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What's your favorite Mario sports franchise? [poll]
Baseball  (2/30 votes)
Golf  (15/30 votes)
Mario & Sonic Olympics  (0/30 votes)
Strikers (arcade soccer/ football)  (6/30 votes)
Tennis  (6/30 votes)
Other (see below)  (1/30 vote)
The "Other" category includes basketball (Mario Hoops 3-on-3 for DS) and Mario Sports Mix for Wii (which included volleyball, both field hockey and ice hockey, dodgeball, and street basketball).

In celebration of the recent release of Mario Tennis Open for 3DS, I thought I'd find out from the Negative World community which Mario sports franchise is the favorite (not including the Kart racing games in this poll).

Does adding the Mario brand to a particular sport you normally don't care about make the game intrinsically more fun to play? Is your favorite Mario sports series the one you feel has improved the most since the first game in the series? Do you still yearn for an American football Mario game?

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05/22/12, 18:25  
Golf, by far. Wish they would come out with a new one.
05/22/12, 18:26   
Mario Strikers Charged blew me away and it now takes the top spot. It used to be Golf, but it feels like forever since we got one. Tennis is a close 3rd.
05/22/12, 18:28   
Strikers, I've never played any of the others.
05/22/12, 18:31   
Definitely Golf. I played Toadstool Tour so much. I do have the GBA game but never played it as much... I should maybe pop it out one of these days and try to stick with it this time.
05/22/12, 18:58   
Golf by far.

05/22/12, 19:07   
Golf all the way (and in real life I hate golf and love tennis, too).

Specifically the amazing AMAZING Camelot versions that had a freaking RPG in them based around the sport. Absolutely brilliant. Stupidest thing in game development is how no one copies that brilliance.
05/22/12, 19:18   
Strikers, no contest. Beats the hell out of Kart, too.
05/22/12, 19:19   
I'd probably say Golf. Tennis just gets too repetitive. It's fun in short bursts but there's not a whole lot of depth to it for me.

Anything but baseball. Those Mario Baseball games are abysmal.
05/22/12, 19:37   
I'm with the majority: GOLF by a long shot!
05/22/12, 21:00   
Tennis, I suppose. Since that's the only Mario Sport I've put any kind of time into.
05/22/12, 21:03   
GameDadGrant said:
Tennis, I suppose. Since that's the only Mario Sport I've put any kind of time into.

Go try the golf games, they're awesome!
05/22/12, 21:34   
Golf, Tennis, Strikers. In that order. Everything else to no fun. I actually hate the baseball games. So bad. And Olympics is very sub-par.

I will, however, admit my love for Mario Basketball on the DS. I really enjoyed that game for some reason.
05/22/12, 21:41   
Came in here to vote for kart. Voted for other instead. I'm not interested in any of Mario's sports franchises. Although, Mario Tennis on the 3DS looks interesting.
05/22/12, 21:53   
Probably Strikers. I played Toadstool Tour on the Gamecube but never got into it.
05/22/12, 21:54   
I should've pushed for Fortune Streets. The Stock Market: The Ultimate Sports Experience!

I went with Golf though, easy.


HA!! Oh man, classic times.
05/22/12, 23:18   
Toss up between Golf and Baseball. So I went with Baseball, since it seems to be getting no love.

That said, I haven't tried the Wii version of Baseball, so maybe that screws everything up. Stephmonster and I put a huge amount of time into the Cube version, though. Lots of fun.
05/22/12, 23:21   
Probably Mario Golf. I loved the N64 version.
05/22/12, 23:41   
Yeah. A friend and I were reminiscing about the mini golf mode in that game, on our way to play 18 holes yesterday. So good. Overall it was better than Toadstool Tour, though the Gamecube game was still great.

TheOldManFromZelda said:
Golf by far.

What is this screen, I've never seen it.

05/22/12, 23:46   
TheOldManFromZelda said:
Golf by far.

05/22/12, 23:53   
Golf. I like Tennis okay, but I haven't played Strikers or Baseball.
05/22/12, 23:56   
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