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The Great Gatsby for NES - have you seen this??
I'm assuming everyone here knows about this and I'm late to the party (old chap) but I searched the forum and find no mention of 'gatsby'.


Apparently this is a real game, an unpublished port from a Japanese game? The guy found it at a yard sale? I don't know, the whole thing reeks of fake backstory for an internet joke, but the game is surprisingly fun.

Also, I would totally buy this awful novel if it came with the cover for the game:

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02/21/11, 04:32

I found the novel to be kind of overrated. I guess. Or maybe my opinion is overrated by me, but either way it sort of bored me.
02/21/11, 04:35
Yeah I really didn't like the story much in high school, but this game intrigues me. The boxart is awesome.
02/21/11, 04:40
Definitely not real, it's a homebrew made by one guy that he just released a few days ago. Looks pretty cool. The fake magazine ad is awesome.
02/21/11, 04:50   Edit:  02/21/11, 04:52
@Orbital74 Disappointed but much less confused. Although I dunno, I could have more faith in humanity if 90's Japan produced cool literary video games.
02/21/11, 05:13
Posted about it on PK Gaming on Wednesday


I had some fun with it but didn't play through completion.
02/21/11, 06:03
Probably fake, I mean that boxart seems way too modern looking.

Talk about a way to disgrace a classic novel though, lol.
02/21/11, 06:24
@Brick Not as bad as what EA did with Dante, right?

Hmmm...a Divine Comedy 8 bit game...
02/21/11, 07:33

Yeah. Even though I was actually interested in that game, I'll admit that it was indeed just a horrible way to adapt that epic poem. Really could have worked better as a Silent Hill clone.
02/21/11, 11:02
Does Zelda make a cameo?
02/21/11, 16:37
@anandxxx Aaaahh I forgot about Zelda Fitzgerald! That's it, it's a real name, I'm naming my next daughter that.
03/01/11, 04:22
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