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Awful Levels/Segments in Otherwise Great Games [roundtable]
Wet-Dry World in Mario 64

I always hated this level, whenever I play this game now this is always one of the last ones I finish. I don't know, I guess it just feels really boring and unpleasant.

The Riverboat in Half-Life 2

True story, I played through the first part of Half-Life 2, loved it, made it to the riverboat, hated every minute of that, and stopped playing the game before I picked up about 8 months later. Very glad I did, but that section I have no desire to ever play again.

Flood Levels in Halo Games

The flood have always been a chore to fight and these missions consistently are the low points of each of the main trilogy titles.

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What game is this?
11/24/10, 10:47   

Totally forgot about the Blades of Hades in God of War. Man I hated that segment so much.

Animal Crossing: Accidentally resetting the game and having to face Mr. Resetti.

11/24/10, 10:53   
Edited: 11/24/10, 10:55

He said Blizzard, so... probably Blackthorne.
11/24/10, 16:13   

Though the pic doesn't seem to work for me, I am going to guess by the image tag when mousing over it that it's the old zone "Azshara" from World of Warcraft. That zone was extremely empty and devoid of quests to do, not to mention getting to certain parts of the zone that were overlooked by very tall, rocky cliffs were tedious to get to without taking a huge risk of falling to your death. Was EXTREMELY bad back in Classic WoW where at the level you were at, the best you could get was a basic mount that moved at 60% run speed and if you wanted an epic mount that ran at 100% speed you had to pay out the nose for it back then.

In any case, Azshara was a horrendous zone for the levels it BARELY...no...it DIDN'T support, which were the higher level 40's and lower level 50's. The only reasons people went out there were to try and get lucky and find Azuregos up and living for a shot at loot from the big blue dragon, leatherworkers that wanted to specialize in Dragonscale Leatherworking (Alliance), trying to get elusive Golden Pearls from the naga monsters there, fighting a gigantic shark as part of an old, massive quest chain for a special scepter piece, or...just to flat out waste your time. It's no secret Blizzard revamped the zone and now it's overtaken by the Horde Goblins and used as a leveling zone for those just starting out....MASSIVE improvement from the shitty zone it used to be.

And speaking of shitty zones in WoW, I would dare say that a lot of Horde hated The Barrens back during Classic WoW when the level cap was 60. While it did have a good amount of quests it was also a extremely HUGE zone with no real methods of quickened transportation, and the level range it supported (I think around 15-25?) meant you had no faster ground mounts. You had to hoof it on foot and unless you were a Drud with Travel Form or a Hunter with Aspect of the Cheetah (run speed increases...and maybe Shaman with Ghost Wolf?) then you literally WALKED EVERYWHERE in that huge, farking zone, especially when quests sent you all over. Same could be said for Ashenvale Forest for either Horde or Alliance, but it was extremely painful for Alliance from what I remember when I leveled my old Night Elf Hunter there. Again, huge zone, quests spread out all over the place, and even with my AotC it still took ages to get to places I wanted to go. It's no surprise that a lot of Night Elves chose to head off the Kalimdor continent and hit up Eastern Kingdoms at lower levels because the quests flowed better and you had less on-foot rtavel overall.
11/24/10, 17:25   
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