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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 10 Donkey Kong Country 3 [community]

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (800 Points): Revisit Donkey Kong Island and join the Kong family for their latest adventure. The Kremlings have a mysterious new leader named KAOS and are up to their usual mischief, even capturing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Now it's up to Dixie Kong and the newest Kong, a giant infant named Kiddy, to rescue the two missing apes. They'll travel across previously unseen parts of the island in their search, and even take to the skies in a rocket at one point. Lucky for them, Dixie and Kiddy's powers complement each other (including Kiddy's talent for rolling like a barrel), so they form a powerful team capable of major Kremling damage. They're not completely on their own, either, since returning favorites like Funky Kong and Enguarde the swordfish provide help along the way. And in a series known for its abundance of secrets and high replay value, this entry doesn't disappoint, with enough hours of game play to satisfy Donkey Kong himself. Anyone else have a sudden urge for some bananas?

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06/01/12, 07:03    Edited: 06/27/12, 10:41

Hrmm. This is true.
06/02/12, 09:36   
Donkey Kong Country: Just finished the second world. The game is fun but feels a bit loose in terms of controls. The camera is a bit crazy too. It makes for a lot of blind jumping and surprise attacks. The level design is not that great either, so far.
06/02/12, 10:09   
For those of you talking about how the game itself doesn't set up the story very well, on its own that might be true, but the DKC games all have significant story introductions in the manuals. I have no idea if they're reprinted in the VC versions or not, but they're quite entertaining; it's worth searching them out

EDIT: I decided to shoot for 105% I beat the first two levels without getting hit once. Yay me I want to see how long I can keep this up for.
06/02/12, 12:28   
Edited: 06/02/12, 12:34

How does one get 105%?
06/02/12, 14:06   
06/02/12, 14:56   
@X-pert74 I suppose you're right. Even in game though, I think I still had a better idea in the first couple games what my goal was and where I was going.

It's also hammered home by how you progress through the game. In DKC, every boss you beat earns you a giant banana and part of your banana horde. In DKC2, you simply get closer to the top of the castle/island (you also start out on a pirate ship, which instantly reminds you of the end of the first game). In DKC3, it's a bit more ambiguous. Some bosses grant you with just a bonus coin, while others give you an item that conveniently allows you to access another area. Of course, video games do that kind of stuff all the time, but for some reason I feel like DKC3 is a bit more transparent about it.
06/02/12, 16:57   
Edited: 06/02/12, 17:14
Yeah, I don't think I'll pursue the 105%, but the Mrs_ and I just polished off DKC a few months ago in one night, so I think that we can knock DKC2 off in a few sessions, and burn through DKC3 rather quickly. Maybe we can start after Movie Club tonight.. Maybe...
06/03/12, 00:27   
Just finished DKC3. 7:22 with 103%.

I really enjoyed it. And this replay also reminded me why I typically rank this game over DKC1. It is a little overdone, but I do like how much more focused it is with all the challenges, like the DK Coins and Bonus levels. I sure thought I remembered the bear subquests being longer and more involved than they actually are though. And this replay also refueled my thirst for more animal buddies than just Rambi and Squawks in any potential future DKC games we get. Those two alone just don't cut it, and the others allow all sorts of great experiences and level layouts that those two alone really wouldn't.

I don't expect I'll play DKC1, but I might give DKC2 another go some time soon.
06/03/12, 01:30   
Edited: 06/03/12, 01:30
Donkey Kong Country: I'm just starting the Glacier World. I have to say, even though it looks like crap on my HDTV, I can tell that the graphics still look great. I'm going to take a shower and then try to find my SDTV cables to hook it up to a CRT. I hope it looks better there.
06/03/12, 07:16   
I just connected the game to a CRT television and the difference is HUGEEEE!!!!! I don't know what it is about HDTV TVs but they make Pre-Rendered games like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, and even Resident Evil (Remake), look like crap. If you're playing this on your HDTV and you have a CRT somewhere, just hook it up to that.
06/03/12, 07:47   
Kiddy's water skip is a pretty aggravating move to get the hang of; primarily because the first level where it's required only gives you one chance to do it. If you mess up, you need to start the level again. I managed to do it after a few tries though

So far the game really hasn't been that bad on the super-hard difficulty. It's nice that every time you start a level, you have both Kongs at least. I just made it to the second world (Kremwood Forest? I think that's the name).
06/03/12, 08:15   
@sirmastersephiroth I think it's mainly because you just see the whole image in progressive scan at the higher resolution. On an HDTV you're seeing the whole picture, flaws and all.

