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Official Negative World Wii U Links Thread [community]
Hello everyone. Since we already have an Official 3DS Links page, I thought it would be good if we have one for the Wii U too. From here you can access relevant news, editorials,top tens, polls, threads, etc. The polls and threads will be added and deleted over time, depending on relevance. If you think there are links that need to be added, add them in the comments and I'll add them in the body. I'm using HTML code so that there's no problem with the site.

E3 Wii U impressions
E3 Skyward Sword impressions

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U revealed (and more!)

E3 2011 Recap - Conference Thoughts + Who Won

Will WiiU have Virtual Console Gamecube games?
EDIT: Confirmed - One Wii Tablet ONLY per Wii U
Will the Wii U come packaged with a game?
Who won E3?

Guillaume's Quick Impressions from the Show Floor
Wii U discs will be 25 GB in size
Nintendo E3 2011 Developer Roundtable
Very nice, very high res pics (and bad vid) of an ACTUAL Wii U game BEING PLAYED
Put your 3DS DSiWare (and VC) impressions here!
So how powerful is the Wii U exactly?

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