 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS!

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS) Review (8.5)  by  

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08/19/12, 18:39    Edited: 01/16/13, 17:09
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@Mop it up

Ha ha, yeah I've been visiting my local Gamestop stores for 'Find Mii' in the Mii StreetPass Plaza. I'm trying to unlock the "Beat Find Mii 5 Times!" Accomplishment. I've done it 4 times so far (I think?) so...one more to go!

I've already got all the Puzzle Swap pieces, so they are no help to me. Besides, most stores don't have Wi-Fi internet access, so they don't even have the pieces to the newer puzzles anyway. Boo.

Got a new Coin Rush challenge today via StreetPass. Some little girl named Lindsey. She was no match for my coin-collecting skills. It was cool to get another challenger though, all the same.
01/31/13, 05:39   
Hey, remember this game! I just started playing it, kind of!

I had already played a world or two when it came out, but NSMB 2 has become my 'train game' du jour. I think I'm on World... 5, maybe? As usual with these games, I will first speed through to the ending, without looking for hidden levels/worlds/etc. And then, after I gain the ability to save, I will explore more thoroughly.

I have to say... New Super Mario Bros. 2 is kind of fucking awesome! The controls are sublime and the level design is so clever. The near-infinite lives make the possibility of permanently eating it virtually nil (although the consequences of that would mostly likely be virtually nil, as well), but the individual levels themselves can be challenging, on occasion. Especially when you explore a bit and try to get the Dragon Coins. I really enjoy the whole Dragon Coin thing. It kind of provides an 'expert path' through each level. And, as meaningless as lives and points and coins and bigger coins are in this modern era of Mario... goddammit, it still feels satisfying to grab them. I WANT to grab them. And I don't even know why. Maybe I've been institutionalized?

I recall people were complaining about the 1,000,000 coin unlock, but you know what? The levels themselves are their own reward. Nearly every one is fun and surprising in its own way. Such that, even without some kind of incredible challenge, they're still totally satisfying. Much better than the levels in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Epic Yarn is still too easy, though.

The power-ups may not necessarily be useful, but, damn, are they fun. I love the Gold Flower. The way that each blast causes an area effect explosion makes it feel like Mario's hurling big golden bombs. And the golden-brick-hat never fails to send me into a reckless, inadvisable frenzy of running and wall-jumping and bouncing on shit.

My only complaint so far is with the 3D effect. It's just weird. I kind of enjoy it on the lowest settings, particularly in the dungeons, but... depth of field blur? Really?

Oh, plus it needs new music. I don't mind the 'Bah!'s, and the dancing is still cool. I just want more music.
03/15/13, 18:54   
Edited: 03/15/13, 18:56
Finally got one million coins. Even though it was a pretty pointless endeavor, it was a carrot to keep me playing Coin Rush whenever I Streetpassed someone. And Coin Rush is pretty cool. At this point, though, I've seen all the levels that I have access to plenty of times, so I think this makes sense as a good point to end my time with the game for good.

According to Activity Log, it was a fun 30 hours. That's pretty good for a 2D Mario that I only played single player. Much more than the original NSMB, I imagine. If they'd had single cart multiplayer, it could have been much more. And as far as the design goes, it's not up there with the console NSMBs. But still definitely worth getting. Now please Nintendo, no more games of this ilk.
08/03/14, 19:03   
This is still my favorite in the series, something about NSMB Wii just doesn't sit right with me, it's awesome in many ways but I just never fell in love with it. Maybe the physics are just slightly different? Like Mario is heavier and faster in the Wii game making it seem more difficult? Did they make it a little slower and more floaty for the handheld or is it my imagination? That may be why I like it, because it's easier and more relaxing to play.

Right now I'm staring down NSMBU unwrapped in it's box, I sorta want to try it but I'm not sure I'll be able to deal with listening to all those same tracks again! A petty reason I know but I fear the "wah wah"!
08/03/14, 19:39   
The only thing that ever really interested me with this game was the retro throwback medley stuff. I wish they had more of that.

I wouldn't want to see the old games in the NSMB art style but doing those kinds of things now and then is fun. Can't wait for Mario Maker.
08/03/14, 19:43   

Congratulations! Getting one million coins is a huge task, and of course the "reward" you get is pretty lame...but as you said, it was a small but fun incentive to keep players playing.

Did you try any of the DLC, before you put the game down forever?
08/03/14, 21:16   

Only the free DLC, the retro one, which I enjoyed for what it was. I'm sure the other ones are fun too, but I just didn't feel compelled to spend money on them.
08/03/14, 21:23   
It'd be cool if the DLC were offered from Club Nintendo. I don't want to spend real money on it, but I'd spend coins on it.
08/03/14, 21:28   

That retro one was pretty great as a freebie. Some of the others were fun too...though some of the later ones were less about the "Coin Rush" and more about just straight-up, hard-as-nails challenge. The 'Nerve-Wrack-Pack" was pretty daunting IMO, and I didn't even attempt the 'Impossible Pack' which just sounded insane-hard. Not sure I've got the "leet skillz" to deal with that.

@Mop it up

That's actually a great idea. DLC as Club Nintendo Rewards? I'd actually use that. I downloaded Pikmin 3 when I got Mario Kart 8, and I know there is DLC available for that game. But I wouldn't want to spend actual dollars on it. I'd gladly trade my Coins for 'em, though.
08/04/14, 05:49   

That's spoken like a man who hasn't played the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 3. You'll be there with your credit card like Bun and me in no time flat, like a junkie looking for a fix.
08/04/14, 05:57   

Confession time: I haven't actually even played Pikmin 3 at all yet. I've only downloaded the thing. Done absolutely nothing else with the game.

I just know that if/when I do get around to playing it, I might want some of that DLC (that "holiday" themed one looked cool in whatever Nintendo Direct they showed that in) but...I don't want to use my moneys to get it. Because I'm really, really cheap.
08/04/14, 06:01   
@Jargon I've actually heard people say, now that the retro one costs money, that it's the best one.
08/04/14, 09:10   

The holiday one remains free, I'm pretty sure.
08/04/14, 12:05   
I think watching your coin count go up is it's own reward! I just played through the first world of NSMBU last night and it was pretty fun, but I miss that hook, why even bother going for coins if you can't see yer pile if money grow!!!
08/04/14, 15:07   

Make sure to get New Super Luigi. NSMBU is very good, but NSL is more single player focused and feels more fresh compared to the rest of the series. I know you don't like time limits, but they really aren't very punitive, they just act as a means of keeping you on the move.
08/04/14, 15:20   
Jargon said:

The holiday one remains free, I'm pretty sure.

08/04/14, 15:22   
I'm lucky enough to have got NSL in the same package!
08/04/14, 15:29   

Sweet. Sounds like you made out like a bandit with your Wii U bundle.
08/04/14, 15:34   
Yeah dude! Although Nintendo borfed my free Wind Waker download. Supposedly they will fix it, I talked to them on the phone the other day, but they said it will take a week for their specialists to investigate my claim. Bah! Gimme ma Zelda! It was the reason I bought this damn thing!

Still, so far, Mario Kart 8 is freaking incredible, best MK since DS IMO, and doesn't leave me with the stale aftertaste 7 did. Love it. AND I'm really having fun with Black Ops 2!
08/05/14, 10:41   
one of these days I'm going to get a 0 coin coin rush to send out to everyone because I am totally that guy.
11/16/14, 03:24   
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