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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS
8.79/10 from 32 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS!

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Kid Icarus: Uprising is finally here! If you're playing, indicate as such in the game database.

Masahiro Sakurai's shooter-action-adventure finally hits the 3DS. The game is packed with tons of content, different control options, beautiful 3D graphics, and a robust multiplayer mode. This is a game that will be really fun to dig into because there is so much beneath the surface. Let's share our discoveries and discuss the latest great 3DS game! As well as celebrate that Sakurai is finally now working on the next Smash Bros

Please, though remember to spoiler tag any story elements until most people have finished the game.

Online multiplayer call to arms
Here's a list of all the folks who are interested in Uprising's online multiplayer mode. Post your friend code if you're interested and it'll get added here.

anon_mastermind - 0473-7920-6148 (Mikey)
VofEscaflowne - 2277-6633-7837 (Fabien)
warerare - 0989-1716-9376
roykoopa64 - 5370-0417-1205

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03/22/12, 17:16    Edited: 04/19/12, 02:46
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2277-6633-7837 (Fabien) though I think I have most people added already.

Anyway, I'm picking this up tomorrow morning but I'm not sure when I'll try out the multiplayer. Usually I want to at least finish the single player before and it seems even better in this game as I've heard items you pick up in single player carries over to multiplayer.
03/22/12, 17:36   
Impressions so far are very good, The game controlled better than expected with the stand and I can't say I felt they were unfair. The game is really really easy on the first level but I went back and upped the intensity to 5.0 /10 and it made it much more difficult. The enemies took more damage, there were more of them and they were more varied with harsher attacks that had a bigger radius. Minor Spoilers for level 1, I noticed first time through that there was a gate with a 5 on it, Palutena explained that this gate can only be accessed by increasing the intensity to that level, once I did that the gate opened to reveal a kind of mini boss who once defeated gave me a nice shiny new weapon.

You can change weapons in the options and the game allows you to try any of them in a practice mode before they are equipped, you can also collect and allocate certain powers to your weapons, buffing their stats etc... There are also items to be collected on the ground that increase your health or give you one time abilities such as grenades or shields.

The chat between Palutena, Pit and Medusa has so far been very funny and 4th wall breaking which I love. I can't wait to play more of this as the day goes on.

I will be multiplaying the hell out of this from tonight.

03/22/12, 17:38   
Edited: 03/22/12, 17:39
I`m just too curious about the multiplayer. If it is smashbros-esque in any way I will be addicted! I`ll probably check it out in between sessions of single player.

Nice impressions, it`s gettin me hyped!
03/22/12, 17:42   
Yeah I'll probably check out the multiplayer a bit here and there but if weapons end up making a huge difference and you end up being matched at random, then there could be severe balancing issues early on I'd think. Japan has had this game for a bit, haven't they? I'm sure we can organize games with NWers though!
03/22/12, 17:46   
Edited: 03/22/12, 17:48
Will get it from Amazon, most likely early next week. ;)
03/22/12, 17:48   
Edited: 03/22/12, 17:49
I got release-date delivery, so hopefully today! *crosses fingers*
03/22/12, 18:53   
Edited: 03/22/12, 18:54
Such beautiful music, you guys are going to love this.
03/22/12, 21:49   
Just got my email from amazon, the game has shipped as of this afternoon, my account was charged too. Estimated delivery date, tomorrow!! Cannot wat. I was listening to some of the music at work today during my break, I love the music direction of the game. Is funny how resistant Nintendo was to orchestrate Zelda music and now here's this game fr 3ds and it's music is simply stunning.
03/22/12, 23:07   
The game is getting better the more I play it. I have suffered my first death after putting the intensity level too high and I think the weapon I equipped didn't have enough range or strength, it's very important not to jump into the deep end too quickly as you need weapons with higher strength and range in order to offer up a decent offense and defense.

There are a ton of weapons in this game and you get more chests featuring better weapons based on higher intensity levels. The game does recommend an intensity level before you start, I am not sure at the moment whether that is good advice or whether its best to push it a bit higher.
03/22/12, 23:09   
Amazon shipped it today, looking forward to playing it when I get home from work tomorrow. I still have so much Tales of Graces f left to play though...gonna be hard to choose between the two this weekend.

03/22/12, 23:49   
The intensity gauge is genius and is going to increase replayability by a metric shit tonne. The game gets really hard when you crank.that scale up but I am enjoying the rewards, barely made it out of Chapter 2 just now on a 5.0 difficulty but got a sweet weapon as a result. I have also fused two weapons together to create a sweet ass cannon which is very powerful. This game is going to get alot of discussion going over which intensity levels people are playing at and what weapons you like or have crafted. Lots of fun to be had here guys.

Also if this isn't the best looking game released on the system so far I will eat my hat, the game has got it going on in the graphics/artsyle department and the sound is just as good whether its the hilarious banter or the soundtrack its really hard to fault this game.
03/23/12, 00:24   
It sounds great. I loved the adjustable difficulty in The World Ends With You, it's such a great mechanic.

So I'll be picking this up after work, but then I have to work some more, so I won't get to play until around 10 pm. Can't freaking wait.
03/23/12, 18:54   
I just got home from work. UPS doesn't normally deliver until 5ish est so I can nap a bit. Info have a question about the game though, does it use the play coins you get from walking with your 3ds? I have about 170 coins to burn...
03/23/12, 21:43   
You can use play coins in exchange for idol eggs. This works much like the lottery in smash brothers, the more coins you spend on an egg the higher percentage chance of getting a new idol rather than a repeat.
03/23/12, 21:45   
Edited: 03/23/12, 21:45
@warerare and what are idols? I wasn't really following this game much. I just know it has crazy amounts of content, but no idea what that contents.
03/23/12, 21:46   
Idols are just statues of all of the characters and items in the game, they are animated. You can get them either by unlocking some in story, using AR cards or buying idol eggs.
03/23/12, 21:47   
@warerare is it really worth it to use play coins to unlock idols then?
03/23/12, 22:03   
Its just for completionist purposes I suppose, Play Coins are probably better spent elsewhere. I think you can also trade in game hearts for idol eggs so probably no.
03/23/12, 22:13   
Hopefully my game gets here soon. I'm dying to play.
03/23/12, 22:57   
The game showed up and WOW. This game is insanely good. The graphics are great, the gameplay is addicting, and polish is outstanding. The controls are great in my opinion. Yes, they are different, but I think they are great none the less. Once you get used to the game and submit yourself to learn how to play it, the game is a blast. I played chapter one over three times and beat it on difficulty 6 so far. I tried one online game and it was amazing as well. I can see myself spending a lot of time on this one.

Oh, and the music is amazing. Sakurai does it again, well done, sir.
03/24/12, 00:14   
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