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Final Fantasy III (aka VI) (Nintendo SNES) discussion [game]
Final Fantasy III (aka VI) on the SNES
9.54/10 from 54 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Final Fantasy III (aka VI) on the SNES!

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Listen to this amazing orchestrated version of FF3's amazing main theme while reading!

1995's Chrono Trigger shares quite a few similarities with its older brother, 1994's Final Fantasy III (aka Final Fantasy VI). They both share the same translator/writer, Ted Woolsey, who gave Squaresoft's games of that era a particularly quirky voice. They both have similar plot structures, starting off fairly linear then gradually becoming quite open-ended. And they both represent some of the very finest in RPGs, shortly before the genre got drenched in anime cliches.

But if you're one of the many, many people who haven't played FF3 and have played CT, don't expect another CT. This is a Final Fantasy game through and through, and with that comes the staples of the series, for better or for worse: random battles, a rising imperial evil, and a somewhat slow opening chapter. CT has ridiculously good pacing, and FF3's merits are admittedly take a little more time to become evident. But rest assured this is an RPG worth playing.

So what do I like so much about FF3 that makes it worthy of being my favorite RPG (above EarthBound!?) and second-favorite game? EVERYTHING. The soundtrack is the best. The storyline is the best. The cast is the best. The battle system is deep and addictive, the main game is extremely long, involved, and--this word is extremely overused, but it's very fitting for a tale like this--epic. You're looking at a 60-hour goliath of a game with a massive, well-developed cast you'll fall in love with, and an infamous, psychotic villain that's deliciously evil. There's comedy, tragedy, drama, romance, twists, double-crossings, operas, colosseums, banquets and airships, all set to a timeless soundtrack and lovely hand-drawn 16-bit visuals. And the entire, enormous end sequence is the stuff of legends.

It also has a 2-player mode! You can set any of the four playable characters to P1 or P2, and use a second controller to go through the adventure with a buddy.

So in short, don't miss this work of art from the 90's. It's soooo good, you guyyyyyys. C'monnnn...!

And if you're playing it now, feel free to post your progress, etc, in this thread!

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07/02/11, 01:12    Edited: 07/02/11, 01:15
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I'll download it once I beat Phoenix Wright: Justice for All and and Half-Minute Hero. Hm, or maybe it would make more sense to play FFVI first, since Half-Minute Hero is an RPG parody?
07/02/11, 01:21   
Totally agree. It's a game I loved as a kid but one I felt I enjoyed even more when I replayed the although inferior GBA port. Absolutely amazing game in every regard as you stated and is still one of my favorites to this day. I always have a hard time picking my #1... but this is one of my #1s you could say It's truly a game that shows how Square Enix totally lost focus on their games. These tiny sprites pack more emotion than games today. Graphics are not everything and spending so much time detailing characters that end up feeling empty is a waste. FFXIII says hi.
07/02/11, 01:28   
Edited: 07/02/11, 01:34
Why have I never heard of this multiplayer mode before? I've beaten the game at least twice and have never heard of any such thing D:

Aside from that, I have to agree; Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite games I've ever played, in any genre or on any system. If I had to show someone who knows nothing about video games why I enjoy them so much, I'd show them Final Fantasy VI.
07/02/11, 01:33   
I thought it was awesome but it does include some things from the series that haven't aged well over time, namely the plentiful random battles.

Most of the characters are great, but you'll still get some of those characters that are optional or just inconsequential to the rest of the game.

Of any FF game though, I think it's the best at seeming like something from the outset, and then becoming something COMPLETELY different. You really do come a long way from the beginning of the game.
07/02/11, 02:00   
Yeah, Final Fantasy VI is the best in the series. It and Chrono Trigger are pretty much eternally tied as my two favorite JRPGs of all time, and two of my three top games of the SNES/Genesis generation.The variety in characters, locales, stuff you can do, the scope of the conflict mixed with a great amount of more intimate character, and the just overall SIZE of the world is the damn benchmark that JRPGs have attempted (and failed) to live up to since it was released.

I'm not even sure I'd call the opening slow. From the opening of the game, you get access to a mech, escape soldiers with a thief, and before you know it you're evading an entire empire in a prince's mechanical marvel of a castle. I think the pacing of the game is great.

Now if only Square would give this game some love other than just slapping a port on the PSX and GBA - c'mon, who else wants a sprite-based remake with models as detailed and expressive as those in Chrono Trigger?
07/02/11, 02:03   
PogueSquadron said:

Most of the characters are great, but you'll still get some of those characters that are optional or just inconsequential to the rest of the game.
This is true, but given the size of the playable cast (unless I'm mistaken, I think it's the largest in the main FF series), I think this is forgivable.

