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What's your favorite Nintendo handheld? [poll]
Game Boy  (0/33 votes)
Game Boy Color  (1/33 vote)
Game Boy Advance  (7/33 votes)
Virtual Boy  (0/33 votes)
DS/ DSiWare  (24/33 votes)
3DS  (1/33 vote)
(Sorry, no Game & Watch in the poll.)

I suppose I'm asking the question from the point of view of: which one has the games you enjoyed most? and why is that system your favorite?

I would have to give my vote to DS. Although I have always loved playing all Nintendo's handhelds, they could never seriously compete with my consoles in terms of the amount of time I spent playing.

Until the DS came along. Its extensive diversity in titles, as well as unique games that can't be found anywhere else, make the DS my handheld of choice.

It's hard to vote for 3DS as it just released, but it definitely has potential.

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05/04/11, 21:46    Edited: 05/06/11, 06:58
Out of all the handhelds I've owned I have to go with my DS Lite. The content, its size, and price have always been perfect for me.
05/04/11, 21:51   
DSi for me.
05/04/11, 21:56   
Based on the games, Gameboy Advance. Based on my experience, DS since I played tons of GBA games on it, and I only had a GBA for a short time before it met an unfortunate demise.
05/04/11, 22:01   
The DSi, for sure, although if I were to vote on nostalgia, the Game Boy, probably.
05/04/11, 22:26   
DS then GBA then 3DS though I'm hoping 3DS lives up to DS/GBA library.
05/04/11, 22:30   
My DS Lite. At least until the damn hinge broke on it. :(
05/04/11, 23:08   
The DS is my most favorite system ever, so it wins by default. The library is just amazing. It has such great games, and it introduced not only new games, but also new WAYS to play games, and even new genres. It even brought back old-school games, like point-and-click adventure games - a genre I never cared much about until the DS came along. Plus, the DS was the first system that I could (officially) play Nintendo games online, and that definitely counts for a lot in my case. Mario Kart DS is still as fun as ever to play online as it was back in 2005.

I can never say enough good things about the DS. I freakin' love that little thing.

Runner-up is of course the original Gameboy. My childhood nostalgia runs deep with that system.
05/04/11, 23:27   
Right now...the DS.

But the 3DS has so much damn potential to blow that away.
05/04/11, 23:43   
DS by a longshot, and I don't even have access to DSiWare.
05/04/11, 23:56   
Looks like the DS is winning this easily. As.... expected.
05/05/11, 06:45   
I guess the Game Boy Color. That's the handheld I've had the most fun with. The Zelda Oracle games, the second generation of Pokemon, Rayman, and Mega Man Xtreme/Xtreme 2 were all really cool games. After that is probably the DS, thanks to Contra 4 and its ports (Umihara Kawase series, the Konami arcade classics compilation, etc.), and the Pokemon games were alright too.
05/05/11, 06:50   
lol this isn't much of a poll. DS is the obvious choice...for now.

Ask me again in a year or two.
05/05/11, 06:57   
I had quite a collection on the Gba and playtime as well
05/05/11, 08:07   
Oops, what a boring poll.

I should have known DS was easily the choice of many a gamer 'round these parts. But there a few of you who say otherwise.

Man, I can't wait for the future to arrive and we'll be able to say '3DS blows the DS library out of the water.' We shall see, my friends, we shall see.
05/05/11, 08:13   
Edited: 05/05/11, 08:13
The DS by a longshot. The quality of titles in comparison to the earlier Gameboys is pretty staggering. The GBA had plenty of hits but the DS was like that and even more.
05/05/11, 08:15   
Gotta go with GBA. The Golden Sun games and the Advance Wars games were gold. Plus the return of 2-D Metroid with Metroid Zero Mission rivaling Super Metroid as the best 2-D Metroid game. Plus Fire Emblem and WarioWare making their debut in NA on the GBA. The DS is a close second.
05/05/11, 08:44   
I probably shouldn't even be voting on this poll. The only Nintendo handhelds I ever owned was a DS and now the 3DS. I got the DS as a Xmas gift along with Mario 64. I thought it was sooo cool that Mario 64 was on a handheld, but I soon got over that as I found out trying to control Mario with a d-pad SUCKED MAJOR ASS!

Other games I owned for the DS was the Metroid Pinball game...had alot of fun with this and it helped me pass the time on a few future console campouts and I owned a Brain Age game and a Castelvania game, the one with Sorrow in the title(never really played it though, maybe an hours worth at most). Brain Age I played steadily for a week or so.

