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OT: Mustache tries to talk about sports sometimes... [community]
Its true! Lets talk about sports!
Upcoming events!:

ATP World Tour
Order in the court

Barclays Premier League Football (Soccer)
BPL League Table
Check Smerd's thing for more info!

2/26 Daytona 500

NBA Basketball
Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. And the aliens are behind it, or something to that extent..

NHL Hockey
Icing on the cake

PGA Golf
Rough times




Kangaroos are World Series Champs of the Universe

MLB Baseball
CUBS win the World Series

NFL Football
Patriots beat the Falcons in the first overtime Super Bowl

Arizona Cardinals- -JKR-
Atlanta Braves- chrisbg99
Baltimore Orioles- Mr_Mustache, ludist210, DeputyVanHalen
Boston Bruins- TheOldManInZelda
Buffalo Bills- Mr_Mustache, TheOldManFromZelda
Buffalo Sabres- NinSage
Chicago Bulls- chrisbg99, Jargon, ludist210
Chicago Cubs- Jargon, Anand's hat, DrFinkelstein
Cincinnati Bengals- Earendil, Mop it up
Cincinnati Reds- Earendil, MasterSandman_II, Mop it up
Dallas Cowboys- Snorlax, gtarrant
Dallas Mavericks- Snorlax
Dallas Stars- MightyOwned
Detroit Lions- DrFinkelstein
Detroit Red Wings- DrFinkelstein, GameDadGrant
Detroit Tigers- DrFinkelstein. mrbiggsly
Houston Astros- missypissy, kriswright
Houston Rockets- kriswright
Houston Texans- missypissy
Minnesota Vikings- chrisbg99
Montreal Canadiens- anon_mastermind
Montreal Expos- anon_mastermind
New England Patriots- anon_mastermind, Wellsy529
New Jersey Devils- MasterSandman_II
New York Giants- NinSage
New York Mets- TheOldManFromZelda, Wellsy529
New York Yankees- TheBigG753
Oakland Raiders- MasterSandman_II
Oklahoma City Thunder- DeputyVanHalen
Philadelphia Flyers- PogueSquadron
Philadelphia Phillies- PogueSquadron
Pittsburgh Pirates- -JKR-
Pittsburgh Steelers- CB200
St. Louis Cardinals- grantimusprime
San Diego Chargers- vinniebrock
San Francisco 49ers- Xbob42
San Francisco Giants- Xbob42
San Jose Sharks- Xbob42
Seattle Mariners- missypissy
Seattle Seahawks- missypissy
Texas Rangers- Snorlax, kriswright
Utah Jazz- vinniebrock
Vancouver Canucks- TheOldManFromZelda
Washington Capitals- Abdooooo, ludist210
Washington Nationals- ludist210
Washington Redskins- Abdooooo, ludist210, DeputyVanHalen
Washington Wizards- ludist210

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02/06/11, 03:24    Edited: 02/19/17, 02:22

Haha. That gave me a chuckle.
11/16/15, 15:48   

I, too, also chuckled. I want to see him do the whole game, like 200 panels.
11/16/15, 21:06   

I just found out about this late last night as well. Kinda wish I had seen it. I watched the previous main event and plan on watching the next one (on the 12th. McGregor vs Aldo), but this one was clearly a doozy. Seems Holly Holm dominated every aspect of the fight as well. I can't say I was the biggest Rousey fan, but she sure was one tough SOB. I'll definitely be there for the likely rematch.


Ha! Best. Sport. Ever.
11/17/15, 04:16   

Did you watch any of the Ultimate Fighter girls season? I'm still kinda watching those girls when I can when they get a nationally televised gig. I've bet on a lot of their fights (Draft Kings), and I'm always right with them. I lose on the people I don't know (dumb GUYS).
11/17/15, 04:18   
The Vikings, beyond all expectations, are 7-2 and alone in first place in the NFC North. Also AP is still the bestest.
11/17/15, 04:39   

No, I've only ever watched random episodes of UF. It's a good show, but I've never added it into my rotation.
11/17/15, 04:52   
lol I forgot I posted that. Hiding at the bottom of the page. From myself.


I think you'd be repeating the same jokes if you did the whole game like that Short and sweet.

It'd be cool to see other sports like that. Maybe Cricket. It's about the only thing as utterly bonkers as baseball.
11/17/15, 09:58   

I was really curious about it. Guys beating the crap out of each other makes me uneasy, but seeing the girls fight wasn't uneasy so much as...I can't find the right words at all. I guess, what I'm trying to say is: every time I see UFC guys fight, I'm expecting someone to a) break a leg, b) break an arm, or c) break a nose clean off their face. The girls (while they hit hard) don't seem like there is enough to cause any of those things to happen, but I was REARING back in my chair one time when one of the girls had another girl in a hammerlock. Your arm is not supposed to bend that way! (If you can't picture it, basically having the top of your hand right above your buttcrack, and then having it wrenched upwards -- still behind your back -- trying to make your palm touch your neck. NOT GOOD.)


