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Announcing Boogerman Week - Kicking it off with an art contest! [community]
It is going to be all boogers, all week here at Negative World.

Check back (almost) every day for new content about this forgotten, unsung hero of the 16 bit era. But first, to kick it off, we will be hosting a contest for the artists here at NW. Provide us with your best fan art! Any format (though you may want to consider the 740 pixel width limit), any theme will do!

I have been contacting a few people through PMs already, but it is hard to manage and I am sure to forget a few of the talented folks we got here. A contest simply makes more sense. The prize: your very own copy of Boogerman on the VC, PLUS another Genesis or SNES game of your choice! A $16 value!

Simply send me your art through a PM by noon on Sunday July 31st, along with a short paragraph about the impact Boogerman has had on your art or your life (make it funny and/or convincing!) and a link to your website (DeviantArt or other site where we can find your art). Negative World members will vote on the anonymous art on Sunday and the following Monday until midnight, EST. Then, the winner and the creator of each piece will be revealed.

I will also send the link to the art page to the lead designer of the game. He ignored my request for an interview, but he can't ignore this!

At your pencils, talented folks.

URL to share (right click and copy)
07/24/11, 20:05    Edited: 07/29/11, 01:45
PogueSquadron said:
Would you mind if I opened up this invite to some of the Hyrule's Most Wanted artists? Or is this strictly Negative Worlders?

Guillaume said:
Anyone can become a Negative Worlder...
07/27/11, 03:35   
Edited: 07/27/11, 03:35
Fools. One does not simply walk into Negative World.
07/27/11, 03:42   

Haha, I genuinely chuckled.

But seriously though, you can pretty much stroll in.
07/27/11, 03:53   
A preview of what's to come.

07/28/11, 04:36   
Okay, time for the fashionably late to show up. I mean, the people who have entered so far literally have a 50% chance of winning.

Come on!
07/30/11, 20:48   
Negative World, I am disappoint.
07/31/11, 09:24   
I was working on something, honestly. An animated gif that showed Samus on SR388 watching Metroids fly out of Boogerman's nose. But about halfway through it I stopped to compose a suicide note.
07/31/11, 10:34   
Do Tinypic pics stay up forever? I wouldn't consider this a true entry since it was so quick and dirty but I made this almost immediately after I got the PM from Guillame.

I was just trying to practice how to draw the character and the original pose was boring so I drew a second set of legs underneath it. I came up with some ideas soon after and did the roughest of thumbnails for em but never went through with em. I got a bit busy and then Guillame opened it up as a contest for everyone so honestly I got a bit turned off. I hate contests cuz I never win. Well here's what I sketched out not 5 mins after I read your PM Guillame!

07/31/11, 12:16   
Edited: 07/31/11, 12:20
Gah! The contest thing was supposed to be an incentive, not a turn off!

It looks like you were on your way to make a kick-ass Boogerman, too!
07/31/11, 18:24   
Wait. When's the deadline. I have a super good idea lol........
07/31/11, 18:35   
It was supposed to be in 20 minutes but I can push it back a bit. Would an hour more do? Two hours?
07/31/11, 18:43   
Yeah, you should totally finish that carlos. Looks great.

I started planing a Creation of Adam/Boogerman parody called "pull my finger". Then it seemed like you were getting tons of submissions by opening it up and you wouldn't need any more, so I.. uh.. shelved it.

07/31/11, 19:08   
Edited: 07/31/11, 19:09
No! I got tons of submissions by one person.

God damn it, I was trying to push you guys to do something great!

Would pushing the deadline to tomorrow help? Really, I've received stuff from only three people.
07/31/11, 19:10   
I got one but it sucks.

This is based on a painting I already did which was already based on someone else's work. I forgot the guy's name but he always does amazing super hero work and it was an assignment for a matte painting class. We were supposed to recreate a painting of his. Oh I think his name is Alex Ross.

This was so lazy. Just wanted to get SOMEthing in.

I'll put the originals in my art thread.
07/31/11, 19:52   
Edited: 07/31/11, 20:01
Ugh I had such a good idea that I wanted to do but I just got so busy at times this week. I'm really sorry. I can maybe draw something while I'm at work and scan it when I get home, and then work on it later (I'm house sitting at my sister's starting today).

You know what, I think that will be my mission for today, assuming no more customers come in to the store.
07/31/11, 20:23   
07/31/11, 20:44   
Well I did a drawing of Boogerman, but I don't have a scanner here so that's going to have to wait. Hopefully I can get something done later.
07/31/11, 21:07   
Ugh I have something but it's not gonna happen tonight. I should have a lot of free time tomorrow though. It won't be for the context but I'll try to get it done for the forum.
08/01/11, 02:59   
This is all I can contribute for ole Boogey. The reason he's back lit is because he was going to be running through a sewer pipe sort of thing, and I wanted to originally make a fake Wii cover, but this is really all I can do for now. This isn't for the contest which I assume is over, and should be won by the original person that actually made pictures haha.

08/01/11, 23:15   
You guys are incredible. I'm going to laugh so hard when my half-assed Photoshop ends up sitting next to your work.

No, this isn't my entry. Mine is much worse.
08/01/11, 23:19   
Edited: 08/01/11, 23:23
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