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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
8.28/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on the DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Me and one of my buddies have just been listening to some of our favourite Golden Sun soundtrack songs and I'm so fucking pumped right now. This game is easily my most wanted game of the year since Nintendo first revealed it last E3. So I thought I'd post a few of these songs to get things rolling.


Nostalgia is punching me so hard in the face right now. Next week is too far away.

Also, a collection of reviews so far

GamesRadar - 8.0
Nintendo Power - 8.0
IGN - 7.5
GamePro - 3.5/5
Famitsu - 9/8/8/8
ONM - 92%
GameTrailers - 8.5
JoyStiq 4/5
Nintendo Life - 8
1up - B
Kotaku 4/5

The rundown so far: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a great game especially for Golden Sun fans. However, the main complaint is that the game is much easier than the previous titles and this is actually quite disappointing.

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Posted: 11/24/10, 06:56:17  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/10, 05:32:48
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*Slaps Comet*

Golden Sun is more important than your backlog. Your backlog can wait.
Posted: 12/02/10, 05:47:43
This may be of interest to you guys: interview with Camelot's Takahashi on Dark Dawn
Posted: 12/03/10, 21:57:15
Heading into the shops to get this now! I even fully charged my DS last night so I can play it on the way back :D.
Posted: 12/03/10, 23:28:05
10 Hours in.

Not going to give my detailed impressions yet, I'm taking my time with this game and trying to find as many secrets as I can when I go through levels. I will say that it is a lot easier than the previous games which is a bummer, but so far, I'm really enjoying it. Progress wise, I just travelled through the Teppe Ruins and I'm on Morgal now. Sveta just left my party.
Posted: 12/05/10, 08:19:40
I just completed Dark Dawn and wrote up a little review:

It's a great game but it could have been better. I really hope Camelot get to make a new Golden Sun for 3DS.
Posted: 03/18/11, 09:21:20
Holy cow this thread is old.

I'm thinking of starting this game soon. Not sure what to expect. Most everyone I talk to about it is like "Yeah, it's ok... but..."
Posted: 04/30/14, 02:59:22

Epic Center it! (I gotta update that thread....)
Posted: 05/01/14, 00:04:11

I really enjoyed it. Not sure what other people are kvetching about.
Posted: 05/01/14, 12:56:53
So I was a bit hesitant coming in because this game seems to get a lot of "meh" impressions, but I'm about 7 hours in and well... it feels like more Golden Sun to me. Which is definitely a good thing. Don't get me wrong, it has flaws, but most of them seem like the type of flaws that the series has always had (for example, a bunch of wordy dialog.)

@Mr_Mustache But that's the first game, this is the third one!
Posted: 05/09/14, 22:56:37
**Scrawnton casts kazing!!**

**Thread returns to life.**

So I have been adding games to my collection lately. I bought some sealed copies of DS games I missed and this is one of them. Looking forward to spending time with this bad boy the next couple weeks.
Posted: 05/18/16, 22:28:42

Let us know how you liked it. I was a huge fan of the first two and this sequel… was different for me than I had hoped and I'm not sure why. Very curious on your thoughts.
Posted: 05/19/16, 05:11:13
@DrFinkelstein I put four hours into it yesterday and I like it quite a bit. The game is excessively chatty, but the combat and exploration is top notch. My biggest complaint is having to push the A button constantly in battle to move things along. I know I can just hold down the A button and it'll cycle through all the combat text, but an auto scroll with speed control would work wonders.

The soundtrack is good at times and awkward at others. Some of the tracks, especially the ones including fake guitar noises, makes me feel like I am playing a Tales of Symphonia spin off. Overall I am glad I bought it and I will continue playing. I only paid $17 for a sealed copy of it.
Posted: 05/19/16, 14:32:06
Not sure if I ever posted my final thoughts on this game, but after finishing it (awhile back) I left feeling like it was... ok. Definitely not up with the first two for me, but not the trainwreck I've heard a lot of people suggest it is either. A solid, if not standout, Golden Sun game.
Posted: 05/19/16, 15:38:09
@Zero, I agree. I was completely enthralled by the original Golden Sun, and The Lost Age, and this E3 announcement blew my mind. When I got the actual game though, I was underwhelmed. It was a solid game, but I felt like it could have been more, and the cliffhanger ending, with no sequel in sight, is very unfulfilling.
Posted: 05/26/16, 07:43:17
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