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OT: Mustache tries to talk about sports sometimes... [community]
Its true! Lets talk about sports!
Upcoming events!:

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Order in the court

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2/26 Daytona 500

NBA Basketball
Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. And the aliens are behind it, or something to that extent..

NHL Hockey
Icing on the cake

PGA Golf
Rough times




Kangaroos are World Series Champs of the Universe

MLB Baseball
CUBS win the World Series

NFL Football
Patriots beat the Falcons in the first overtime Super Bowl

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02/06/11, 03:24    Edited: 02/19/17, 02:22

Yeah, that put him in the Top 6, it said? With / Without pads is a big difference though. I wonder how he'll do with a helmet and all that stuff. What do you think?
02/24/15, 22:03   
Hi. I haven't been here in a long time. Hope y'all have been well. :)
02/24/15, 22:07   
I'm sick to my stomach about Derrick Rose. Sports bring so much anguish, so little joy. I think I'm out on sports.
02/25/15, 07:23   

Who knows. I'm sure that's already been thought of though.

Can you imagine an 'oh crap' moment as he's donning his armour for the first time?

Hmm. An armoured Hayne Plane. That can't be very aerodynamic.
02/25/15, 08:52   

Whats up?


"Armour." We just call 'em "pads." I guess "equipment" works, too? Probably just "pads"...

Brock Lesnar played football briefly. That was a sight to behold.
02/26/15, 21:19   
Huh. So much for the Lions. They've been touting that as practically a done deal for weeks.

Now this comes out of left field:

03/03/15, 07:13   

Hmm.. They say they want him at running back (or he says that), but he sounds like he'd be better off as some sort of H-Back or Fullback or something. Fullbacks generally block for running backs, but are involved in the passing game sometimes, too. I guess thats more of the H-Back thing. Knowing nothing about this guy, I can see him (in my head) catching passes in the flat, and then taking off down the sideline.

I guess running backs can do that, too..
03/03/15, 09:06   

He usually plays fullback for Parramatta and the NSW Origin side, but I don't know how well that translates to the fullback role in your game. Sideline running is something you see a lot of wingers do, and he has played wing before...
03/03/15, 09:41   
Oh man, Bills.. I don't know how to feel about anything.

Last night, or yesterday, the Bills traded with the Eagles: Kiko Alonso for LeShaun McCoy. There aren't many times when one would feel tentative about getting one of the best running backs in the league (ran for 1900+ last year?), but we just lost our most promising Defensive youngin' (though he did spend last year on the IR with an ACL injury). Extend that to "ok, so why are the Eagles OK with this trade?" They freed up a lot of cap space, so I guess that could be the main reason, but do they know something about McCoy's health that we don't? I guess the Bills didn't NEED Alonso as they still had the best Defense in the league last year without him, but again, one of our most promising prospects.

No Draft Picks were mentioned in the trade though, so we've still go April to look forward to. I guess I'm leaning towards a Linebacker now (since Kiko is gone..).

Am I crazy? Someone talk me through this. Its hard to objectively look at the Bills' moves as a fan.


Yeah, they have different names, I'm sure. Heck, even the Fullback of the 60s in the NFL is different than the Fullback of today. I guess we'll see?
03/04/15, 22:07   
The Bills will be the Yankees of the NFL this year. Big money, small results.

The problem is simple, though. No one wants to play in Buffalo (the city). It's a shitty city next to a shitty lake.

When Buffalo collectively moves, falls into Lake Erie, or simply vanishes from the planet, then the Bills will be more attractive.

But anyways, I'll be in Pittsburgh this weekend for a critical NHL matchup on Saturday between the Penguins and Bruins. Bruins need to keep winning to avoid a charging Senators and Panthers teams to keep their wild card playoff spot. The Penguins need the win to try and catch the Islanders, which is a long shot. Should be an exciting matchup!
03/09/15, 13:01   
03/09/15, 20:39   
TheOldManFromZelda said:
The Bills will be the Redskins of the NFL this year. Big money, small results.
03/09/15, 20:42   


I guess that's also an appropriate reference.
03/10/15, 02:38   

As a long-suffering fan of the Washington Football Franchise, it is. I wish Dan Snyder would sell the team...I'm almost embarrassed to be a fan.
03/10/15, 15:30   

03/29/15, 15:23   
Nice weekend for Jordan Spieth. Was rooting for Rory, but Jordan seems like a great kid. Well done.
04/13/15, 06:09   
Honest to god shocked that the Braves are 5-1 to start the season. I would have figured they'd be 1-5 at best. Sure it is way early in a long season and there is plenty of time for my well-grounded pessimism to take hold but I'll take this for now.
04/13/15, 07:54   
Edited: 04/13/15, 07:56
NHL playoffs start tonight for the Red Wings.

No, not these Red Wings.

They are in Tampa right now, facing the Lightning.

No, not THAT Lightning.

We're into the second period, and the Wings are up 2-1. Keeping my fingers crossed for a win. Detroit hasn't exactly had the best season this year, but I hope they at least don't embarrass themselves in the playoffs. They have a legacy to uphold.
04/17/15, 03:46   

Playoffs started last night for me. Canucks lost a heartbreaker. I can't believe I stayed up so late just to see them lose it with 30 seconds left in the game. Ugh!
04/17/15, 04:25   

Nothing hurts more than losing that close to the end of the game!

Detroit fared better, at least. They won, 3-2 to lead the series 1-0. So far, so good....
04/17/15, 14:46   
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