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Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii
9.46/10 from 38 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii!

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Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo Wii) Review ()  by  

So there's lots of Xenoblade threads running around. Time for an official thread for impressions game discussion etc.

Whether you're a lucky resident of Europe or Australia, a North American who's decided to flip the bird to Nintendo and import, or even someone who simply wants to live vicariously through the experiences of others, this is the place you want to be!

EDIT: Roykoopa's Top 10 favourite Xenoblade music tracks!

AndIf you've beaten the game, click on over to roykoopa64's Xenoblade story and ending discussion thread (SPOILERS)! It's like this thread part two!

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08/27/11, 03:25    Edited: 10/31/12, 21:15
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I'm about to go to the captiol. From what I've read, that's about 40% through the game? I think? I hope?
06/06/12, 08:28   

Oh then shoot, i'm not as far as I thought... lol
06/06/12, 13:52   
I'm trying to rebuild and want access to some areas there are 'closed'. I have read you can get back in to them. Any ideas?
06/06/12, 14:51   
@Cube191 Which areas, specifically, do you mean?
06/07/12, 01:33   
Finally got the final item for the collectopedia in the forest.Only took me like 30 odd hours to actually get one.
This game is friggin ridiculous when it comes to collecting certain items.

Still haven't had a hot day apparently in over 80 hours of play...something has to be wrong here....
06/07/12, 02:35   
Mop it up said:
@Cube191 Which areas, specifically, do you mean?

I don't want to spoil anything, it's all the areas that get closed during the story.
06/07/12, 15:17   
@Cube191 Then use spoiler tags. I can't answer your question if I don't know what areas they are.
06/08/12, 04:28   
I'm just about to enter Prison Island, I just need to open the two seals or whatever first. About how far am I? At least half, right? This game isn't resonating with me. Does the story get really good pretty soon or something?
06/08/12, 23:54   
@Secret_Tunnel Yeah, sounds about half through the story, maybe slightly more. I don't think the story gets any better, I didn't find it to be very well written or presented. It's pretty predictable and they beat you over the head with it. I hope you like the battle system, because that's the main thing which makes this game worthwhile.
06/09/12, 02:27   
I loved the battle system for a while, but now it's starting to feel repetitive.
06/09/12, 03:48   
I had to Google a part I was stuck at, because I forgot that the Monado can't hurt humans. The way they did that with the fight I just had was really dumb. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but how was I supposed to remember that? I wound up taking Shulk out of my party and that made things easier.
06/09/12, 04:59   

Oh, that's why? I couldn't figure out why I wasn't doing any damage either. I thought maybe their masks were Monado-proof, which would explain why the masked Mechon couldn't be hurt by the Monado either.
06/09/12, 23:15   
@Secret_Tunnel Well, that's what someone said online. Made sense to me, since they establish it earlier in the game, but they re-introduce that idea completely out of left field. I was convinced at first that I was supposed to lose that fight.
06/10/12, 00:12   
After a while the battle system does start to feel repetitive; however, the story gets better and better towards the end and that's what will keep you going.
06/10/12, 00:14   
I'm making my way through the Central Pit portion of Ether Mines under Colony 6. What an enormous area, which of course is not surprising.
Just greatly enjoying the game overall. I love the gigantic world and plethora of side quests.

One thing I find myself spending way too much time on is constantly going to my equipment and comparing stats, because enemies are constantly dropping gear. Add the gems on top of that, and there's always a lot of gear management to do. I like the customization, but at times it's overwhelming.
06/15/12, 18:00   
Edited: 06/15/12, 18:04

Yeah they really needed to streamline that. A way to easily compare gear sans gems so you don't have to remove gems just to see if the new thing is better than what you got would have made things just a little better overall.
06/15/12, 22:48   
I feel like this game is kind of coming to a grinding halt. Is it just me? Does it get better?

I'm heading to Prison Island I think.
06/16/12, 21:59   
@PogueSquadron The action will be picking up soon, if that'll make things better. Now is when you get time to prepare.
06/17/12, 03:17   
@Mop it up Yeah I was thinking of backtracking to maybe gear up a bit. It's not that the game is very difficult. Once I picked the right combination of characters I got past that boss fight quite easily.

It's not just that there's no action right now (this whole Eryth Sea/Alcamoth section has been painful IMO), but I feel like the story has become WAY less interesting. I was LOVING the beginning of the game and the mystery behind everything, learning new things about the Monado, and fighting the mysterious Mechon. I think they've done a pretty crappy job though of introducing new compelling characters. I've been running around the Eryth Sea and Alcamoth really not caring about the High Entia at all.. I'll definitely keep playing because I hear that it does pick up, though I do fear that the story is going in a direction that I'm not a fan of. The game started out really original, or at least put some clever spins on RPG cliches. In the last couple hours, I feel like the game has been falling into so many RPG cliches.
06/17/12, 07:02   

(image size broke the page)
Took that in dolphin. Love it!
06/17/12, 19:25   
Edited: 06/17/12, 20:50
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