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Your satisfaction with 3DS launch lineup? [poll]
Very satisfied  (0/32 votes)
Satisfied  (10/32 votes)
OK  (12/32 votes)
Not satisfied  (7/32 votes)
Very unsatisfied  (3/32 votes)
Alright Negative World, we’ve had a few weeks since the 3DS launch to play a few games.

I, for one, am satisfied! The launch lineup is pretty good IMO, and there are several titles I could easily add to my collection if I had the time and money. The launch lineup is particularly impressive when you consider some of Nintendo’s previous launches had such a small number of games to pick from.

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04/13/11, 18:22
Probably one of the weakest launch lineups ever. I've barely touched the thing.

Come on June...
04/13/11, 18:24
A first party AAA game would have made me very satisfied (I just don't consider any of the three launch games Nintendo's standard AAA quality), but as a whole, I'm satisfied.
04/13/11, 18:24
I voted "ok".

I'm more satisfied with the platform itself and future potential than I am the actual games. But Face Raiders was a neat surprise, the Street Plaza "games" are addictive (if not anything you can sit and play for hours on end), Pilotwings is better than I expected (certainly better than the low 7s reviews it is getting) if not as good as I hoped, Ghost Recon is meaty if kind of blandly presented, Street Fighter is well... Street Fighter, which is fun to play although I'm not a super huge fighting game fan. The only game (or set of games) that I have that haven't really done anything for me are AR Games.

Hmm, unlike a lot of people here though, June isn't going to change anything for me. I've already played OOT and Master Quest, not that interested in playing them again. As far as the next retail game I really want? Not sure. Nothing in the known lineup, hopefully something by Christmas. But May? will change things for me because I never had a DSi so I'm looking forward to getting access to the downloadable games.

So yeah, "ok". Which is fine, I knew what the lineup was coming in and I wanted it at launch anyway, and I'm having fun. Albeit in a few weeks I'll probably be back to my DS until the online shop opens.
04/13/11, 18:33
I am quite content with the games I purchased at launch. They will keep me busy until June.
04/13/11, 18:34
Pretty weak...not satisfied.

June is good with Ocarina, but...it's also a game I've played multiple times already. When is the 3DS's Canvas Curse coming?

Still, the hardware and built-in stuff has impressed me very much. The 3D is awesome, Street Pass is awesome, Face Raiders and AR play are nice little gems.

If the e-Store was out at launch, I would feel more satisfied.
04/13/11, 18:36
A happy camper. Frankly Pilotwings was enough for me in terms of launch games.

Now what I'm NOT as thrilled with is the "launch window" thing. The fact that almost everything doesn't come until at least June kind of sucks. I want the new Professor Layton NOW dangit! I NEED TO SEE THE PROFESSOR HAPPY AGAIN OR I'LL DIE.
04/13/11, 19:04
It's an OK lineup, but nothing special which is why I don't own a 3DS. Nintendo has already admitted they're holding back to give 3rd party devs a chance.
04/13/11, 19:07
Are we supposed to vote if we don't own a 3DS?

-JKR- said:
04/13/11, 19:10   Edit:  04/13/11, 19:11
Dude, it's got SUPER Street Fighter IV! It's easily the best-looking game on the system so far, has a full suite of options, modes and features, on top of being one of the absolute best fighting games to have been released this generation. I'm absolutely satisfied.

I'll admit that if you're not a fighting game fan, (what's wrong with you, lol?!?) then the line-up probably isn't so hot. Also, I should note that despite being quite happy with the 3DS so far, I only voted "Satisfied" since, as good as SSF4 is, it's still a port. Of a game I've bought at least twice over already.

But Pilotwings Resort is surprisingly fun, and the 3D effect is put to good use in there. And Ridge Racer 3D actually turned out to be a really good game, and easily the best entry that franchise has seen on a Nintendo system. Certainly nothing to sneeze at. Throw in all the on-board stuff packed in with the system (Face Raiders, the Mii Plaza junk, yadda yadda), and the 3DS is definitely a fun system to have.

