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Top 10 Graphics on Wii [top ten]
Courtesy of GelatinousEncore, it's a thread for the superficial! With the Wii's time on this planet becoming more and more limited, it's both fun and interesting to look back at how it handled some of its key aspects. Ever since the system was announced, we knew it was gonna have sub-par graphics compared to its competitors, and we wondered if it would have any games that would look truly "next gen", or at least distinctively better than Gamecube. There haven't been nearly as many of those as I would've wanted; developers have been lazy, but there are a few games that are a pleasure to look at.

Games on this list have to have released (no Skyward Sword, though I don't think it would've made it anyway), and have to look good. There's no technology or art restrictions, they just have to be appealing for whatever reason.

04/27/11, 17:15    Edited: 10/31/13, 22:33
Metroid Prime 3

Prime 3 was the first game that made me a true believer in the Wii. I mean overall, but that also includes our topic at hand, the graphics. While the difference wasn't huge (and I knew it was never going to be), it looked noticeably better than the Gamecube Primes. You can't tell me two minutes after firing up the game, you didn't notice the difference in the Power Beam shots compared to the previous games. Textures were crisper, effects were sharper, animations were smoother, art was still fantastic.

I know it's a PS2 game, but leaving it out would just be wrong. Okami is a game that would be one of the most beautiful on any system. Have you seen the water palace? Jesus Christ almighty. Besides, I know I'm in the minority here, but I think it looks better on Wii, thanks to the diminishing of the paper filter. Colors just look crisper and it makes the art pop out more.

I know there's not many scenarios to look at in this game, but there's so many characters and brilliant animations to look at, it deserves to be here. In addition, its art style is just perfect. Every character's punches are different depending on their personality, and the gestures they make when they get hit are priceless. This game is the definition of eye candy.

Venga, quieres mas? Mira abajo!
The Conduit / Conduit 2

These games would've placed higher (or lower?) on the list if it wasn't for their unappealing art style. They're pulling off some amazing technology for the Wii, but the art is just so bland, it makes them look generic, realistic almost. And we all know a realistic approach on the Wii is never going to work, because it will not impress anyone who has seen a 360 or PS3. Still, the effects on some of the guns are gorgeous, and the aliens are completely pumped with bump-mapping which makes them have a certain flavor to them. They deserve to be on the list.
Wario Land: Shake It!

Now we're talking, eh? Just look at that. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics if I've ever seen them. But that picture's not gonna do this game justice - you have to see it in motion. The animation is some of the best I've ever seen in anything, not just video games. The only reason this game's not higher on the list is, well ... I think the rest look better.
Kirby's Epic Yarn

Lots of 2D games, huh? Well, I can't help it when they're pulling off amazing art-styles. You all know about this game. It looks like a bunch of threads. I still don't know how the hell they thought of it. The water is just a bunch of blue threads. The trees look like jeans. The grass feels like pants! Brilliant!
Donkey Kong Country Returns

I FORGOT ABOUT THIS GAME. It was edited in later. You have the right to e-punch me. What's wrong with me?
Red Steel 2

I am impressed by this game every single time I fire it up. It looks better on your TV than on that picture, trust me. I'm not quite sure what's so appealing about it, too - the art is not that great. Sure, it's well-made cel-shading, but it's not on par with Okami or the game below this one. It's still beautiful. I guess there must be tons of polygons hidden in that art. Tons of polish. That's what makes it pop-out so much, probably. Either way, it's a beautiful game.
Muramasa: The Demon Blade

This game is something else. It literally made me say "wow" multiple times. Do you remember the towns? What about those plains that looked huge, even if it's a 2D game? Or the waterfalls? God, the waterfalls. Yeah, gameplay wasn't genre-defining, but it's still a satisfying game. And I'll be damned if the visuals aren't a big reason for that. This game is a perfect example why graphics matter.
Super Mario Galaxy / Super Mario Galaxy 2

You saw this coming. Before you even clicked the thread. And for good reason, since no other game should be at the number 1 spot. These games is truly something to behold. They can stand up to many PS3/360 games without any problem. These games look delicious. There's no better way to describe them
I didn't include Ninjabread Man because it would've been unfair for the rest of the games.

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@Octorockin You know, I knew from the get-go I was gonna include Muramasa, but I had a hard time picking between A Boy & his Blob and Wario Land (or including both); but in the end, I went with Wario because the backdrops are prettier, and the animation is much more charming (even if you can hug the blob in AB&HB, lol).
04/29/11, 01:47   
Really good list. I'm glad Red Steel 2 ranked so high; that game looks as if it's in HD. Little to no aliasing, nice details, smart art style and smooth animations.

