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Radiant Historia (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
9.15/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Radiant Historia on the DS!

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Atlus Marketing said:

In the midst of an unending war for dominance between two super-powers, Special Intelligence Agent Stocke is assigned to a routine escort mission that goes horribly awry. However, wielding a mysterious book called the White Chronicle, Stocke discovers a way to travel to the intersection of time itself: Historia. With this power in his hands, he must travel back and forth through key events and an entirely alternate timeline to right the world's ill-fated course. The lives of his companions, the fate of nations, and the resolution of an impending disaster that now threatens the land all depend on Stocke's ability to discern the one "true" history.

Available February 22, 2011.

Sounds pretty good to me. The trailer makes the game look fantastic. And it comes with a music CD... DEFINITELY a nice bonus. Atlus really knows how to service their fans.

Want more info? Then click RIGHT HERE.

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Posted: 12/18/10, 18:51:04  - Edited by 
 on: 02/24/11, 05:18:27
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Does anyone know if there's a way to inflict "curse" status on an enemy? I'm trying to do this sidequest and it would be helpful if I could inflict curse along with poison.
Posted: 08/05/12, 21:21:10
Ergh. Quick question to those of you who have finished this....

Did you entcounter a giant difficulty spike around Chapter 4 (AH)? I just got Rorsch's Gauntlet working again and have headed off to repel the attack from Allistel. And the enemy encounters are hitting HARD.

Have I not leveled myself enough? Avoided too many encounters? My main party of Stocke/Raine/Marco are all hovering about Lv 30. But I thought I was doing fine until these guys started taking of 1/3-1/2 my health per attack....
Posted: 10/08/12, 05:00:30
I don't remember any part of the game giving me too much of a hard time aside from this one battle. Is there any equipment you can purchase?
Posted: 10/08/12, 05:02:45

Yeah, that was my next thought. The stuff in the shops so far hasn't been inspiring, but maybe they restocked after the chapter change.

We'll see.
Posted: 10/08/12, 05:09:41
I don't have my copy with me, but I think I remember the random encounters there being pretty hard. I spent some time trying to level up, heading back to Celestia for free heals, and eventually just started running from as many random encounters as possible so I could get to the boss without using up all my resources. I think it's also the part of the game where I had to say, "You know, I usually save all my MP in any RPG for the boss, but I'm dyin' here..." You just can't do that in Radiant Historia, in my experience.

At some point in the game, for me anyway, the random encounters start being just as hard as boss fights, especially when you're unlucky and you get a full screen of enemies. I'd still level up and crawl through to get chests, but then most areas I'd leave, go to an inn, then run through like a demon to try and get to the boss without getting too bloodied by the random encounters on the way.
Posted: 10/08/12, 17:12:09

Yeah that's what I was doing by the end but it didn't really help. The boss turned me into hamburger meat without blinking.

I took a shot at heading to the other timeline as I was able to get past where I was stuck before...but I hit another wall pretty quickly. Did get some *slightly* better equipment though. We'll see if it helps. There may be grinding involved. Bah.
Posted: 10/08/12, 22:46:39
Well got past that annoying Boss. Ben making good progress in the meantime....until this temple where I have to get the Beast Mark.

Yeah I beat that poison ape thing. Burnt his ass to a crisp. I'm awesome, etc etc.

Oh WTF? Giant-ass spider? Not again .

*rage quit*
Posted: 10/15/12, 14:37:36
@Shadowlink I think it's kind of one of those endurance bosses. I hated that. Nothing really fun about poisoning something and then continuing to heal yourself until it's dead. This game was really good but definitely had some weird issues with its battle system IMO.

What I always did was relegate one of my non-party members to healing. I'd use Marco to heal everyone if I was using Aht, and Aht if I was using Marco.

You might not have to grind a WHOLE lot, but a little bit helps. I also had to rely a lot on consumables in this game. Had to heal myself so much in the field because I never knew if there was a tough battle around the corner.
Posted: 10/15/12, 22:10:06
I'm back!

Been slowly plugging away at this between work, Prof Layton and Fire Emblem. Worked my way up to the final chapter with the Black guardians.

I've beaten the first three, and am now currently getting my ass handed to me by Viola and her magic chunks of stone.

