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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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07/30/08, 18:48    Edited: 01/25/18, 20:51

I was just re-reading our thread on Runner 2, seeing how frustrated we all were with the extraneous garbage in that game that ruined it. It was still a fun time, and I've been tempted to check out Runner 3, but it sounds like they doubled-down on the extra stuff rather than fine-tuning the core game, which is disappointing! They even brought back the cannon mini-game!
03/19/20, 22:35   
2 at least felt like a step up in some ways, even with all the extra stuff that held it back. Runner 3 was mostly more of the same, kind of came and went for me.
03/19/20, 22:44   
But have you guys played Bubsy: Paws on Fire?!

It was alright. Lots of repetition with different characters, though.
03/20/20, 13:02   
Risk of Rain 2 is currently half price in the eShop:


One of the best online co-op games on Switch! Join us!
03/24/20, 21:32   
Edited: 03/24/20, 21:32
I don't know if Kriswright ever checks in here, but if he hasn't bought this game yet...


Now I just need to convince other people to get it...
04/16/20, 03:11   
Gamestop is doing a Buy 2 Get 1 free on new AND used video games

Free shipping or store pick-up.

I think there are some limitations... someone said Nintendo 1st party stuff counts only if you get it used? But it's a lot of games!
05/24/20, 20:26   
@Mop it up

Late to the party on this but I enjoyed Toejam and Earl Back In The Groove when I played it on Xbox One. Was really surprised as I never played a TJ&E game before. It was bizarre and I really didn't understand some things by the end of it, but I managed to beat it and at $3.74, that's a solid deal. I don't think I'd have been psyched at the current $14.99 price.
05/25/20, 17:20   
eShop is having a huge Summer Game Sale! And Team17 is having a sale too.

I'm too lazy to post a list but there are a lot of 1st party games on sale, as well as indies and such. Some pretty good deals.
06/09/20, 20:45   
Edited: 06/09/20, 20:46

Lots of good games on that list.

Is South Park: The Stick of Truth worth 12 bucks? I enjoy Paper Mario and I've seen every episode of the show.
06/09/20, 21:05   
I'd say if you're a fan of the show, Stick of Truth is a STEAL at that price. It's awesome. If you're not turned off by South Park's super vulgar humor then it's a no brainer. AND it's a really good game. Developed by Obsidian, who knows their way around RPGs.
06/09/20, 21:10   
Edited: 06/09/20, 23:20
Stick of Truth is great! Definitely a must-play if you're a fan of the show. Fractured But Whole was kinda just more of the same and felt pretty played out, but you'll love Stick of Truth.
06/09/20, 21:19   
Not buying Yoku's Island Express at that price would be a crime, should anyone not already have bought it for the full price of what it is worth.
06/09/20, 22:59   
I can't even consider buying games on the eShop right now. I have 1000+ indie games ready to play after getting the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. There's so much to play it's nuts.
06/10/20, 01:52   
@canonj Lotta great stuff in there!

A game about telling your boyfriend (who is a dragon) about how much you love him

That Puzzle Game Everyone Knows
It's that puzzle game, you know the one.

200 word LARP of anti-fascist makeouts

Okay, Hero
A series of essays on the Metal Gear Solid games

(but of course it also has some acclaimed games like Celeste, Minit, A Short Hike, Super Hexagon, Catlateral Damage, Nuclear Throne, and more that I've actually heard of!)
06/10/20, 02:53   

I saw that the other day. I browsed through the list but it seems like mostly shovelware, or first-attempts-at-gamemaking trying to get some money for stuff that should be done for practice and improvement. I'd rather either donate to a good cause if it is really for charity or get something of value back as an incentive. A collection of 10 great games would be worthwhile, a collection of 1000 mostly terrible ones is a chore. It almost feels like a punishment to be "given" 1000 games of varying quality (99% being "low") and then have suddenly an even larger backlog than ever before.

Maybe someone ought to do the same thing in reverse. "Donate $5 or more and I'll go through your Steam backlog and remove crappy stuff for you" lol.
06/10/20, 17:59   
So far I picked up BoxBoy + BoxGirl and Knights and Bikes for all my co-op needs. Any other co-op games in there I should look for?

@J.K. Riki

You can just download the ones you think look good or that are recommended to you. Unless I'm missing something, they don't just automatically get added to a list of stuff you own which, on the one hand, is good because you get less backlog anxiety, but on the other hand, is kind of inconvenient?


Big Ocean, Short Jacket is also on there, and shouldn't be overlooked!

With the number of games in there, I just kind of assumed it would also have Turnfollow's other games, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Oh well.

A Short Hike is AMAZING, basically combining Animal Crossing charm with Breath of the Wild gameplay, with visuals that really work for me.
06/10/20, 22:38   

I want A Short Hike on Switch so bad! I used to always push people to try out little indie games on PC even if they prefer playing on console, but so many that I imagined would always be PC exclusive have since comes to consoles that now I just plan on waiting.
06/10/20, 22:48   

Yeah, A Short Hike on Switch seems like a slam dunk to me. I know porting to Switch isn't as simple as pressing a button, and that just one guy is behind this game, but given that it can run on the most modest of specs, I have a hard time imagining what would prevent a port. It's made for Nintendo fans (or at least clearly made by one) while still being its own thing.
06/10/20, 22:58   
Edited: 06/10/20, 22:58
@Guillaume Degrees of Separation is a pretty neat co-op puzzle-platformer that we felt utilizes its mechanics pretty well. While it lacks an "ultimate endgame" type of puzzle which pushes them to the limits, it has enough variety to keep things interesting to the end. At its sale price of $1.99 USD, it's definitely worth a try.

@nate38 At first I thought you were listing some games from this Switch sale.

I leave disappointed.
06/10/20, 23:31   


@J.K. Riki

Guillaume is right. You can pick and choose which games are added to your library.

Also, I went through a list of recommended games and I already have 50 games in my library that look interesting to me. They are still adding games to the bundle, so I'm sure when it's all said and done there will be at least 100 games that I want to try. But even if there are only 10 good games in that list, it's still a great deal.
06/11/20, 03:48   
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