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Does the Virtual Console diminish the accompanying downloadable platforms? [roundtable]
By which I mean, does the Handheld Virtual Console/Virtual Console diminish (DSiWare/3DSWare)/WiiWare? If we HAD any 3DSWare, I mean?

I'm not sure how much actual data we can use here, so I am going to rely on the next best thing: personal anecdotal experience. I don't feel nearly as much excitement in the 'gaming community' for DSiWare/WiiWare as I do for the Virtual Console. People vocally lament when the VC runs fallow, but have almost no noticeable reaction to the movements of DSiWare/WiiWare. That goes for most of the media, as well.

But I'm guilty, too. Seeing all of these classic Game Boy games that I've never played come out excites me. Rather than take a chance on an unproven quantity, I could just fill in a missing spot in my classic gaming history.

I will say, though, that the videos on the 3DS Shop are great. Those videos, combined with the 'suggested' software lists, are a powerful marketing tool, assuming anyone actually checks them out. There are several DSiWare titles (like Go Go Kokopolo!) that are now on my radar, solely due to the handy promotional footage. Still, would I get Go Go Kokopolo before Super Mario Land 2, or even Mole Mania or Wave Race? Proooobably not.

It might also be interesting to bring the other consoles into the discussion. The Xbox Originals section is probably too small to affect XBLA. And nobody gives a shit about the Indies. However, when XBLA launched, it was full of truly independent games. Now that the bigger pubs have started to use the service, I'm not sure a title like Cloning Clyde would even get its money back.

As far as the PS3, I honestly have no idea of how that community feels. PS1 games don't seem very similar to PSN games, in general. And only a handful of PS2 games have been announced.

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Posted: 10/06/11, 19:11:01  - Edited by 
 on: 10/06/11, 19:17:25
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I don't know if I'd say that. It sucks having to connect to the Wii Shop Channel every time you want to check it out, but once you're there it's much easier to navigate than the XBLA marketplace.
Posted: 10/08/11, 05:18:16
I'm learning new things in this thread.

1.) Apparently, the Wii Shop Channel is the most difficult online shop to use in the world.

2.) escapeVektor is supposed to be a great game. (Maybe after I finally finish off FAST - Racing League, Kyotokei and Moto Heroz, I'll give it a shot. I've heard good things about Horizon Riders too, so I'll have to keep my eye on that.)

3.) XBLA is pretty sneaky about getting your money.
Posted: 10/12/11, 03:24:12

I'm just saying the convenience is there. I always game on my PS3 and rarely ever touch my Wii. Since my PS3 is always on and I have easy access to the PS store without having to jump through hoops of managing files and making sure my Wii is up to date, why should I go and download stuff on the Wii? It's not like I'm dry on games here. There's plenty of content to enjoy that I own and don't own so I'll more likely purchase the stuff that I don't own on a console that's getting more use out of me.


You must live a bit more far up north than I do cause my PS3 doesn't require 30 minutes to warm up As for the updates, again, since it's my main console, it's rarely not up to date.
Posted: 10/12/11, 04:18:37  - Edited by 
 on: 10/12/11, 04:20:46
Plus they basically make it almost impossible to remove your credit card from your account once you give it to them. AND THE FUCKERS WILL KEEP BILLING YOU.

Oh, and they force you to keep advertisements in your dashboard, even when you pay for Xbox Live. Advertisements like stupid movie rentals in the HOME PANEL that can easily be clicked on by accident by, say, a small child. Which happened to me. And, even though I didn't download the movie, took FIVE FUCKING HOURS on the phone to fix.

Seriously, M$ needs to be taken to task more often for this kind of stuff. Most of Nintendo's billing blunders are due to caution or inexperience, but Microsoft's are 100% greed. They throw as many roadblocks in your way as possible to sap your will to pursue justice. I had a warm heart-to-heart with some shady gangbanger-looking guys in GameStop one day about the horrors of XBox Live billing. It was kind of beautiful.
Posted: 10/12/11, 17:45:13

MS has just bought up Twisted Pixels, by the way.

My deepest condolences.
Posted: 10/12/11, 17:48:03
Zero said:
Simbabbad said:
However, in the thread here that announced escapeVektor release, nobody but Guillaume commented on it

I commented!!!

As did I. I also added the game to the database. Looks like Zero's playing the game at the moment!
Posted: 10/12/11, 18:54:15
Shit, they're only going to do Kinect games now...
Posted: 10/12/11, 19:00:58
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