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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii
9.03/10 from 69 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii!

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Alrighty everyone, the game is finally out in all primary regions.... IDreamofHime was the first to receive their copy here on the boards. This is the place to discuss it!!!

Welcome to the thread on Negative World where all wondrous Zelda talk can occur. I would recommend that if you wanna talk about deeper-game stuff as we get going, perhaps spoiler-tag it and then describe outside of spoilers where in the game it is. The recent Super Mario 3D Land Discussion Thread is a good example. That'll allow people who aren't too far to read the thread without actually spoiling stuff for them. Just try to be courteous but definitely have fun with the game and discussions!!

Have ye what it takes?

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If you've beaten the game, click on over to roykoopa64's Skyward Sword story/ ending discussion (SPOILERS), and general thoughts thread! It's like this thread part deux!!

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11/17/11, 19:54   Edit:  09/20/12, 03:19
Why not sign up for a (free) account?

Yours is?!? Not MINE!! Though I'll call to double check, or did your text actually say Midnight?
11/19/11, 04:47
Doesn't anyone else have it yet?
11/19/11, 05:00
Got my limited edition bundle earlier today,with my bro's discount too,only cost me 42.
Haven't opened it yet because im working till sunday.Can't wait to start :D
11/19/11, 05:01
@jonjon85 But waiting until then makes you no better than us American baboons..
11/19/11, 05:07
Renjaku said:
@jonjon85 But waiting until then makes you no better than us American baboons..

Trust me I wanna play it now,but I just don't have the time :(

Maybe I will play for a couple of hours late tomorrow night after work.
11/19/11, 05:09
@DrFinkelstein No. It did't. It said 12:01am

11/19/11, 05:41

Jealous! Mine is Sun AM!

They'll do midnight launches for Brawl but not Skyward Sword? WTH My Gamestop!
11/19/11, 06:11
I remember the message I got from Gamestop warning me about Super Mario Galaxy's apparently M-rated qualities.
11/19/11, 07:41
Yeah I'm gonna call tomorrow about a midnight launch.

I asked before and the guy said "probably" but that's not good enough for me!

11/19/11, 07:45   Edit:  11/19/11, 07:50
11/19/11, 18:34   Edit:  11/19/11, 18:37

Haha, maybe I should do that when I edit the podcast in a moment. It'll be added incentive to finish editing before the release tomorrow... though editing an audio podcast with music on... makes no sense lol. So I wont.
11/19/11, 18:52
Well that sucks, my Gamestop text just says "Sun AM". I'll have to call to see if they are going to be open. They better be open on midnight.
11/19/11, 19:30
I called. No midnight launch. They said they didn't have enough pre-orders to do it. Horseshit.
11/19/11, 19:33
Although I absolutely don't condone pirating (and told him to buy a copy) my cousin's friend pirated the game a week ago and he has this to say about it:

"Its sooooo good...first zelda i can say with confidence that is better than Ocarina of Time....the controls are amazing"
11/19/11, 19:42
Cookies, check.
Scented candle, check. (so I have a smell to remember skyward by)
Room cleaning, in progress.

You guys doing anything last minute to prepare?
11/20/11, 02:03   Edit:  11/20/11, 02:05
Renjaku said:
Cookies, check.
Scented candle, check. (so I have a smell to remember skyward by)
Room cleaning, in progress.

You guys doing anything last minute to prepare?

I thought I was the only person to associate a game with a certain smell.For Twilight princess it was a certain deodorant,I have been using it again before I start playing tomorrow.
11/20/11, 02:11
You going to have sex with it before you play it as well?

Oh Skyward Sword, you have kept us waiting for a long time.
11/20/11, 02:11
@jonjon85 Wouldn't you be mixing up associations using the same one? I looked for an unfamiliar smell (that wasn't repulsive).

@Hinph Except this one can't leave me for eating cookies in bed.
11/20/11, 02:26   Edit:  11/20/11, 18:06

Haha, Jamie and I were just discussing this earlier. We both clean our rooms before big games, especially this one. I usually grab a slurpee or some Taco Bell before a big launch but not like fresco style but like some damn unhealthy quesadillas with the crack-jalapeno sauce and such, lol.
11/20/11, 02:32
Hmmm, I don't know if I have any smells associated with games, though. None that I'm consciously aware of, anyway.

It's more like memories for me... what was generally going on in my life at the time. Some of my favorite games have been first played at very low points in my life, oddly enough... in very unfortunate cases, I have memories of people who I would rather forget about attached to a game, which makes ever replaying it undesirable.
11/20/11, 02:35
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