The only real caveat is that there is no true "AAA" launch title that really demands gamers to buy the thing. Even "AAA" efforts like SSF4 have to come with an asterisk since it's a port. But I feel a lot of people are focusing on the lack of a killer app rather than realizing that while there is no "AAA" game, there are at least 4 or 5 "A" or "AA" games. Not only is that better than the DS launch, but also better than the PS2 launch, and certainly better than the original Xbox's launch. Sure, it's not as good of a launch as the Dreamcast's or the GBA's (or heck, even the PSP's), but hey. How many system can actually claim that?

EDIT: Does the 3DS have a better launch line-up than what the 360 or PS3 had? I admit I wasn't paying too much attention to those systems when they first came out since they cost an arm and a leg (each) but I'm having trouble remembering if either had a true "AAA" killer app right out of the gate. Anyone remember? Or willing to do some quick internet research I'm apparently too lazy to do myself?
04/13/11, 19:35   Edit:  04/13/11, 19:39

Edit: Long list is long.

You can find all the info here.


It's a pretty interesting list of and by itself.
04/13/11, 19:41   Edit:  04/13/11, 22:51
I voted "ok", because I've been waiting for a new Pilotwings game since 96! Otherwise, without Pilotwings, I would have voted "absolute shit!".

And while I'm loving Pilotwings, it just feels a tad empty(and a bit soulless) to me, especially when compared to PW64.

I am so excited for Ocarina though, cannot wait!
04/13/11, 20:14
It's ok. Nothing out is really grabbing me at the moment. I'm really looking forward to Starfox and Dead or Alive though.
04/13/11, 21:48
As a non-owner I voted very unsatisfied. The only game that could have convinced me would have been SSF4 which I have already played thoroughly. Very weak launch line-up.
04/13/11, 21:59
I got Pilotwings and Ghost Recon and have been very happy with both. Though there really aren't any other current games that I could see paying full price for, so 'very satisfied' is out of the question.
04/13/11, 22:49
I think I struck a good balance with my launch games to suit my varying moods:

If I'm in the mood for some intense gaming, I go to SSFIV3D. If I want a casual but core gaming experience, I pop in Pilotwings Resort. If I'm in the mood for a relaxing game that requires little to no effort to play, then I play Nintendogs + cats. For now, these 3 games have kept me pretty satisfied. I'll be even happier when the May update releases.
04/13/11, 23:10
Not satisfied enough to make me buy a 3DS.
04/14/11, 00:33
I voted OK... if I had the money at launch I would've bought one, and there are games I'd like to play, but nothing mind-blowing right out the gate.
04/14/11, 00:43
@New Forms


Hm, seems like this past generation hasn't really had any great launches, with the possible exception of the PSP.
04/14/11, 00:45
Guess I just miss the days where a new piece of Nintendo hardware launched with a really killer Mario game... or Tetris. It seems like they haven't bothered to launch a system with a really great, wide-appeal piece of software since the N64.

Nobody is even talking about the 3DS like they did with the Wii or DS. Ask most people and they don't even know what it is... and the sales aren't meeting expectations. I wonder if it will be the same story with the NGP... probably. The mainstream gamer really is satisfied with Angry Birds on their touch phone.
04/14/11, 01:05
I voted okay.

Pilotwings Resort is a great game but it's not a system seller. Although I've probably put more time than those that complain about its length, it's still pretty short for most likely being the best game of the bunch for me. Normally I wouldn't mind so much about its length (it still gave me about 13-14 hours of gameplay) but for a launch where there's not many good titles, it's pretty weak.

I also got Ridge Racer 3D and it far from impressed me. It's another fun title but it wears off pretty fast, offering barely any variety in terms of tracks (mirrored and reverse doesn't count... ugh) and having gameplay that feels so simplified that it takes away from it being a fun arcade racer.

Right now I'm looking forward to the e-Shop launch because I never had a DSi and there's quite a few titles I want to check out. That along with classic Game Boy titles should be awesome and hold my interest while bigger and better 3DS games come along.
04/14/11, 01:12
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