But then the Red DS Mario Kart bundle was released and I bought one for me and one for each of my 2 sons. Now, I ended up with over a 1000 wins and over 1000 losses on online play. I did actually have more wins than losses and I never learned how to 'snake'...I hated the people who snaked, mainly cause I never could figure it out. I ended up beating all the courses, both new and retro and ended up with the highest marks, was it like 3 stars or just the 'S' grade, something like that....point is I got the highest achievement for every level in the single player mode. Don't even remember how many races I played against my sons. By the time I got done playing all that Mario Kart goodness on my red DS, there was actually an orangish thumbprint where the dpad is located.

Once I got tired of all the cheaters and snakers on Mario kart DS, btw..cheaters=snakers(as well), I ended up selling my Red Fattie DS along with the few title I purchased. I sold my silver DS when I made the upgrade to red. My sons kept thier silver fatties, at least until the DS lite came out.

So, even though I didn't play many games on the DS and technically only beat one, Mario Kart DS...not that it had an ending, but like I said, I did get top marks on all courses...I have no idea how many hours I put into Mario Kart and then Metroid Pinball would have been my 2nd most played DS game, but at a really, really distant 2nd.

So, I never owned any other Nintendo handhelds, sold the my DS cause I tired of the one game I cared to play on it and another reason cause it kindof cramped my hand, but that was probably more due to the game I played the most...meaning Mario Kart does put alot of strain on your hand as compared to alot of other less intensive games. So, looking back, I probably should not have sold my DS, as there are other games I have seen that I would like to play.........

But that now brings me to the 3DS. Even though I only own 2 games for the system, Rayman and Streetfigher....I know I will be buying Zelda OoT and Starfox 64 remakes. And of course the Mario 3DS game when it is released and that Resident Evil game, not the mercenary mode one....and God only knows what other games I will end up buying and downloading from the past handheld archives.....

I can safely say the the NINTENDO 3DS will be my favorite Nintendo handheld of all time!!!!!

And if for no other reason, just cause the games are in 3D! I love 3D! So, lets say the 3DS ends up having a short life span and the overall library sucks compared to all the other Nintendo Handhelds, I would still go on record saying the 3DS is and was my favorite Nintendo handheld.

First, I don't think it will have a short lifespan, but at the same time I do not think it will be more successful than the DS is/was....but in the same breath I hate even saying that and I hate those who speculate and say it, cause really the 3DS is just an extension of the DS and in my opinion should just be lumped in with the DS sales. I mean when looking at total worldwide DS sales, those include all forms of the DS, from the fatty silver/red and all other fatty colored DSes to the DSlite to the DSis. I am pretty sure I am correct on this point, and if not, please someone slap me silly and point me in the right direction.

For that reason above, I feel the 3DS should just be included with the DS, cause even though it is more powerful and in 3D, its really just an extension. I mean, the DS was and still is a powerful selling device, but at the same time it is on a decline and I am sure there are still more games being made for the DS...I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Sure, eventually only games will be produced for the 3DS, but I am thinking at least in the near future 3rd party developers still have games coming out for it. If I had to guess I would say the Pokemon White/black games are Nintendo's last games for the DS, but maybe I am wrong on this point.

Anyways, back on topic, the 3DS is my favorite Nintendo handheld and I can understand why many are not voting for it, cause really since its only been a little over a month since it's debut, I am sure most people will and should vote for the DS. Now maybe in a couple years if this poll is run again, maybe we will see a shift from the DS being the favorite to the 3DS being the favorite.

Hopefully, that does happen or if not that might mean the 3DS is DOOMED! only kidding!!

Edit: I was going to say, who was the lone fool that voted for the Gameboy color and then I noticed X-pert74 voted on that since he mentioned it, so I guess I shouldn't say that, as to not point him out to be a fool. So, man, I am glad I noticed his post so I wouldn't make that mistake....I'm a bad boy, ain't I?!
05/05/11, 08:44   
Edited: 05/05/11, 08:48
Wow gamewizard. How do you have the energy to type these long essays lol?
05/05/11, 08:46   

Its a gift, man! And a curse to all of you!

Seriously though, its like almost 2am and I have been up since 8am yesterday morning and I need to be up again in 6 hours at 8am again!. DAMN THIS INTERNET! And I still need to listen to Podcast #8!

Wait, whats up with all the 8's?! Maybe I should play 888 tomorrow on the daily 3?!
05/05/11, 08:49   
Edited: 05/05/11, 08:51
I'd have to give the DS the nod followed by the GBA and then GB as I never had a color. The sample for the 3DS is far too small right now.
05/05/11, 09:01   
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