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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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07/30/08, 18:48    Edited: 01/25/18, 20:51
Steam Autumn Sale went live for anyone with time to play all these games!
11/26/20, 03:08   
Target currently selling 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate for $19.99. That's over half off the best deal in gaming!
11/29/20, 15:18   
@BrandonDoes this give you Ultimate for the duration of your existing Gold membership, or does it convert your subscription using some kind of table/ratio?
12/01/20, 02:40   
@PogueSquadron Yes, it should convert your existing Gold months to Ultimate. However, once you have Ultimate, if you add months of Gold codes onto it, those will be at a reduced amount of time.

More info here:
12/01/20, 23:29   
Edited: 12/01/20, 23:32
12/03/20, 00:40   
@Mop it up What just happened? It's at $149.98 and "1 left" now.

/EDIT Oh I see, Walmart has 3rd party sellers on their site now. Walmart themselves must be out of stock so it goes to a 3rd party.
12/03/20, 02:36   
Edited: 12/03/20, 02:38
Yeah, Walmart's site is pretty bad in that sort of way. Local stores may still have stock but I'm not sure how to check that on the website.
12/03/20, 04:40   
@Mop it up

You can always call up a Walmart yourself! I'm sure their informed clerks will provide you with spectacular service at finding the game you're looking for.

12/03/20, 06:37   
Edited: 12/03/20, 06:37
A bunch of Sony Selects are $8 at Best Buy right now

God of War (2018), The Last of Us Remastered, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, etc.
12/04/20, 21:57   
Hey, and it's the last day of my Gamers Club Unlocked!

Hey, these are just the same games that they're giving away on PS5!
12/05/20, 00:05   
Apparently that Epic games list I posted was wrong so I removed it.
12/16/20, 20:20   
Edited: 12/20/20, 19:26
@Zero I'm guessing this is just for PC?
12/16/20, 22:22   
Wow! Definitely down for Witcher 3, AC Origins, Fallout 4, Dragon Age, and Horizon. That's crazy!
12/16/20, 22:50   
@Mop it up It's an Epic Games store thing so probably?!
12/17/20, 15:05   
Was this leak just a rumor? The free games this week have been Cities: Skylines, Oddworld, The Long Dark, and a couple others. Will definitely keep following this.

They do have a deal where you get $10 off of any games $14.99 or more. So you could grab something like Dead Cells for $5 right now.
12/20/20, 18:46   
Hmm, maybe it was made up. REMOVING.
12/20/20, 19:25   
"Indie World" holiday sale on the eShop, 12/23 - 1/2

Some of the games on sale:
Hades - $19.99
Cuphead - $13.99
A Short Hike - $6.39
Golf Story - $7.49
Slay the Spire - $14.99
Night in the Woods - $11.99

And... more! There are also a lot of individual company sales on there: NIS, EA, Capcom, Ubi, etc.
12/23/20, 23:48   
Edited: 12/23/20, 23:49
12/25/20, 08:14   
Killer Queen Black physical edition is just $8 at Best Buy!

Pick it up and play online with your NW pals!
12/27/20, 19:04   
Star Wars Squadrons is like 40% off on most? platforms

Kind of tempted to get it on PS4 and get a trial of Sony online. I DUNNO.
12/31/20, 23:36   
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