Maybe "slow" wasn't exactly the right word. There's definitely still a lot going on at a fairly brisk pace, but like Terra herself, you don't really get the full grasp of what's happening with the world and what your goals exactly are until around the point of the team reuniting to guard Tritoch in Narshe. To me, that's when FF3 really kicks into high gear and stays there the rest of the game. But all things considered, it still has one of the better RPG beginnings (especially when you consider how slow some of these games are to get going!).
07/02/11, 02:14   
I can't wait to get this, I might get some Wii points next week whenever my aunt comes down... but before that I should really expand the ram on my netbook, that's a first priority for now.

But still, I know I'm probably going to enjoy this game.
07/02/11, 02:19   
You can tell this game was made with love. The music, the attention to detail with the limited resources it has, the story (stories)/plot, the music (I really love the music), gameplay, everything. This is one of those games that gave me so many mixed emotions (in a good way) that I use this as a cornerstone as to what I look for in RPG's. Funny, sad, brings anger, actually feel despair and gives you a sense of wanting to save the world. I mean in all honesty, this game felt more like a AAA movie than anything after it.
07/02/11, 02:19   
I still have my SNES cart and have beaten it several times, but I'm still very excited about playing through the game all over again on the Wii VC. If only I had the time!
07/02/11, 02:59   
I have attempted the game twice.

Once was on my friend's SNES cartridge, which made it all the way to the world of ruin, where I had re-recruited about half the cast before the save battery died. The second time was on the GBA port, where I got to the floating continent and just sorta...fell away from the game. The random battles were really turning me off at the time, I think. I either gave the game away or sold it or something, because I don't have it anymore.

The third time may be the charm, but I'm not really in the mood for a long old-school JRPG right now. Maybe someday down the line I'll finally finish the fantasy.
07/02/11, 03:13   
Best FF game, period. Now.... does this VC version still contain the same glitch where all stats are based off the... I think the magic defense %?
07/02/11, 04:48   
Alright alright, I bought it. Never played it before and I'm not sure how far I'll get (I've never finished a FF game) but I'm willing to give it a shot since it gets such high praise.
07/02/11, 05:18   

I expect LOTS of Twitter spam. Seriously. Spam away! Otherwise I'll be extremely disappointed in you
07/02/11, 05:22   
Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite games of all time. I would buy it right now but I have so many other games on my plate.
07/02/11, 05:38   
If you haven't played it, you WILL enjoy it. Thats not wishful thinking. Its fact.
If you don't like it..eh, something is probably wrong with you.


Yeah man! 2P it up! I've done it, and its alright!
07/02/11, 08:11   

That is 100% true. I downright HATED it when Square started using lifelike characters in thier games and even though FF8 was the first time they did it, I didn't mind that game as much as I did FFX. I will be honest, I never played any of the earlier FF games, FFVII was my first. Main reason was cause I never understood RPG's. I never bought any and once I rented Chrono Trigger and thought it was boring. Back then I was mainly into platformers and I definatly did not like having to read all that crap.

Anyways, I have changed since then, and I loved the look of the characters in FF7 and FF9. And I know I will love the look of the characters in FF6,3 whatever, cause that is what I prefer. I think also I hated FFX's style just cause all the characters had to look like pretty boys and girls. YUCK! I will end up downloading FFIII, but I really need to finish some other games first.
07/02/11, 09:41   
I got this today and was enjoying it immensely. Putting myself in the shoes of my 8 year old self when I first played it.
07/02/11, 11:00   
@Cryojin Given that these releases are supposed to be as accurate to the original games as possible (barring things like advertisements/seizure-inducing flashes and such), I think it would have that same glitch intact. It'll also have the Relm sketch glitches

@gamewizard65 Personally I liked the way a lot of the characters looked in X; I just hated them as characters. I like the "pretty boy" look that a lot of JRPGs (and anime) have, but when they act miserably emo, it can really get on my nerves. With some exceptions. It's just such a commonly used trope, which I've found myself rather tired of lately. I liked Emil in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World simply because he's so miserable and emo that it just goes into self-parody, but most instances of that character type bother me.
07/02/11, 12:25   
Emil was freaking hilarious.
07/02/11, 12:27   
@Xbob42 I get why he would bother people, but I just sat back and enjoyed the ridiculousness that came from him. It helps that as you go through the game, he truly does improve, but it certainly makes for some amusing moments seeing him flip back and forth between being a shy emotional wreck and a sadistic insane asshole.
07/02/11, 12:34   
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