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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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07/30/08, 18:48    Edited: 01/25/18, 20:51
If you use Visa Checkout at Best Buy (a Visa card is, oddly enough, not required), you can save $25 off of every $100 order. This also stacks with Gamers Club Unlocked, which already gives you 20% off of every sealed game (and any pre-orders). This is a REALLY GOOD DEAL, people. Physical Nintendo games hold their value very well. And it ends tomorrow. So stock up on all of your Switch shit for the whole year while you can! The $30 GCU membership may even immediately pay for itself.

I made five orders.

Order #1:
Zelda: BOTW
Splatoon 2
$10 PSN

Order #2:
Super Bomberman R
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Order #3:
Grey Joy Cons
Bravely Second

Order #4:
Super Mario Odyssey
God of War III Remastered (gift)

Order #5:
Mario Kart 8 DX
$10 PSN

TOTAL DAMAGE: $430! (About $85 per order.) Stupid Illinois state tax!

OH, you're referring to New Super Luigi U. Yeah, I think it'll probably appreciate. Unless Gamestop randomly prints more copies, or something, like with Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade.

I have a whole bag of stuff to sell. I kind of just want to get it out of my house. So lazy, though...
01/21/17, 01:33   
Edited: 01/21/17, 01:37

WHOA! That's an incredible deal right there.

Making an order now for some Amiibo that I still haven't bought which are most the early Super Mario line and the Alternate Splatoon colors. I'm getting closer and closer to a complete collection.

Also Best Buy has some of the earlier "rare" ones like Gold Mario, Lucina, Pit, etc., so hop on this while you can if you need to fill out some spots in your amiibo collection.


The Skylanders Superchargers Pack for Wii U is only $3.99 with GCU. That's insane. So if you care about Skylanders or want that Donkey Kong amiibo/skylanders crossover thing, now is your best deal for it.

Wanted to get my Breath of the Wild pre-order as a part of that discount action, but unfortunately that means that it would arrive the next Friday rather than launch day. So in trying to get a bigger discount, I just doomed myself to trying to get the game from a store on launch day rather than having it shipped to me. Oh well... I'm not too worried about there not being enough copies of the game at launch, especially around my area since it's rural.
01/21/17, 06:16   
Edited: 01/21/17, 06:30
Damn, it says it will take 24 hours to activate the GCU membership. I should've paid more attention yesterday
01/21/17, 20:28   
@Paleo_Orca Thanks mate, snagged! I don't collect the figures, but I have a few of the other Skylanders games. They're fun enough in their own right.

@Anand Is that the price for used, or sealed? I may have to consider selling my copy along with NSMBU, and getting the combo pack...
01/21/17, 20:33   

Thanks for the heads up! We went out to get one of them Gamer Club Card things just now, so hopefully we won't miss the extra sale bit. Seems like it says it lasts until the 25th? Of course, even if we do miss it, the Gamer Club makes brand new Switch games $48, so that's pretty spectacular.
01/21/17, 23:04   
@Mop it up
Sealed. (Also, keep in mind that my value estimates are based on two seconds of research on Amazon.)

@J.K. Riki@mrbiggsly
Yeah, it looks like it got extended. You GCN newbs are in luck!

$48, $40, $32... But, yeah, the 20% really adds up over time. Remember that it also applies to games that are already on sale, as long as they're new.

By the way, people, you can pad out the $100 with, like, eShop cards, but the amount of the credit will decrease. Experiment!

You can also use this deal with in-store pickup. I like that option, since I don't have to bug the mailman.

Where's my spy camera?!
01/22/17, 05:04   
Edited: 01/22/17, 05:05
Oh, regarding good deals, GameStop has a surprisingly good one this week for those of you who've got a Switch preorder there. You can get an extra $20 credit for trading in a Wii U or 3DS towards a Switch preorder, or extra $30 credit if you're part of their own Gamer Club program thing.

The Wii only gives $20 on its own, but I think you can get $35 if your Wiimote is a Wii Motion+. And both those get the extra 20 or $30.

The real deal is the 3DS. Trading in the original will get a surprising $90, plus the bonus 20 or $30.

You can also get an extra 50 or $75 towards trading in a Wii U. But don't trade in your Wii U!

I mainly thought the 3DS deal was good, especially for such an old system. But this is all for store credit, and it expires after tomorrow!
01/22/17, 05:58   
I have to figure out where to trade in my Wii U for the best return. After the Switch arrives, I will never turn the poor thing on again and I know it. (Gotta finish Color Splash first, of course.)
01/22/17, 06:10   
@Anand Thank you for sharing! I canceled my preorders of Puyo Puyo and Bomberman R and reordered to get the discount.

All of the savings! (and spending)
01/23/17, 00:41   
Edited: 01/23/17, 01:13
Ooof...I'd trade in my Wii in a heartbeat but right now it's basically our Gamecube. I can't really be sure that my Gamecube games will be available on Virtual Console so I guess I'll have to pass.
01/23/17, 01:52   
Stolen from cheap ass gamer. Looks like Target is having a Nintendo sale next week (2/12-2/18)

Save $20 on select Wii U games including...
Smash Bros
Mario Maker
Paper Mario Color Splash
Star Fox Zero

Save $10 on select 3DS games including
Mario Maker
Mario Party Star Rush

$9.47 for Select Amibos

I'm guessing more details will come out soon, I might have to bite on Color Splash
02/06/17, 17:42   
Seems like the Visa Checkout deal is back on until the 22nd. Now I can finally push through the other preorders. I'd love to see the collectors edition of Zelda come back in stock.
02/17/17, 05:07   
Apparently you can get a $50 eShop card for $41.38 if you use the promo code BIGTHANKS. No idea how long it lasts.

Try it?
02/22/17, 23:37   
Edited: 02/22/17, 23:38
I was going to, but, for once, I stopped myself. I bought way too many cards to pad out my Best Buy orders.
02/23/17, 15:23   
Ace Attorney Trilogy, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice are on sale on the eshop. You can get all 3 of them for around $45 before tax.

The Trilogy is 14.99 and that alone is a steal.
02/24/17, 23:14   

These are great games and I'd second this nomination. In fact, Spirit of Justice was my favorite game from last year!
02/24/17, 23:24   
I think I played the first three AA games, and I know we have Dual Destinies on the 3DS, but I'm tempted to get the first three to play them again because they were great. So much Edgeworth!

What level of Edgeworth does Spirit of Justice have? On a scale of 1 - AA:Investigations.
02/24/17, 23:43   
@J.K. Riki

Maybe a 3 or 4 if you count DLC. A bit more cameo-y than his prominent roles in the first three games.
02/25/17, 00:17   
Buy 2 get 1 free at Target for video games

Seems to include a lot of new games (but not Switch games?) as well as old stuff and also includes some Amiibo?
03/07/17, 08:06   

Yes, also includes "selected" Amiibo. I was there yesterday, though it was unclear if the new BOTW Amiibo counted.

Before I spent way more than I wanted to, I put back the other 2 I picked up and said "thank you!" and walked out with my new Zelda one. Good enough for me (I'll get those SMB Series 2 ones later on / soonish).
03/09/17, 02:13   
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