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Hey, remember that video game legislation? You know, the Schwartznegger thing? [roundtable]
Putting aside that little bit of unbelievable hypocrisy for a minute, how much have you guys read about it? I'm sure most of us will come down on the same side, but it might be interesting to discuss. I wanted to follow the hearings, but then I totally forgot about it, until I came across a link to the Supreme Court hearing today. Pretty interesting. And a bit irritating.

Right-wing Supreme Court judges argued against the usefulness of the parental protection that is already in every major gaming console, because a net-savvy 16-year-old could circumvent it. Guess what, dumbass. A net-savvy 16-year-old could probably launch a missile into your house. Or steal your identity and frame you for murder. Why don't you worry about that for a while. Also, it seems like the whole case rests on Postal 2, the most popular and influential video game of the modern era. Gack. It'll never end. Until they finally achieve a police state. I guess that's part of the process, though.

Still, I want to do a study about studies, and how the results correlate with the interests of those who fund it, and how little acknowledgment of contrary data there is. If I can just get someone to put up the money...

Anyway, I haven't followed up on the fallout of these hearings yet. Last I heard, the actual decision wouldn't be made for quite some time. Anyone want to discuss the material? Come on, it's only an hour! Rip it to your iPod!

Obscenity is a pretty scary charge. The whole "we'll know it when we see it" thing.

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12/20/10, 23:41    Edited: 12/20/10, 23:51
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I hope nothing passes here. I don't want unnecessary restrictions being put on game designers' creative minds.
12/21/10, 00:23   
I didn't read much about it. As far as I can see they want to put something in place that we have had in Germany for years, which means labeling violent videogames (like they do right now) but that 15 year olds are not allowed to purchase 17+ or 18+ games right? No one forbbids the making or selling of these games. They don't have to be removed from storeshelves either right? (I may be wrong on that one since, like I said, I didn't follow the case that much)

And if that is the case I'm actually all for it. Today's parents suck at doing their job so much that they always scream for schools/the goverment/anyone else to do their job. Fine let's make it, it has been this way with DVDs for many years and there are still many many violent movies out there.
12/21/10, 09:14   
Lol. I liked the "launching a missile into your house" part. I'll take a listen to see what all the fuss is about.
12/21/10, 09:21   
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