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Top 10 Third Party Wii Games [top ten]
So first I was gonna do my personal Top 10 Wii games, but we all know how that would turn out. Metroid Prime Trilogy, Galaxy 1, Galaxy 2 on top. And that's just no fun. And DKCR had to be in there, etc ... so instead I decided to do a third party only list! Hopefully it's more interesting!

I should note, every game on this list is an instant buy for me. Also, no WiiWare.
01/21/11, 23:14    Edited: 09/29/13, 23:31
Rabbids Go Home

Who doesn't love the Rabbids? They're undeniably cool characters, way more interesting than that lame-o Rayman ever was. The downside, you had to sit through lame (they're well made, but I don't like the genre) party games if you wanted to enjoy them. That is, until Rabbids Go Home. This instead is an adventure/platformer/racer/katamari/Rabbid game. Yes. It's very fun because BWAAAAAAAAAAAAH

de Blob

A fun game with a cool concept and a great soundtrack. The idea of going around solving challenges for points and time was way more fun than I thought it would be. It just has undeniable charm. Waggle to jump is so lame, though.

Disney Epic Mickey

This game is pretty damn cool. Orbital clearly had a "pure platforming bliss" overload prior to this game and couldn't enjoy it. Yes, there are some control issues, but the game more than makes up for it in its style and atmosphere. Love the art style and love the music.

Deadly Creatures

This is a GAME. Such an original concept, such fun gameplay mechanics. Especially the spider. Its IR controls for combat and exploration are something else. Yes, the brawling could get a bit repetitive, but the game actually had a lot more exploration than some people cared to admit. It even had some Metroid stuff going on where you could go back to previous levels and find new stuff once you got new power ups. Unfortunately, it wasn't integral to the main gameplay like in Metroid.

(is there even any music in this? LOL)
The House of the Dead Overkill

Fuck, man. This is one hell of a motherfucking game. Shooting goddamn zombies was never this fun. It's a bit short, but HOT DAMN is it sweet. My only gripe is they never answered one of the game's main cliffhangers ... what does a brotha have to do to pacify a bitch?

Muramasa The Demon Blade

If you think this game looks ugly, you have something wrong with your eyes and you might want to have them checked. That + the soundtrack for me is already an automatic win for this game. But some folks might not be satisfied with that. That's fine, though, because Muramasa delivers on the gameplay front. It's one fine action game, even if it's a bit simple. It never grew old to me. The bosses are ridiculously cool, too.


A lot of people didn't like this game and I can't understand why. I had a blast from beginning to end. It's an incredibly polished, incredibly fun game. It's so over the top ... the little details like VROOOOOM coming out of your chainsaw when you used it and the commentators made me love this game so much. And it's got a style all its own

Killed with a caution sign, that's kind of ironic.
How is it ironic?
Oh, did I say ironic? I meant fucking awesome!
No More Heroes 1 & 2

Yes, I'm putting them together. Because it's my list and I can do anything! HA! No, it's because I didn't want to have both games in here cluttering up the list, making me leave out other awesome games. And I just couldn't leave either of these out. You know about these games. They're undeniably stylish and cool.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

This is probably my personal biggest surprise in gaming ever. By far. I just casually picked this up near Christmas of 09 because I wanted something to play and people were saying nice things about it. I was sure I wouldn't enjoy it that much like the PS1 games, but I went with it. WAS I WRONG! This game is done so, so well. They do that fucking cellphone thing where it gets louder as close as you get to the clue and it scares me every time. Nothing like playing this game in the middle of the night. It's scary, seriously. The ice parts were a bit lame but they didn't take hold the game back at all.

This game is incredible. Sure, some folks may be like "but GelatinousEncore, this game doesn't use WiiMotion Plus that well! It just replaces buttons!". Well, my friend whose mind I can read, I don't care. This game never lets go. The pacing is great. The sword is great. The guns are great. The graphics are among the best on the system, no question. The setting is very original. It's a great game and it's incredibly cheap now. Try it out!

simba you know nothing
I don't like Monster Hunter Tri, sorry!

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01/21/11, 23:14   Edited: 09/29/13, 23:31 
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GelatinousEncore said:
I don't like Monster Hunter Tri, sorry!.
01/21/11, 23:17   
I have Red Steel 2 and have yet to try it. We have different tastes in videogames though.
01/21/11, 23:18   
Can't say I'm a fan of Red Steel 2. I played it for a few hours and was bored with it. Different strokes I suppose.

