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Your satisfaction with 3DS launch lineup? [poll]
Very satisfied  (0/32 votes)
Satisfied  (10/32 votes)
OK  (12/32 votes)
Not satisfied  (7/32 votes)
Very unsatisfied  (3/32 votes)
Alright Negative World, we’ve had a few weeks since the 3DS launch to play a few games.

I, for one, am satisfied! The launch lineup is pretty good IMO, and there are several titles I could easily add to my collection if I had the time and money. The launch lineup is particularly impressive when you consider some of Nintendo’s previous launches had such a small number of games to pick from.

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04/13/11, 18:22  
I don't own a 3DS yet, and I haven't even played it, I guess that's why I wanted to ask you guys how satisfied you are with the hardware itself.
04/14/11, 01:15   
Edited: 04/14/11, 01:16

The hardware is fine... my only real complaint is that the screen is so low resolution. It hurts the quality of 3D videos and pictures big time. There's no way I'd want to watch Avatar on this thing, you know?

But that is something we are very likely stuck with... I don't see a 3DS revision having a higher resolution screen.
04/14/11, 01:24   
OK, so Rayman, well, JKR summed Rayman up brilliantly; I'm glad I played it back when I played it on the N64 and the Dreamcast, because I had time for titles like that back then. These days, I need to break my gaming up into bite-sized chunks. Sold it. I'm not proud of it, but gaming is just in a different place for me these days.

So, what's left? I still have six games from the launch, and I go back to them all on a regular basis. Well, OK, I suck at SSFIV (as my message indicates), so I've hardly put any time into that. Been going through the training. HOWEVER, that leaves me with a stellar lineup: Pilotwings, Nintendogs (I can't believe how much I actually enjoy this one!), Street Fighter IV, Ridge Racer, Ghost Recon, and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. These games are fantastic launch titles, and most are superbly developed.

04/14/11, 02:04   
Hmmm... I might buy Pilotwings. I'm really dying for something to play on the thing and I'm sure that it would at least be fun for a few days.
04/14/11, 02:06   
It's OK.

Pilotwings is pretty good BUT I would have preferred some more varied locales.

Ghost Recon is quite good BUT freezing is common and it just feels like a rushed launch game.

SSF4 3D is great BUT it's a port of a year-old update that may not see the upgrades on the horizon for the console/PC versions.

There have been worse launches, for sure, but there's no real killer ape yet and doesn't seem like there will be one until fall.
04/14/11, 05:59   
I voted ok. But, don't let that fool you. I am actually happy with the 2 games I have bought so far. First I bought Rayman, and sorry, I love the game and rate it an 8. I totally disagree with most everything that Pandareus said about the game. Sure, its not a new game, it doesn't take advantage of the coin system, streetpass, ect. But who gives a fuck about that shit.

I bought the game cause I really enjoyed the hell out of it on the N64 and I am enjoying the hell out of it again, esp. in 3D. Sure, I will agree the 3D is better in SF. I am 75% through the game and there was only 1 glitch that I mentioned in another thread and I think it had something to do with the sound. I have experienced no problems with the camera, nor any other graphical glitches like falling through the floor. Pandareus mentioned about eh butterflies, ect being really horrible, I think they look cute and colorful, as does the entire game. And I will play it until I collect all the lums, but I am pretty much finding them all when I can, I think a few levels I need to go back now that I have more powers and use those powers to collect the ones I didn't first time around.

I don't feel like a fool, nor am I ashamed I bought the game. Is the game worth $40, no, I don't think so....I even don't think Zelda:OoT with it's upgraded graphics should be $40, but I will pay whatever it costs to buy that game. I will admit I only paid $15 for Rayman brand new, but I also only paid $15 for StreetFighter 3D. Would I have rated Rayman lower than what I did if I paid $40 for it. No, I don't go that route. I rate the game on what I experienced as I played the game, regardless of it's price. Am I suggesting for others to go out and buy it? I wouldn't say that, but I will say I wouldn't deter anyone from buying it either. It depends on what you like.

