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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on the DS
8.28/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on the DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Me and one of my buddies have just been listening to some of our favourite Golden Sun soundtrack songs and I'm so fucking pumped right now. This game is easily my most wanted game of the year since Nintendo first revealed it last E3. So I thought I'd post a few of these songs to get things rolling.


Nostalgia is punching me so hard in the face right now. Next week is too far away.

Also, a collection of reviews so far

GamesRadar - 8.0
Nintendo Power - 8.0
IGN - 7.5
GamePro - 3.5/5
Famitsu - 9/8/8/8
ONM - 92%
GameTrailers - 8.5
JoyStiq 4/5
Nintendo Life - 8
1up - B
Kotaku 4/5

The rundown so far: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a great game especially for Golden Sun fans. However, the main complaint is that the game is much easier than the previous titles and this is actually quite disappointing.

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11/24/10, 06:56    Edited: 12/01/10, 05:32
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Gamestop texted me so I can pick mine up in the morning! ShadowLink_89, enjoy it as I know I will!
11/30/10, 03:56   
It's cloudy and rainy here in Michigan right now, but I'm about to get some GOLDEN SUN regardless. /pun tee hee.

*cue the roadrunner-style bolt out the door
11/30/10, 17:34   
Got my text from Gamestop last night. I'll be picking up my copy this afternoon. \

Also, yes. It is quite rainy and overcast here in Michigan. I'm not going to let it put a damper on my Golden Sun launch day...!
11/30/10, 18:12   
Edited: 11/30/10, 18:13
Same here in Toronto. Rainy and dark and gloomy.....

Bur no weather will stop me from picking it up today. buwhahahahahaha
11/30/10, 19:25   
Edited: 11/30/10, 21:43
Toronto? I may be making a trip there soon...
11/30/10, 19:45   
I'll be getting my copy from amazon on Wednesday. Bummer. Let me know how your first impressions are. I loved the first two, so I can't wait for this.
11/30/10, 20:35   
I posted some very initial impressions, despite only getting as far as anyone who has picked this game up today. Still, read them at PK-Gaming.

Direct link here. An excerpt is below.

DrFinkelstein said:
When I was able to finally move about, the graphics looked even nicer. This is a semi-cel-shaded appeal to it. I found my first herb and encountered my first "emoticon event". These don't do anything to alter the storyline from what I read in previous articles about the game but it's still fun to have some kind of input. Considering Matthew seems to be taking the place of Isaac as the 'silent protagonist' in this game, that is a nice little addition.

11/30/10, 23:41   
Edited: 11/30/10, 23:42

Holy crap, a dinosaur!
12/01/10, 01:20   

No kidding. I haven't seen a phat boy in a long time. That said, my copy of the game is staring at me....I wanted to finish off an assignment before I open it, but the temptation is HORRIBLE. Not to mention I've also got Epic Mickey staring at me as well.

12/01/10, 05:40   
I've only ever had this phat ds. The hinge is broke too so it's loose and could snap if I'm not careful. I can make it till the 3DS... I know I can!!!

Though, back to the game. It's fun so far, as my impressions noted. I finally am off on my journey after the interlude and tomorrow I can't wait to truly get my hands dirty.

ShadowLink_89, let us know (perhaps here perhaps elsewhere) how Epic Mickey turns out too. I think I'll pick it up next month but.... I just wanna be sure I wont be disappointed first. Hopefully it's as epic as it claims.
12/01/10, 06:06   
How many game save files? I'm hoping at least 2. I think my wife might like this game, and I skipped on DQ9 because it only had 1 save.
12/01/10, 06:15   

I'll check for you now. *unwraps plastic wrap*

Oh....the game started right away.....I guess now I have to play it until I reach a save point so I can let you know...

*discards assignment and starts playing*
12/01/10, 06:38   
You bastard!
12/01/10, 06:57   

Yep, so I got past the intro (heads up, the intro is looooooooooooooooong but i loved every second of it)

So yep, like the previous games, there are 3 save files.

Also....the soundtrack for this game is *gasp* already sounding better than the previous two.

*goes back to play*
12/01/10, 07:02   

I hate you.

I should have this by Saturday though.
12/01/10, 09:49   

You addressed me so I'll still reply despite having it have been answered.

Yep, three save files.


The music is indeed pretty great so far.
12/01/10, 12:50   
Thanks guys. Looks like I found a use for my $25 Gamestop card!
12/01/10, 22:47   

I thought about how you called my DS a dinosaur today while at work... and then I couldn't get this out of my head.

12/01/10, 23:04   
That is one of the coolest looking DS Phats I have ever laid my eyes on. Its like...the T-Rex of Phattys!
12/02/10, 03:38   
It's funny that I made DS GB thread about this game yet I've yet to pick it up. I seriously have a huge backlog due to amazing Amazon black friday deals. Oh boy :(
12/02/10, 03:40   
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