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Will Nintendo Keep the Wii U Name? [poll]
Yes  (35/45 votes)
No  (4/45 votes)
Unsure  (6/45 votes)
So, E3 is just a couple of weeks away and we will finally know a lot more about the Wii U. Do you think Nintendo will keep the current Wii U name? Or will it listen to fans and change it?

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05/22/12, 22:08  
I think they're gonna go forward with the Wii U name. I know Nintendo's aware of the potential confusion but I think at this point they're committed. I'm sure they will try to alleviate any possible confusion with the original Wii in their ad campaign.
05/23/12, 01:22   
Edited: 05/23/12, 01:23
The problem here is that Nintendo still want to be creative with the name, but there's no reason to be at this point. All it serves to do is confuse people, but adding a number makes it clear that it's a new system. Adding a letter makes it seem like a revision, especially when Nintendo's handheld revisions have added letters. System names don't matter, so they should just call it "Wii 2" and be done with it. Use that creativity for the games.

I'm not convinced they will change it, but the name wasn't well-received so there is a chance. Most people didn't like the Wii name, but eventually accepted it; however, everyone still doesn't like the name Wii U so things are a little different now. But I don't think Nintendo understands why it's a bad name, and they like it. If they do come up with something else, it's going to be something as equally stupid that fits with whatever else marketing slogans they can come up with.
05/23/12, 01:33   
Whenever someone says the name, all I hear is firetruck sirens. "Weeeeyooooo Weeeeeyooooo Honk Honk"

On the other hand, we've all gotten kind of used to the name, so they're not likely to change it so late.
05/23/12, 01:35   
malmo said:
Whenever someone says the name, all I hear is firetruck sirens. "Weeeeyooooo Weeeeeyooooo Honk Honk"

Me too!!!
05/23/12, 01:36   
05/23/12, 01:40   
Mop it up said:

I think you just won this debate.
05/23/12, 01:44   
They've changed every other home console name before its release. I think it will have Wii in it, though. U will not be at the end. That's my prediction.
05/23/12, 01:47   

05/23/12, 02:51   


05/23/12, 03:23   
I don't think they'll change it.
05/23/12, 03:40   
I've always really disliked numbering consoles like sequels. I like the name Wii U and hope it sticks around.

Nintendo got waaaaaaaaay more flack for the original Wii's name anyway. Stick with "Wii U"--it keeps the brand name in, kinda works nicely with the whole pronoun thing, and a month after release, absolutely no one will care about the name. People have been differentiating system enhancements from bigger systems since the Game Boy Pocket, so why worry about it now?
05/23/12, 03:59   
I really don't know. I think Wii 2 is easily the best name, but I think Nintendo doesn't want to go that route because just putting numbers after the name of your console is kind of a Sony thing.

I think Wii 2 could be good for marketing though. Wii 2 sounds like "me too" and could be used as a play on words maybe to make the new Wii seem like it's for casual and core gamers like Nintendo is saying it's supposed to be.
05/23/12, 04:09   
NES --> Super NES
Wii --> Super Wii

It would be a nice throwback, and most older gamers remember the Super NES as an amazing console.
05/23/12, 04:21   
I wish they would change the name, but I am pretty certain they won't - especially after seeing the recently leaked controller redesign with added logo. While I understand their desire to stick with the successful Wii name, the added U, just seems... I don't know. I just don't like it. I would have preferred the console to have a name all its own.

Whenever I think of WiiU, I think of something like this:

I don't know if I'm the only one that gets a "university" vibe from the name or not, but it's the first thing I thought of upon hearing/seeing it and the thing that keeps coming to mind.
05/23/12, 04:30   
@NoName I got that too at first, but it was the ambulance thing that always stuck with me.
05/23/12, 04:38   

It'll probably be stuck with me now too, thanks to you and Mop it up!

I will say that I like the look of the WiiU logo, I just don't like how it sounds. But, I loathed Wii when it was first named, and now it doesn't bother me at all. I almost even like it now. Time heals all, I suppose.
05/23/12, 04:42   
Edited: 05/23/12, 04:43
i dont know what they plan to do, im just certain i wont like it. they might as well just call it "Wii Ner" and get it over with.
05/23/12, 04:44   
I think you'd all be surprised at how quickly you stop calling it the WiiU.

"WiiU" just wreaks of this elitist, high brow marketing crap I can't stand. I mean, Wii already did that, but WiiU takes it to a whole new level.


Why they can't call it Wii2 or WiiHD or even Wii XD is beyond me.
05/23/12, 04:48   
@NoName I'm still meh on the Wii name. It's funny, I usually don't mind game names because there's always a new game in the series in the near horizon that will probably not have a horrible name and I can always call it by its series name. For example, I don't like the name Animal Crossing: Jump Out but I really don't care because I'll just call it Animal Crossing. I didn't even know the GameCube version had a subtitle (Population Growing) for years. I thought it was just a tag line.

System names will stick for years though and will be remembered for a long time. I also like the look of the logo, I just don't like how it sounds.
05/23/12, 04:52   

Sure it may change, but that's the name of the new Animal Crossing? I didn't realize it had a name yet! That is sincerely a horribly nasty, stupid name. If we had a barfing Kirby emoticon thingy, I'd surely use it a thousand and one times in this post.

And yes, I'm not infatuated with the Wii name, it has just grown on me exponentially more so than I thought it would. I went a smidgeon ballistic when it was first announced, I have to admit. I would like to have console names more akin to Gamecube's. How awesome was that name! Or Sega's, Dreamcast. I never cared for Revolution, despite the popularity of it, but I would have preferred it, I think, to Wii. I think.
05/23/12, 05:04   
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