This is definitely where DKC3 gets hit the hardest, because once you see the imperfections, the art style and graphics tech really pop out. DKC3 just doesn't have as many 'stunning' moments as the other games. That, and the whole game in general feels more 'tile' based. I mean, the other games do that as well, but there's something about DKC3 that feels different. Something about them just doesn't seem as inspired. The levels in the other games feel more alive.

Can anyone articulate this better than I can? There's just something about the art in DKC3 that feels less 'alive' than DKC1 and 2. Is it really just the fact that the game is more realistic in its backgrounds, and the uglier enemy designs?
06/03/12, 08:33   
@PogueSquadron The thing is, it only happens with pre-rendered games. Games that are sprite-based or polygon-based look just as good on an HDTV.
06/03/12, 08:41   
Beat Lake Orangutanga yesterday, game's as good as ever so far.

However, now that it's been brought up, I notice the lack of urgency in the quest. I didn't realize it was until at least after Kremwood Forest that you get the first hint of why you're on this quest. Oh well. I think it has to do with the exploration aspect, they wanted players to feel more "free" at the beginning of the game. Even though you can't really go anywhere due to having a shitty boat at first.

Anyways, the level design is solid so far. The gameplay is great. It feels like DKC2 but with Kiddy instead of Diddy. I kinda feel like the whole "throw Kiddy to break the floor" thing is a crappy gimmick, but at least it differentiated the two team throws. The locales are a bit sterile indeed. I did enjoy the snow level though that gets more snowy as it progresses. I like the fact that there are two bonus barrels per stage, that way I can get on with the level and quit worrying about missing stuff. DK coins are fun to collect in this game.

I thought Belcha was a really subpar boss. It's just a repetitive task to dispatch him, and he doesn't get any tougher or gain complex patterns throughout the battle, it's pretty simple and boring.

On the first stage of Kremwood Forest, they throw you into one of the tree levels. I think it's a bit anti climactic because you expect to be launched into a green forest but you're now in this brown-ish tree stage. It was a fun stage though, but I think they should have opened up with something more 'traditional', akin to the forest stages in the original DKC.
06/03/12, 16:55   
Oh, I also thought it was really nice that you didn't have to re-complete a level when picking up things you missed the first time around. Missed a Bonus Barrel that was close to the beginning of the level? Restart the level after beating it, collect the Bonus Coin, and then press Start and Select to exit the level while still keeping your reward in tow. Same deal for the DK Coins. I know the game would have taken me much longer if I had to re-complete each level after finding what I missed (which seems to be the norm for most current day games).
06/03/12, 17:25   
I actually really like Belcha. I think his boss arena has a pretty interesting mechanic, that took me a bit of time to figure out when I first played the game as a kid.
06/04/12, 00:40   

I think that's what really drew me to DKC3 back in the day. Up untill then most bosses I'd gone up against in games simply had a ridiculous amount of health, you merely needed to keep hitting them.

The DKC3 ones had you trying to figure out the trick to beating them. I know stuff like this may seem the norm now, but back thenit was entirely new to me.
06/04/12, 01:21   
As a kid I liked Belcha but now he's just boring. The second boss is much, much more challenging and fun.
06/04/12, 05:58   
Finished Donkey Kong Country (Wii VC)
Playtime: A few hours
Sessions: 4-5
Really Finished?: No.

It's a pretty good game but the controls are not as tight as Mario's. The music and graphics are great though. The last battle with King Krool is kinda weird. They just put you in there with no buildup.

I also just started Donkey Kong Country 2. Already the game is better. The graphics are slightly better, the level design is better, and it seems more fun just cause of that. The music is not as good though. And who the hell thought it would be a good idea to charge for saving?
06/04/12, 06:44   
Edited: 06/04/12, 06:44
@sirmastersephiroth The music...is not as good? Does not compute.

I really don't want to sound like someone online who says "YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME???? I HATE YOU" but man, I have absolutely no idea how you can think the music in DKC3 is better. The sound tech might be a bit better in DKC3, but the music in DKC2 is just...it's freaking amazing. The opening title screen, the map screen, Lockjaw's Locker, aagggh. That game is FLOODED with amazing tracks. The game also does such a better job at repeating recurring themes throughout the game.

Sorry, haha, it's maybe one of my top 5 video game soundtracks of all time. :p
06/04/12, 06:52   
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