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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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07/30/08, 18:48    Edited: 01/25/18, 20:51
Amazon is selling Joy Cons for $66.56!

Grey only, but still, a pretty good price! I just bought mine. Free 1 day shipping with Prime.
04/06/17, 19:46   
05/11/17, 15:53   
Edited: 05/11/17, 15:54
Super Bomberman R 40% off in European eShop. No idea if the deal is going elsewhere.

07/03/17, 01:56   
Edited: 07/03/17, 01:57
^^ It's also $30 at Best Buy, so if you have GCU you can get it for like $25.
07/03/17, 02:34   
Buy 2 Get 1 Free at Meijer! I picked up Mario & Rabbids, Pokken DX, and Fire Emblem Warriors! Will I keep them? Who knows!
11/11/17, 07:00   
Best Buy's Cyber Monday Deals

TODAY ONLY. There is a ton of stuff so I won't list everything. PS. I honestly have no idea if these are good deals or not you tell me:

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. - Nintendo 3DS - $2.99 (yes, a 3 dollar game!)
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest - Nintendo 3DS - $19.99
Nintendo Selects: Tomodachi Life - Nintendo 3DS - $9.99
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King - Nintendo 3DS - $19.99
EA Sports™ FIFA 18 - Nintendo Switch - $39.99

Destiny 2 - PlayStation 4 / Xbox One - $29.99
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus / Xbox One - PlayStation 4 - $34.99
The Evil Within 2 - PlayStation 4 / Xbox One - $34.99
Horizon Zero Dawn - PlayStation 4 - $19.99
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - PlayStation 4 - $19.99
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - PlayStation 4 - $19.99
11/27/17, 16:22   
I was hoping to see Birthright for 19.99... oh well
11/27/17, 16:35   

That was last year. Also it wasn't worth it, even at that price. It's no Fates.
11/27/17, 17:32   

I think the download for it is automatically discounted to 20 if you already have the other version? Could be wrong
11/27/17, 17:34   
I picked up Batman: Telltale Series Season 1 for $19.99 Looks like it's $25 right now. Still a good savings.

I'm buying Code Name S.T.E.A.M. simply because that's basically a free game.
11/27/17, 20:10   

Dragon Quest VIII is so good; one of my favorite PS2 and 3DS games!
11/27/17, 20:35   
STEAM is worth trying, even if you're on the fence about it
11/27/17, 22:46   
There is absolutely no reason for peeps not to pick up S.T.E.A.M.... definitely one of the most underrated titles in the 3DS library. Sure, it has its flaws, but at that price I'm struggling to think of a game with better value. For me, it satisfied that turn-based strategy itch which was awakened by FE: Awakening. And for those looking to satiate their appetite for more TBS goodness by Intelligent Systems (but who may also have grown weary of the company's recent deluge of FE titles), then this little gem might just be what you're looking for.
11/27/17, 22:55   
Edited: 11/27/17, 23:14

Interesting... I have the physical version of Conquest. I'll have to try that out.
11/27/17, 23:50   

You might have to click on an option within the game to go visit the eshop.
11/28/17, 00:36   
It's been a bit of a disappointing week of holiday deals, but the season ain't over yet! There should still be some more in December.

From the sale mentioned above, I grabbed Dragon Quest VIII and Mario Party Star Rush, which were $16 for me. I actually already have DQ VIII on PS2, but these sorts of grindy RPGs are better on handhelds. It also may be my fave in the series, so it'll be nice to have. As for Mario Party... might be a mistake, but I can't help but be curious about the series on 3DS and Star Rush seems to have the best single player offerings from what I hear.
11/28/17, 19:43   
Paypal is currently offering a deal to save $5 on a $20 or more purchase in the Nintendo Switch eShop or from the website eShop store.


To use this offer, you must first link your Nintendo Account to Paypal, and from what I can tell the only way to do this is through the Switch eShop. After linking, you can choose to add $20 or more in funds using Paypal, and then you'll save $5 which will show on the receipt. This seems to be the simplest way to do it, I'm not sure how it works to buy a game off of the website (nor do I know if a $19.99 game would work).
12/10/17, 21:53   
Edited: 12/10/17, 21:53
@Mop it up I linked my Paypal account to my eShop account but the option to pay with Paypal isn't there when I go to buy something. I think it might only appear if you don't have enough funds to cover the purchase already in your eShop, which means you're basically screwed out of this deal if you already have funds in your eShop?

I also added $20 in funds using Paypal and... no discount.

12/18/17, 03:24   
Edited: 12/18/17, 03:36
@Zero Did you first accept the offer within the link?
12/18/17, 06:21   
No, but when I eventually tried I got...

"We're sorry, but you may not be eligible for this offer."

People on CAG are saying that maybe it is only for people who got an email about it? Weird.
12/18/17, 06:31   
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