I would have included The Crystal Bearers and A Boy and His Blob myself, but still a solid top 10.
04/29/11, 03:32   
Great looking games flourish on the Wii, that's certainly true.

Very good list, I agree for the most part. I have an issue with # 9, Okami. It truly is a beautiful game, and I love the art style, but the pop-up is kind of annoying.

# 8, Punch Out has phenomenal animation. And props for referencing Don Flamenco. "Es que nunca has visto una rosa negra?"

# 3, Red Steel 2 was one of my favorite games from 2010. It's just a slick looking game, even though I wish the towns were more lively with actual bystanders.

Wii's 2-D side-scrollers are a showcase of the 2-D genre's continuing evolution.
04/29/11, 22:42   
I guess Okami is the most debatable of my list, it could definitely be replaced with stuff like A Boy & his Blob, but I myself couldn't leave it out...

Again, do you guys remember that water palace?!
04/30/11, 06:07   
That is a good list. Though SSBB and a few others need to be on there. I understand there is room for only 10. I personnally would take out Punchout to add Brawl.


What game is that? Is that Goldeneye? Sorry for my ignorance, I really have no idea what game that is.

With all the other games people have pointed out, like Zack and Wiki, RE:Darkside Chronicles, A boy and his blob, the FF game, there could easily be a top20

You know, I played the first Red Steel and I never had that many problems with the game. I remember all the complaints about the camera going wacky and other things happening. I actually thought that game looked pretty good and I had a fun time with it. Its really ashame that so many people actually live and die by the reviews from all the different gaming sites. In reality, most games I play that get rated kindof low, alot of times those games are really fun and I would give them a solid 8. I know reviewers have to play alot of games, so in a way I understand, but at the same time its the reviewer's fault that some games don't sell as well as they good.

Just like with Rayman 3D, I highly disagree with most of the reviews, even Pandareus's(and I am sorry, it actually took me awhile to remember how to spell that name and then you change it to something even tougher to remember how to spell...so don't be mad at me, I just don't feel like looking up the correct spelling of your new username and even though this is my problem, it has always irked me that you felt you needed a new username, plus I thought your old avatar was really cool). I only need about 90 more lums to complete the game I have over 24 hours playing Rayman 3D. I only paid $15 for it, but I would not have been disappointed if I paid $40, I forgot about all the cool levels in that game.

I would recommend Rayman 3D to anyone and most would find out that they have been missing out on a great game. I will admit during my playtime with Rayman 3D I have hardly encountered any glitches and I have not had any problems with the camera. Maybe since I grew up with games from the N64/Dreamcast era I have the patience in playing games and know how to handle them so they work properly.
04/30/11, 06:26   
Edited: 04/30/11, 06:41
Someone already Mentioned Crystal Chronicles, more pictures needed!

I still can't beat that mini game =/

Another Honorable mention:
04/30/11, 11:21   
Kind of sad Madworld hadn't been mentioned yet. Whether or not people thought the game was good, it had a striking visual style.

Super Paper Mario was also another good one. Of course I am just a sucker for the Paper Mario style.
04/30/11, 11:51   
Edited: 04/30/11, 11:53

I forgot all about Madworld...sorry, even though the artistic style might be really good, I never had any desire to play a black & white game with red splatters throughout. Not sure how well that game sold, but I think it didn't sell well. The developers of that game had to know that a B/W only game, no matter how outstanding it might be, just would not break any sales numbers.

I enjoyed Super Paper Mario, but while its pleasing to look at and its a Nintendo game so of course I would love the graphical style...I don't think it belongs in any top 10 graphical list.
04/30/11, 21:27   
Smerd said:
Good list GE..

I was getting worried that Muramassa wouldn't make your cut but I was pleased at the #2 spot. However, there are a lot of games that were not mentioned as you know that were brought up by the other posters that would definitly make my top 10... (TvsC, FFCC, REvil:DC etc) And lets not forget:

I can't believe no one could answer my previous question on what game this is! Of course now that I am quoting Smerd's post I can see its Goldeneye. Thanks for nothing!
04/30/11, 21:30   
Edited: 04/30/11, 21:32
Good list of games, I really like the galaxy games... Lots of memories
04/30/11, 22:14   

Yes it is indeed Goldeneye - I haven't been checking NW out for awhile..a little busy handling financial stress so I'm sorry I'm late in replying..

04/30/11, 23:19   
Im on the fence with Golden Eye(IMO could have used some more polish), specially after what we got with Corruption and Conduit. That being, said, had tons of fun shooting crap all the way until the end. MP was a nice surprise, would have gone more into it but I had it on gamefly and felt i had my fill.
05/01/11, 00:01   
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