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Legend of Zelda... Soundtrack Album!! What do you think? [roundtable]
Unfortunately, I had a horribly extended airport pick-up yesterday, so I had to cut my Skyward time short, but it did give me time to listen to the 25th Anniversary dealio at ear-bleeding volumes. Brief impressions: Pretty damned good! I enjoyed the full experience even more than the clips on the Nintendo Channel (which makes me think that the live show would have been even better).

I generally liked how the themes were cut up and arranged and medley-fied. That kept the music from being too repetitive, like it occasionally got in the actual games. It was also neat to hear similar elements and progressions evolve over the course of the series. Most of the choices were smart and/or interesting. The Wind Waker medley, in particular, was godly. Hearing the music independent of the games gave me a bit more appreciation for it. It held up surprisingly well as pop-classical music (next up, the Liverpool Oratorio!). I'm not sure how much modern, orchestral-type game music would, to be honest. Usually, those Youtube clips bore me a bit. But it's possible that nostalgia played a factor, since a lot of the familiar themes reflexively brought a big grin to my face. Ah, the dangerously enticing pleasure of reminiscing of past days. Better days.

As for cons, I wish it were a bit longer. And in 5.1 surround sound. And I also wish that the already-orchestrated Twilight Princess trailer music was included.

Yup. How about you guys?

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Posted: 11/21/11, 17:55:53  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/11, 03:17:49
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GelatinousEncore said:
@Octorockin Long time no see Pete, sup.

Yo! It's good to see so many familiar folks again.
Posted: 11/22/11, 02:16:52
What the hell Nintendo? Why did they ever have any doubt to include orchestrated music in their games? I'm only at #6 (Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement HOLY SHIT) and this is beyond incredible
Posted: 11/22/11, 02:38:43

Have you listened to the Orchestral Game Concert soundtracks before? Those have some awesome performances of Super Metroid, Earthbound, and Link's Awakening music, among other games.
Posted: 11/22/11, 02:53:22
Yeah I've heard those before, great stuff as well! I hope that Nintendo continues this route with their future games.
Posted: 11/22/11, 03:06:22
Yeah, I always liked the music in Wind Waker, but the CD really brought home the full majesty of it. So glad that they included the intro bit.

Super Metroid orchestrated? I'll have to check that out!
Posted: 11/22/11, 03:26:54  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/11, 03:27:30
Also, the beginning part of the Gerudo Valley track reminds me of Inception...?
Posted: 11/22/11, 03:30:06
Woah, that's so freaky! Inception reminded me of the first part of Gerudo Valley!

*has never seen Inception*
Posted: 11/22/11, 03:33:16  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/11, 03:35:49
Posted: 11/22/11, 03:34:19
Nolan is a soulless, movie-making robot!!

*will watch it eventually*
Posted: 11/22/11, 03:35:30
This is the song it reminded me of, the beginning anyway, starting at around 0:18

Posted: 11/22/11, 03:38:35
Speaking of which, that one OOT theme has always, always reminded me of "Somewhere Out There", from An American Tail.
Posted: 11/22/11, 03:42:31
I got the game today but haven't had time to listen to the soundtrack yet. Ripped it all to my computer in high quality so going to give a lsiten now that I am back from work. :)
Posted: 11/22/11, 04:25:58

I'm tellin' ya man. That's one bad ass track.
Posted: 11/22/11, 06:41:28
I'm going to echo what someone else said and say that I now wish that the CD had more Skyward Sword tracks on it. The main theme is great but there are many other songs that are pretty great as well.
Posted: 11/22/11, 08:25:02
I really enjoyed hearing this music orchestrated, can't wait to see the concert. I think my favorite music on the CD is Wind Waker, but Twilight Princess was amazing too.
Posted: 11/22/11, 10:07:30
I just listened to the entire thing again, this time with concentration and a calm mind. In my first listen I was too hyped because I had just gotten the game to pay the appropriate attention.

I love it. Love it love it love it. The WW and TP symphonies are amazing, and Gerudo Valley is truly something else. Kakariko Village is cool too, but what was truly unexpectedly awesome is the closing track (the Encore! Get it?), the Ballad of the Goddess. The opening with the harp is very soothing and appropriate (if you're playing the game you know why), and then it explodes into a great arrangement of the track.

Very pleased. Fuck you, Mario All-Stars.
Posted: 11/26/11, 04:03:00  - Edited by 
 on: 11/26/11, 04:05:54
Ha! Thanks for saving me the trouble of bumping this, GE, I was just about to.

I wasn't feeling the CD that much the first few times I listened to it at work. But I've had it on repeat for a couple hours almost every day because I didn't have really any other instrumental music to listen to. And it's definitely grown on me.
Posted: 11/26/11, 04:08:26
Hearing the Darkworld theme rise up like it did on the first track gave me goosebumps. I'm listening to the Wind Waker medley right now and it's awesome. Such great stuff they did here.



Just reached the Gerudo Valley track.

Posted: 11/26/11, 06:31:49  - Edited by 
 on: 11/26/11, 06:35:07
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