So quick question to those who have finished this- At what level did you go up against this final lot of bosses? I'm at about 51/52 for my main team, and I'm doing ok damage with the right attacks...but the healing spells I have available right now are woeful.

Should I go do some sidequests and come back later?
Posted: 12/18/12, 05:01:52
I feel like I was in the low fifties at the endgame, but it's been a while so I can't remember...I'm pretty sure I had Stocke at Lv 62 for the secret boss and others were high-50ish, and that was much harder than the final boss.
Posted: 12/18/12, 05:25:56
I finally finished this game, around 43 hours and level 60 characters. I don't know how my brother finished it in 25 hours (level 51.)

I liked it. Pretty awesome RPG actually. Kind of felt like an SNES era RPG. Well, maybe just because of the sprites. But that whole style... yeah. But with a better battle system than most. The time hopping thing was a bit confusing at times, but that's ok.
Posted: 03/25/13, 22:57:48  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/13, 22:58:27
I still need to finish this. I was pretty damn far into it. I'm afraid it will be too confusing to jump back into it now, though, after years, what with 2 alternate timelines, and so on.

Congrats, Zero. Have you been picking away at it regularly, or did you just pick it back up after shelving it for months?
Posted: 03/25/13, 22:59:57  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/13, 23:00:46
Congrats! It's quite a monumental game and it should be experienced by all RPG fans IMO.


It certainly is a game where time away can completely erase your sense of understanding. Though a guide might be able to help.
Posted: 03/25/13, 23:13:35
It got shelved for a bit, picked back up a few weeks ago. Not shelved from lack of interest, but because a bunch of other games popped up including the massive time drainer Xenoblade, and I usually don't like to play two RPGs at the same time so Xenoblade just sort of took priority for a long, long time. I still haven't actually finished Xenoblade yet, but I'm close enough that I felt ok with jumping back into this one. I also started to notice that my 3DS/DS backlog was getting huge while my Wii U/Wii backlog isn't that bad, so I thought maybe I should work on the handheld backlog a bit.

The funny thing is that I picked it back up around I dunno... 17 or 18 hours into it, saw my brother's 25 hour game finished save, and thought I was close to the end. But I finished at 43 hours so yeah, however he did that, I was nowhere near him. I played a bunch over the last few weeks, including a good 5-6 hours straight last night to get up to the end, and then knocked out the end today.

It can be a bit confusing to jump back into, especially since both of the FAQs I found on Gamefaqs do things in different orders, but really, for the most part, if you're stuck in one timeline you jump to the furthest point you were at in the other. A few exceptions, but it generally works to get you back on track.
Posted: 03/25/13, 23:13:38  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/13, 23:15:46
This game came out two years ago already...goodness gracious.
Posted: 03/26/13, 00:18:50
@Guillaume Yeah I think it's a reason I didn't drop the game while playing it. I was having a hard enough time keeping track of things already, haha. On the bright side, the game is chopped into small chunks with clear checkpoints. It's great from a portable standpoint.

I really enjoyed this game, even though I think the story didn't reach the potential I thought it really had. I had a love/hate relationship with the battle system too. I don't think I'd ever go back to this one because it's just such a long game, but I'm glad I played through it.
Posted: 03/26/13, 04:26:54
@PogueSquadron I liked the story, I thought the ending especially was interesting. I mean, essentially, they all kind of acknowledge that the forced sacrifice is messed up but Stocke decides to willingly submit anyway, because really... what are the other options at that point? Somewhat bittersweet, yet the game still ends with some hope, in the sense that they are figuring out the mana better and are trying to build a world without sacrifice.

The part that really got me was when Stocke said that the difference between him and Heiss was that he had lived his life, and found people worth dying for.

I'm not going to build the story up into an Oscar-caliber story (lol) but for what it was, it worked for me.
Posted: 03/26/13, 05:45:25
@Zero The extended ending is a...different kind of bittersweet. You can see it here if you're not interested in finding all the obscure sidequest requirements.
Posted: 03/26/13, 05:55:38
@nate38 Hmm. Do I want to see it? The temporal nature of time travel. Perhaps it is best remembering history the way I remember it...
Posted: 03/26/13, 06:11:24
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