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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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07/30/08, 18:48    Edited: 01/25/18, 20:51
@Brandon If you can't find 3 games you want and need to pad things out check for Dark Souls for me!
11/05/18, 07:52   
I was thinking about grabbing it for you, but I couldn't find two other $40 games that I wanted at that Meijer.
11/05/18, 08:57   
It's alright, I still have my BB Gamer's Club thing so it's really just a matter of getting it for 33% off versus 20% off, which isn't that different at the end of the day.
11/05/18, 14:43   
I've never played it, but Sins of a Solar Empire is free on Humble Bundle for 2 more days. Check it here.
11/16/18, 02:01   
Wal-Mart has a PS4 Slim + Spider-Man deal for $200.

So now I own a PS4. I mostly just wanted one for streaming video (since most of the PS3 apps I used are starting to lose support...) but I'll probably play Spider-Man, maybe a few other games here and there.
11/18/18, 17:23   
Disney Afternoon Collection is $5 on XBox One for Gold Members. I'm really tempted but don't have time for it. Figured I'd pass on this good deal to anyone who can use it.
11/21/18, 16:00   

Can you get them to port it to Switch and also have it be that price? Thanks in advance.
11/21/18, 16:58   
Tons of eShop deals

Lots of good stuff:
Valkyria Chronicles 4 - 29.99
Donkey Kong Country: TF - 41.99
Mario + Rabbids - 23.99
Rocket League - 11.99
Celeste - 15.99
Undertale - 12.74

Tons more go check it out!
11/21/18, 22:48   
Edited: 11/21/18, 22:55
There are a lot of games on my wish list on sale, but I'm going to skip most since I really don't need more games to play right now.

That being said, 2 games on my wish list are 50% off -- Steamworld Dig 2 and Axiom Verge. And while I'm not in the mood to play another Metroidvania at the moment, if I was going to buy one now to play later, which one would you guys recommend?

Edit: Or maybe I should finally buy Shovel Knight since it rarely goes on sale (though only 20% off) and I've been meaning to play it for several years now...
11/21/18, 22:59   
Edited: 11/21/18, 23:07
How have you not played Shovel Knight get on that son.
11/21/18, 23:09   
Here is the link to the Black Friday mega thread on CAG:


I didn't see any deals which stood out to me, but perhaps someone else might find something which tickles their fancy.
11/21/18, 23:32   
Hmm, I was just thinking this morning that I'd get Mario + Rabbids Gold Edition is it ever went on sale for super cheap (I only rented the game when it first came out, still wanna check out the DLC), but with Smash coming in two weeks I don't think I need it, I'll be busy with Thanksgiving and finals until then. If this sale had happened in October I'd be all over it!
11/21/18, 23:39   
A few good Cyber Monday deals at Best Buy.

EDIT: Ah nuts, looks like the ones I listed were actually pricing errors and have since been changed. Bummer!
11/26/18, 08:33   
Edited: 11/26/18, 08:41
15% off eShop, PSN, etc cards at Dollar General 11/25 - 12/1

15% isn't the biggest deal but it is TOUGH to find deals on cards nowadays and remember that 15% stacks with whatever other eShop deals are going on. Apparently there is no limit to how many you can buy at 15% off either. Though that MAY mean they will sell out super fast.

I have a Dollar General a few blocks away so I'm going to check it out and see if I have any luck. I know I want Smash Bros. digital and like a sucker I'll probably get all of the DLC too so it'd be nice to get 15% off on that. And whatever other purchases I make in the near future.

A bunch of their restaurant cards are 15% off as well if you need some cheap food.
11/26/18, 23:06   
Edited: 11/26/18, 23:12
EDIT: Forget everything I just said. Color Zen is free-to-play now. It's got microtransactions to unlock new challenges, and I totally missed that for some reason. I blame society.
11/26/18, 23:12   
Edited: 11/26/18, 23:22
eShop card deal above worked for me. Got 200 worth of eShop cards for 170.

I have no idea what Color Zen is but for free I will check it out.
11/27/18, 00:40   
Looks like Best Buy is still going to honor the price errors as the five games I had ordered at the error price have shipped out today. Now I just need to hope the postal service doesn't deliver to the wrong place like they tend to do around this time of year, and then I'll have scored these deals:

Valkyria Chronicles 4: $16
Mega Man X Collection Collection: $12
Overcooked! 2: $8
Mega Man Legacy Collection Collection: $4
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary: $4
11/27/18, 02:56   
WOAH. That's sweet.

Reminds me of when I got a DS for like $99 when it was still a lot more expensive because of a huge price error.
11/27/18, 03:34   
It's a pretty decent puzzler originally made for mobile. Very relaxing with a nice ambient soundtrack. You basically pair together shapes of the same colour, which then go on to fill the screen until they hit a different colour, kind of like the paint bucket tool in Photoshop or Paint. The goal is to fill the screen with nothing but the same colour as the image's border colour, so you need to make sure you pair the different colours together in the right order.
Here's an early puzzle:

11/27/18, 10:36   
Edited: 11/27/18, 10:37
Nintendo is having an eShop sale for The Game Awards and it is pretty solid!

Super Mario Odyssey - $41.99
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - $41.99
Diablo III - $39.99
Valkyria Chronicles 4 - $29.99
Mega Man 11 - $15.99
Celeste - $15.99
Yoku's Island Express - $9.99

And a lot more. Check it out!
12/06/18, 23:08   
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