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Rhythm Heaven Fever - post your Endless Games high scores! (1- and 2-player) [community]
I think the four unlockable Endless Games in Rhythm Heaven Fever are quite fun, so I was wondering how many of you have given these a try? I've posted my scores below. These are not a serious attempt from me, so I'm sure I can improve! Have you given these games a shot?

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Mr. Upbeat
(unlock with 3 medals)

1) canonj - 329
2) Mop it up - 256
3) roykoopa64 - 209
4) anon_mastermind - 175
5) Secret_Tunnel - 160

Wake-up Caller
(unlock with 11 medals)

1) Secret_Tunnel - 22
2) roykoopa64 - 18
3) canonj - 15
4) Mop it up - 9
5) anon_mastermind - 8

Munchy Monk
(unlock with 23 medals)

1) canonj - 701
2) roykoopa64 - 427
3) Mop it up - 410
4) Secret_Tunnel - 418
5) anon_mastermind -233

Lady Cupid
(unlock with 32 medals)

1) canonj - 179,540
2) anon_mastermind - 118,750
3) nate38 - 114,560
4) Mop it up - 96,940
5) Secret_Tunnel - 88,380
6) roykoopa64 - 70,940

Note: Only scores achieved by two separate people will be counted.

Clap Trap
(unlock with 1 Duo Medal)

1) anon_mastermind & sister - 17
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 10

Mochi Pounding
(unlock with 2 Duo Medals)

1) anon_mastermind & best friend - 140
2) anon_mastermind & sister - 75
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 75

Kung Fu Ball
(unlock with 4 Duo Medals)

1) anon_mastermind & sister - 277
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 211

Pirate Crew
(unlock with 6 Duo Medals)

1) anon_mastermind & sister - 2,323
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 2,162

Bossa Nova
(unlock with 8 (all) Duo Medals)

1) anon_mastermind & sister - 127
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 58

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02/28/12, 03:38    Edited: 06/20/12, 03:22

Awesome scores, especially the 2-player games!

How would you like me to name your 2-player scores?
anon_mastermind & ?
03/07/12, 06:54   
New scores for roykoopa64 and Snorlax:

Kung Fu Ball - 211

Pirate Crew - 2,162

Boss's Nova - 58
03/10/12, 06:32   
& sister
03/10/12, 07:58   
I tried doing the wake-up one but man... too much needless junk in between the actual game parts, it's so slowwwwwwwwwwwww.
03/14/12, 08:19   
Zero said:
I tried doing the wake-up one but man... too much needless junk in between the actual game parts, it's so slowwwwwwwwwwwww.
03/14/12, 15:25   
Ugh, haven't played in so long. And I KNOW we've got that Mochi Ball thing crushed. Clap Trap and Kung Fu Ball, on the other hand...


03/22/12, 02:53   
Mochi Pounding - 140 taps. Me & best friend
03/27/12, 18:27   

Crazy good score!
03/27/12, 20:10   


My rumored high score has fallen.
03/27/12, 23:14   
I love RHF, almost 100%ed the single-player, but I haven't really delved much into the endless games yet. I'll get to 'em.
03/28/12, 00:29   
I woke up this morning with ONE EGG.... ONE EGG... ONE EGG ONE EGG- HANDFUL OF PEAS stuck in my head.
03/28/12, 06:33   
Mmm triple pea omelet
03/28/12, 06:36   
I don't have any high scores yet, but I just wanted to say this game is all sorts of awesome and every Wii owner should own this.

04/01/12, 02:27   
Haven't been playing a whole lot lately but I managed to move up the list for Mr. Upbeat!
with a score of 209

I'm still struggling with Lady Cupid...
05/31/12, 08:04   
I've been playing this recently, here are my first attempt scores on all the games. Why am I not surprised that Endless Remix isn't listed? :P

Mr. Upbeat: 256
Wake-Up Caller: 9
Munchy Monk: 410
Lady Cupid: 96,940

Clap Trap: 20
Mochi Pounding: 180
Kung Fu Ball: 518
Pirate Crew: 2,364
Bossa Nova: 65
06/19/12, 09:55   
@Mop it up

Awesome scores! The Kung Fu Ball score in particular is quite a feat. I updated the OP.

Do you want to credit player #2 with a name or a title (sibling, friend, etc.)? For now I just listed your 2-player scores as 'Mop it up & (Player 2).'
06/19/12, 16:36   
Damn you pawned my scores! 180 on Mochi Pounding is ridiculous. Who did you manage it with?

Also, I wish my friends were better at Pirate Crew. Always screwin' up cause of them!
06/19/12, 19:33   
Player 1: Left hand
Player 2: Right hand

Hm, I just realised that this might be considered cheating, if you want there to actually be two people. If you want to exclude them from the scoreboard, I understand.

@anon_mastermind Pirate Crew is really tough, I always mess up on the turns. The first time I tried it I think I got like 165 points or some horrific score. I also suck at Bossa Nova, the constant switching just gets me for some reason.
06/19/12, 23:53   
@Mop it up

Unfortunately, yes, I will have to exclude your 2-player scores. The assumption for the 2 player games is they were performed by two people, though I didn't exactly spell it out in the OP. I updated the OP for clarification.

No hard feelings I hope, and thanks for the honesty.

I have always thought to myself that playing the 2-player games by yourself would easily ensure a high score, but I can imagine it can also be challenging having to coordinate the separate events.

I haven't tried it myself though. If more people want to give it a shot, we could create a separate category for the 2-player games: "2-player scores by 1 person" or something like that.
06/20/12, 03:25   
S'alright, I probably should have figured that, but I made the post at 3AM. My sister didn't want to try the game since she said it looked too weird, so I started playing the 2-player games by myself. I imagine some of them would be harder with two players, such as Mochi Pounding, but ones like Kung Fu Ball are probably easier with two since each person doesn't have to react as fast. Assuming both players are competent at the game, that is.

In any case, you folks should try out the 2-player games by yourself, just for fun.
06/20/12, 05:11   
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