I'm assuming you're omitting ports, because I can't see any other reason not to include Resident Evil 4: Wii edition.
01/21/11, 23:23   
Yeah, I just count that as a Gamecube game.
01/21/11, 23:28   
That reminds me... I should do a top 10 of my favorite songs from the No More Heroes games... 'cause damn is the music good.
01/21/11, 23:31   
Nice list.

Here's mine (in no order, except for #1):

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias
Boom Blox
Geometry Wars: Galaxies
A Boy and His Blob
GoldenEye 007
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
de Blob
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
#1: Dead Space Extraction
01/21/11, 23:34   
While it doesn't match my mental top ten third party games list, it makes mention of at least a few and mentions one in particular that pleases me most in seeing listed. That game being, Deadly Creatures. I know a lot of people had issues with this title, but I thought it was fantastic for what it was. It looked great, played fine, and sounded wonderful. And given that last note, yes it had music! That's one of the things I liked most about the game.
01/21/11, 23:35   
Edited: 01/21/11, 23:43
@Simbabbad Yep. I knew that, so I called you out at the end of my list!

It's all fun and games though.

Except when you call Mario Galaxy 2 a level pack.
01/21/11, 23:37   
Needs more Monster Hunter, Little King's Story, and TRAUMA TEAM!
01/21/11, 23:50   
No Monster Hunter Tri or Little King's Story? Hmmm.

Rabbids Go Home is a stretch. I liked it, but it's very, very, verrrrrrry repetitive. The humor makes it all right though.

Also, no Rune Factory Frontier makes me a sad Ludist.
01/22/11, 00:04   
Mad World, House of the Dead, Rabbids Go Home and Deadly Creatures would be cut from that list (from the ones I have played).

Mad World was the most repetative game ever, which includes gameplay, music, comentary and everything else.

House of the Dead is fun but is very short and has frame-rate issues (FFS is't a rails shooter!)

Rabbids Go Home is fun but just not great enough.

Deadly Creatures was great for the first half but totally broken for the second. I would get stuck in walls, enemies wouldn't die or get stuck in mid-air. It just felt very rushed.
01/22/11, 00:19   
Horay for more Shattered Memories praise! Nice list...it reminds me to finish Rabbids Go Home (I was having a blast, but it was a rental) and pick up Epic Mickey.
01/22/11, 00:46   
Haven't played LKS or Rune Factory. Nor Sin & Punishment 2, by the way.
01/22/11, 01:36   
This list is 'WIN' for including de Blob. Maybe I should do my own Top 10 3rd party Wii titles, too.
01/22/11, 01:40   
This list was disappointing until I saw Red Steel 2 at #1. You BARELY kept yourself respectable, and in the nick of time! I may have to make a top ten of my own, simply because thinking of ten really good third party Wii games may prove to be a challenge.

Play Sin & Punishment 2 now.
01/22/11, 02:16   
Why is S&P2 being mentioned, it's published by Nintendo?

I was kind of disappointed in Deadly Creatures. The best part of the game was the bug mo-cap on the title screen.
01/22/11, 06:44   
Of all the cool songs in House of the Dead Overkill you could have included, you went with one without lyrics (and therefore without foul language or horribly gross stuff)? So disappointed in you...
01/22/11, 08:54   
Edited: 01/22/11, 08:55
Interesting list...it almost entirely happens to be games I haven't played, or have played very little!

I haven't played de Blob, Deadly Creatures, Rabbids Go Home, Epic Mickey, Monster Hunter Tri, or very much of Red Steel 2 or No More Heroes 2. So that said, here's my own list! WiiWare included, 'cause...why not?

10. Boom Blox
9. World of Goo
8. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord
7. Metal Slug Anthology
6. Trauma Center: New Blood
5. Trauma Team
4. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
3. Rune Factory Frontier
2. Mega Man 9
1. Little King's Story
01/22/11, 09:39   
Yeah, little King Story, Rune Factory Frontier,Overlord, Tales of Symphonia, spectrobes heck, MAYBE even Arc Rise fantasia and Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers are games that totally compete for a spot on that top 10 list.
01/22/11, 16:43   
This list bleeds of "games people on IGN hyped like crazy to support 3rd Party Developers." I've developed a sickness for most of these games, so this list, to me, is heave-inducing.

Nothing personal, of course.

That said, Muramasa IS one of my favorite Wii games; though I question the lack of Monster Hunter (as everyone else has), and a lot of the people before me had some pretty good additions as well. Metal Slug, RPG-ish games, and the Trauma Center series are boss.
01/22/11, 23:02   
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