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Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii
9.46/10 from 38 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii!

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Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo Wii) Review ()  by  

So there's lots of Xenoblade threads running around. Time for an official thread for impressions game discussion etc.

Whether you're a lucky resident of Europe or Australia, a North American who's decided to flip the bird to Nintendo and import, or even someone who simply wants to live vicariously through the experiences of others, this is the place you want to be!

EDIT: Roykoopa's Top 10 favourite Xenoblade music tracks!

AndIf you've beaten the game, click on over to roykoopa64's Xenoblade story and ending discussion thread (SPOILERS)! It's like this thread part two!

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08/27/11, 03:25    Edited: 10/31/12, 21:15
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How the hell do I go back to the location where I can buy the intermediate art books for all of Shulk, Reyn and Sharla's arts? Seems I can't backtrack by warping, how else can I go about getting those books? Everything maxed out now at level 30 and I am starting to feel a bit underpowered :-/
05/28/12, 22:31   
You have to acess your maps through the Minus Button menu instead of pressing the 1 Button.
05/28/12, 22:33   
Hmm, on a classic controller I press 'minus' and I get the map of the current location with any recent landmarks. Must be some other button, then.
05/28/12, 22:36   
@DrFinkelstein Get yourself some Quickstep gems, they increase your character's movement speed, including when swimming.

@anon_mastermind Where are you at that it won't let you warp?
05/28/12, 23:00   
@Mop it up

Maybe he's in a time-sensitive thing? I shouldn't be in here since I'm 90 hours behind everyone else.
05/28/12, 23:01   
@Mr_Mustache 90 hours? One could complete the story in 40, so saying you're behind by a number of hours isn't a good way to indicate where you are.
05/28/12, 23:02   
@Mop it up
Maybe I'm missing something but the menu for warping to landmarks seems to be limited to the recent ones I've discovered. I'm on the bionis head right now and I can't figure out how to warp to colony 9 or colony 6 for example.
05/28/12, 23:04   
@Mop it up

That has helped a little. thanks for the tip!


I think sometimes depending on the story placement, your warping abilities are gimped.
05/28/12, 23:08   
Edited: 05/28/12, 23:16
@anon_mastermind Oh, I see. Open up the menu with X and select the maps icon (it's on the far left), from there you can select a region to view its map, then pick a location you'd like to skip to.
05/28/12, 23:11   
@Mop it up
Oh wow, thanks. Time to buy up all the intermediate art books.
05/28/12, 23:12   
@Mop it up

Jeepers, you're all business, all the time, aren't you? I haven't been to Colony 6 yet.


Isn't there a side bar? I've warped from The Leg to 9 with ease, and those are different maps.
05/28/12, 23:12   
Edited: 05/28/12, 23:12
Must have missed it... it's all good now!
05/28/12, 23:13   
Yeah, it's a little confusing since the minus button just displays the map for your present location, and doesn't let you view maps for any of the other areas.
05/28/12, 23:15   

Just an FYI Rob,

I'm 69 hours in, and according to our good friend Jason, I'm only 2/3rds of the way through (based on my current position).
05/29/12, 02:49   

SOLID. That means when I get to where you are, I'll be well over 100 hours. *SIGH OF SIGHS*
05/29/12, 02:53   
Yeah, you guys can't resist all that side stuff either, can you?
05/29/12, 03:57   
@Mop it up

Often I boot up just to kill monsters and complete sidequests, with no intention of main-story work.
05/29/12, 05:20   
I finally got back into it tonight. I just fought the big Telethia after getting Riki in my party. Quite a long fight, but I braved through it and made sure I was breaking the aura seals or whatever they're called. The battle started going faster after that.

I still have a hard time with Chain Attacks. I find myself disappointed when I don't have 3 attacks of a certain color to chain together.
05/29/12, 06:10   
@PogueSquadron In that instance, you should use arts that inflict a status. Unless the monster is immune, it seems like a status effect is always effective in a chain attack. You can also use that time to heal, especially if you're low on HP, since some of the more powerful healing arts can take a long time to recharge. There are certainly more options with chains than using all one colour of art.
05/29/12, 23:40   
I played the whole game not knowing that when you use arts of the same color in a chain attack, they get more powerful. =x
05/29/12, 23:42   
Edited: 06/26/12, 12:18
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