Haha, why is baseball bonkers?


EDIT- Not only was I surprised to hear a few weeks ago that the Bills had Thursday Night Football against the Jets, I was DOUBLY surprised when I found out this week that the Bills have Monday Night Football against the Patriots this week! What is that, like...10 days rest? Weird! (And the Jets game was off a BYE, too)
11/18/15, 01:43   
Edited: 11/18/15, 01:45

Because of all the reasons in that comic . So many crazy rules.

I still remember playing one day in PE way back in primary school. Like Year 3?. I was the only one in the class who played on a weekend team and actually * knew* the more 'obscure' rules (I mean beyond the absolute basics.)

So when the opposing team was caught on an easy fly, sure the batter knew he was out...But all the runners on base (FULLY LOADED) thought they were still cool to continue running. Cue me screaming at my team to throw the ball to the bases to snag the additional outs. They stared at me. The runners congratulating themselves on their advancement stared at me. No-one followed a word of my instructions.

Finally I gave up, told them to give me the ball, and went on a personal walking tour of the bases. Quadruple play. Supervising teacher who knew damn well what I was up to, called all the runners out to their complete shock. So great.
11/18/15, 01:53   

Are there though? The pitcher throws a ball, and the batter tries to hit it. If its an "unfair" pitch outside the strike zone (called a "ball"), it counts for the batter. Me EXPLAINING this is making it sound more complicated.. Weird.

OH, haha, maybe I should've read everything you wrote before I start typing. Its what I do, otherwise I forget things and leave things out. Good heads up play out there. Where was the ball hit to? Outfield? If it didn't go that deep, the Infield Fly Rule should've activated! But we're talking about 3rd Grade Gym, so who knows.
11/18/15, 03:04   

See? Shit like that . I don't think I ever heard of the infield fly rule untill years later when I was scoring for my brother's team.

And man oh man, scoring at that level was complicated. Back in primary school we used to keep score for the senior team (and vice versa.) It was simple. Fill in the little boxes as the batters made their bases, fill in the centre bit with a'H' if/when they made it home. Or put a big fat 'O' in there for an out. I think we had an S for stranded runners when the innings ended? Tally everything each innings for points. That was as complicated as it got.

The higher levels though...every pitch, every play, recorded somehow by me and my pencil. I suppose they used our records to compile the stats for the awards at end of season. Still don't know how they made anything coherent out of my frantic scribblings.
11/18/15, 03:14   

I remember my mom and a mom from the other team comparing scoring notes when I was in Little League. And I've kept score a few times at games. Someone has to keep score at a NW Meetup Baseball game. Traditionnnn!

I like it when we have things like F7 and G3, but when you start getting weird double plays which still score a run, it does get a little complicated, sure.
11/18/15, 03:17   
Personally all the weird, often nearly unused, rules are part of the reason I love baseball so much.

Also the basic game isn't that complex to understand.
11/20/15, 03:08   

So, who ya like for MIN vs. GB tomorrow?
11/22/15, 04:48   
I was able to attend the Detroit Red Wings when they faced off against the Los Angeles Kings on Friday night. It was good to see the Wings win one at the Joe! I snapped a selfie because I was at least three beers deep and didn't know any better.

11/22/15, 18:57   
Edited: 11/22/15, 18:57

Who is your jersey? I'm going to guess...Yzerman? (Gosh, is that even how you spell it? Sorry..)
11/22/15, 21:13   
Thanks for the suggestion Mr_Mustache!

I have some tickets to sell for this Friday's hockey game between the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers. Does anyone have any interest?

Section 109
Row 3
Seats 7 & 8

The tickets have a face value of over $160 for the pair. I'm selling for $90. I live in Canada so everything would have to be done online. Let me know if you'd like the tickets!
12/02/15, 22:39   
Random post time: A classic sledge stumbled upon during today's cricket-related internet wanderings, shared for the amusement of all.

Englishman: (knocks on door, Australian opens it) "I demand an apology; one of your teammates called me a bastard."
Australian: (turns to face the room) "Right! Which one of you bastards called this bastard a bastard?"
01/06/16, 06:13   
Edited: 01/06/16, 06:13
Super Bowl 50 this week. Is anyone excited? Thoughts?

According to our FANS!! section, nobody claims DEN / CAR as their favorite; I guess we're just along for the ride?
02/04/16, 01:41   

I'm pulling for Denver. Cam Newton has too many teeth (but I do like when he gives his TD ball to kids).
02/05/16, 13:21   
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