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Roy's Top N64 soundtracks [top ten]
All these top 10 music lists made me remember what awesome songs we have on N64. So I came up with a list of 10 N64 games with music I think is awesome.

This was not an easy list to create, and I could have picked a bunch of other songs from these 10 N64 games, but I've narrowed it down to this while still giving a huge nod to tracks that aren't on the list. So I actually cheated a little bit.

Also, I created the list based on the songs in that game rather than any specific song, though I did pick one track from each game for the embed, a track that I particularly liked.
Posted: 05/04/11, 18:57:31  - Edited by 
 on: 07/14/11, 04:25:52
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Conker's Bad Fur Day
A game filled with spoofs, toilet humor, and an awesome diversity of music. The end credits hit me hard when I first heard it. So sad of an ending. Conker's speech ends at 1:11.

Conker the King (Reprise)
The N64 Castlevania is generally frowned upon by a lot of fans of the series, and sure it has its faults, but music is not one of them!

Invisible Sorrow

I also like:
Opening (that string is haunting.)
Shadow Man
A creepy (and often disturbing) game. The atmospheric music can invoke haunting images, as if the game didn't have enough of those already!

I found this cool video where someone pieced together various tracks from the game. Chilling and powerful.
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Remember when the Acclaim name meant something? This sequel to the N64 FPS starts off with a bang. The music lets you know this game is going to be epic.

The Port of Adia
Kirby 64
Lots of Kirby music goodness in this one! Cheerful, bouncy, catchy... such is the way of the Kirby platformer.


I also like:
Quiet Forest
Jet Force Gemini
One of the big Rare games that I really enjoyed, this third person shooter was a lot of fun to play. The water ruin track sounds so beautiful.

Water Ruin
Goldeneye 007
It's N64 007! Rare's game is filled with memorable songs, some of them masterfully incorporating the 007 theme quite well.

Severnaya surface

Being out in the snow in a wide open filed and sniping some poor dude off in the distance. This was the power of the N64!

I also like:
Man I wish the Wii Goldeneye had music as good as this.
The New Tetris
My friends and I would play this game for hours on the 4 player battle mode. This is one of the best versions of Tetris I've ever played, and the music is exceptionally good.

Giali Theme

I also like:
Dvie Theme
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
A game filled with many memorable tunes.

Lost Woods (Saria's Song)

A simple melody, but extremely catchy.
Super Mario 64
Few games in my life have had the same impact as playing SM64 for the first time. And the first time I heard this song while jumping into a vast pool of fresh blue water, exploring at will... it's overwhelming.

Dire Dire Docks
What do you think? Did I miss an important game? Probably!

I have to do this:
Honorable mentions!

Star Fox 64 - Zoness

Diddy Kong Racing - Greenwood Village

Pilotwings 64 - Hang Glider

Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road

A Negative World article by
Eric Lopez

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Posted: 05/04/11, 18:57:31  - Edited by 
 on: 07/14/11, 04:25:52
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I agree with the full contents of this post. PM didn't have a great soundtrack overall, I'd say, but a few songs were great (like that Koopa Bros. theme, as well as Tubba Blubba's Heart).
Posted: 05/05/11, 06:57:06
Also, Mario Kart 64's music IMO has crushed any Mario Kart since. There have been tracks here and there, but most, if not all of MK64 is golden. The series just started sounding too goofy for me as the series went on. MK64 had more jazzy and laid back tracks for the most part. Toad's Highway was always a really underrated track to me.
Posted: 05/05/11, 07:01:16
I love the Dire Dire Docks theme... best song ever
Posted: 05/05/11, 07:06:27
I really can't unsee that. Anyway, this list is decent, but heavy on ambient stuff, which is not really my bag. The only one that I would have put on the list is Dire Dire Docks. But I also liked songs from Banjo Kazooie (Title Theme), Jet Force Gemini, GoldenEye (first level), and other games. Just the more upbeat stuff, generally.
Posted: 05/05/11, 14:57:45  - Edited by 
 on: 05/05/11, 15:37:29

Great track. Love the Dr.Mario/Mario 3 hybrid
Posted: 05/05/11, 15:36:54
I think Body Harvest should be on the list.
Posted: 05/06/11, 01:59:06

Posted: 05/06/11, 04:39:00
shinriley said:


I really need to play this game, now.
Posted: 05/06/11, 06:13:21
@Guillaume Considering your love for all things 2-D platformer related, yes you do need to play this game.

And it's a Treasure game no less!

Man this game needs to be on the VC.
Posted: 05/06/11, 06:25:23  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/11, 06:27:19

Ah, but unfortunately they can't put it on the Wii. That "Only for N64" logo in the top corner of the box is binding.
Posted: 05/06/11, 06:42:32
Guillaume said:
Another observation: I'm so glad we're past the "terrible CG art" phase for game covers...

Rofl, no kidding. I still can't believe Black Isle used this for Planescape:

Posted: 05/06/11, 08:24:18

Haha! That's not CG though, it's a dude in make-up! Even worse!
Posted: 05/06/11, 15:24:22  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/11, 15:24:42
That cover is awesome, for some reason.
Posted: 05/06/11, 17:15:48
Any N64 soundtrack list without Banjo-Kazooie is incomplete.
Posted: 05/06/11, 18:15:58
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