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If Skyward Sword comes out for Wii & Wii 2, which one will you buy? [poll]
Wii  (2/26 votes)
Wii 2  (22/26 votes)
Both  (2/26 votes)
Assuming the titles come out at roughly the same time, which one would you buy?

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04/18/11, 04:27    Edited: 04/18/11, 04:27
I bought both versions of Twilight Princess too!

It just ended up frustrating me though, because the GCN version had the best controls yet the Wii version looked better because it had 16:9. Ended up playing the Wii version, but cursing the lack of camera controls the entire time.
04/18/11, 16:01   
I'd get it for Wii since I'm not sure if I'm getting the next console or not.
04/18/11, 16:03   
GameDadGrant said:
I'm not sure if I'm getting the next console or not.

04/18/11, 16:13   
04/18/11, 19:47   
If it's a choice between playing Skyward Sword Wii by Q4 2011 or Skyward Sword Wii HD in Q4 2012, I'd go with the current version.

HD is nice and all, but if that's the only difference it's not worth the full year wait, imo.

The only think that would make me change my mind is if Skyward Sword got a complete overhaul for Wii 2 (ala OoT 3DS), but I just don't see Nintendo putting that kind of effort into it.
04/18/11, 20:09   

What he said. It depends on what Wii 2 is, how much it costs, and what other games are available at or close to launch. But I am willing to bet that SS will remain a Wii exclusive and comes out this year on Wii and Wii alone.
04/19/11, 09:34   
Depends on a lot of things, like release dates, price of Wii 2, general content, hype, extra content, whats in my wallet, current state of living, state of the industry, state of the economy, alignment of the stars, and whether or not there is a monkey in the room.

But in all best scenarios.... yeah probably Wii 2.
04/19/11, 10:27   
Hmmm... HD or not HD?

Not even a question, really. What on EARTH would make me choose the old Wii?
04/19/11, 17:01   

Well, assuming that SS is due out in Q4 '11 on Wii and the rumors for Wii 2 launch is Q4 '12, a whole year wait is a pretty big reason.
04/19/11, 17:31   
Well, I was going to say Wii 2, but if the rumors are right about it releasing in 2012 there's no way I'm waiting a whole year.

And besides, if i waited till 2012, I might not finish it before the end of the world.
04/19/11, 18:00   
@New Forms

True. I guess that's just not a big deal to me. I waited a year before I played a ton of games, from Portal to Phantom Hourglass and even my beloved Professor Layton. Playing day 1 isn't much of a big deal to me anymore. The game isn't going to change if I play it in 2011 or 2012.

EDIT: Except in this case, I guess it WILL change. It will get BETTER! Lol.
04/19/11, 18:03   
Edited: 04/19/11, 18:04
@-JKR- Just throwing this out there... what if Wii 2 somehow doesn't build upon the Wii Remote +? I think it most certainly will, but let's say Nintendo goes in some other direction completely and ends up with a controller that doesn't have the same type of motion freedom that the Wii Remote + does. Knowing that Zelda was basically designed around this controller, would you still want to wait?
04/19/11, 21:09   
Edited: 04/19/11, 21:10
It's tough to look at those conditions, because I think that would be rather insane. If they ended up scrapping all they learned via WM+ and going back to a traditional controller or something... well, then I probably won't even buy the Wii 2 (which wouldn't be a Wii 2 at all, it would be like a Gamecube 2 or something). So then I'd get it on the Wii because I wouldn't own the other system.

I'm not really looking to go backwards here. If I wanted that, I'd play my 360 more.
04/19/11, 21:20   
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