Even though I think SF 3D is the better game, I am enjoying Rayman more, because platformer type games are my favorite genre. I like the way the game is laid out. The game is colorful and I love colors! I like the characters as well.

Streetfighter IV is a most excellent game! I am not even a fan of the fighting genre. Last fighter I actually bought was StreetFighter II for the SNES. I played the demo at Gamestop and thought the graphics really rocked the house. SF also uses all the little bells/whistles the 3DS has to offer, even online. I'd rate it a 10.

***Note***I actually do not really use a 10 point system when I rate a game. When thinking about the game to myself, its either Excellent, Good, Avg, Below Avg , & Sucks.

Excellent = 5
Good =4
Avg = 3
Below avg=2
Sucks =1

I think Rayman was good, so its a 4, then I multiply by 2 and the game gets an 8. I know most people like the 10 point scale. So, when I post here, thats how I come up with my numbers. Occassionally, when I see fit, I may put a .5 in there somewhere or even add 1 whole point, if I feel the game deserves it.

I thought SF 3D was excellent, so 5x2=10.

I don't get into all nitpicking all the way down to a tenth of a point. What the hell differentiates a 8.9 game from a 8.7. Its ludicrous. At the same time I don't feel 10 means perfection, like I said, I actually don't even use a point system, I use the Excellent-Sucks system, so a 10 here means excellent, not perfect.

No one has to agree with how I rate games, it works for me, and I like it!
04/14/11, 07:01   
gamewizard65 said:
I will admit I only paid $15 for Rayman brand new, but I also only paid $15 for StreetFighter 3D.

How did you get two launch games for $15 each?!
04/14/11, 16:35   
Edited: 04/14/11, 16:35
Are any of us really qualified to answer this (without trying out all of the promising games)? I dunno. But I'm pretty satisfied. It does lack newness and a 'killer app', but I think it is fairly varied and solid. Lots of strokes for different folks. It could be better, but it could also be a lot worse (DS!). I am concerned about the seeming lack of momentum, though. A strong start is needed for good support. Or maybe just the prediction of a strong start is enough, as with the PS2. Maybe that support is already underway. I kind of wish the PSP wasn't kicking its ass in Japan, though. That can't be helping.

I've seen some people say that the laggy 3DS sales are due to the weak launch lineup, but I don't give the audience that much credit. Isn't Call of Duty: Black Ops, like, the best-selling game of all time, or something ridiculous like that?

Resolution is also my main gripe with the system. It is really going to limit 3D and especially 2D performance. Bleah. If Nintendo DID want to change it in a revision, they could just double both dimensions for clean scaling.

But they won't.
04/14/11, 18:04   
Edited: 04/14/11, 18:06

Gamestop employees are pansies. You wave a broadsword at them, they start issuing discounts left and right.
04/14/11, 19:47   
Pretty weak launch is why I don't have one yet. The only game I'd be wanting to get is SFIV, but I already two version of it on the 360 (SFIV and SSFIV) where my buddies and I play with better online and better controls. I'll probably get a 3DS when Zelda comes out (especially with Starfox 64, one of my favorite 64 titles).
04/14/11, 20:13   
@anandxxx Well I read it as "your satisfaction with your experience". Even if your experience is to avoid getting a 3DS because the games look boring. I mean, satisfaction doesn't really demand qualification, does it? You're either satisfied or you're not.
04/14/11, 21:38   
Yeah, but why should we care about the satisfaction of someone who hasn't even played a 3DS game yet?

As long as you qualify your experience, I guess it's okay.
04/14/11, 22:25   
I dunno, why should we care about the satisfaction of anyone but ourselves. And maybe our friends and loved ones?

Of course, you are all my friends here. And loved ones.
04/14/11, 23:05   
Whether you have a 3DS or not, played all the launch games or not, I think what matters is if you have an opinion based on what you do know, you can probably vote in the poll!

I think...

@Zero Aaaaaawwwwww
04/14/11, 23:33   
Edited: 04/14/11, 23:33
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