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XBLA (and PSN?) is on a good roll...
Awesome thread is back!!

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Posted: 11/18/10, 23:13:48  - Edited by 
 on: 04/12/12, 06:15:53
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I've been waiting for a word from you...
Posted: 06/30/11, 07:06:21

Haha, and since posting that I've changed my tune and I'm actively waiting for a sale on a slim 360. I want Trenched! And a bunch of other stuff.
Posted: 06/30/11, 07:08:02
@Guillaume Welllllllllllllllllll I've been super busy lately. Probably will find some time somewhere in the next few weeks though, my girlfriend is leaving for Switzerland for a month so I'll be alone and lonely.

Have you tried it out though? It's fun but I dunno. I can't say it gripped me.
Posted: 06/30/11, 07:15:48
Haven't tried it, no. I'm not hurting for games to play, that's why I can be patient about starting Dead Nation.

BTW, Gatling Gears has a demo. On PSN! Sweet.
Posted: 06/30/11, 07:31:23
I actually flat out bought the game last night. I'll post more impressions when I have more time, but for now I'll just say that only people with huge TVs (or sitting only a couple of inches from their monitor) should consider getting it...
Posted: 06/30/11, 17:11:50
I think I'll get the Vita, maybe. It's backwards compatible with a system that I don't have, so that's a bonus. I don't really care about the original games on it as of yet, but w/e.
Posted: 06/30/11, 17:45:18
GameDadGrant said:

You're totally right. Owning all systems is just overkill. I've got all three current-gen systems, and the three current handhelds. Not to mention two thirds of last generation's consoles still hooked up, as well as my Dreamcast. And of course my GBA SP+ is sitting here, ready to go at a moment's notice. Even my Neo Geo Pocket Color isn't too far away.


I'm making a point not to get as many machines during this upcoming generation. In fact, I may go 3DS-only.

I don't have nearly as many consoles, but I'm about the same. I'm probably going to get a PS3 sometime this fall if I can get one really, really cheap (primarily for Disgaea 4, Infamous 2 and Valkyria Chronicles which I missed out on), but I'm done with consoles for a while after that. Still holding out on the 3DS, as there's too much on the DS I still have to play/finish.

We'll see how well my resolve holds up by the time the Wii U comes out, but I don't anticipate jumping into next gen for a good while. And for once, I feel really serious about that...
Posted: 06/30/11, 22:11:28
Posted: 06/30/11, 22:22:57
Almost every 'exclusive' on XBLA goes somewhere else, but that's almost never true for PSN. Anyway, Limbo is a'ight, but I don't really understand why it got so much praise.
Posted: 06/30/11, 22:38:01

PixelJunk 2 is pretty damn fun! I'm not too sure about the multiplayer, though, or more specifically the matchmaking. Either I was against some monster who would destroy me instantly, or against some kid who didn't know how to hold the controller. There was this guy I told repeatedly how to shoot, and he never did. Only got one or two "close ones". Those were fun. And there was this one guy who was at the "Sun" level who gave me some good tips, very friendly.

He still destroyed me, though.

We'll have to try again, VoE, now that you've fixed your router troubles.

The single player game starts off way more challenging than the first game. Waaayyyy more. Actually, it got a little frustrating. I need practice.
Posted: 07/20/11, 16:42:35
Anyone jumping into Bastion this week?

Press reception seems pretty enthusiastic so far.

Didn't even bother with the demo, I just hit Purchase this morning before heading out to work.

Looking forward to firing it up this evening.

On a side note, I didn't realize the dev-team was only 7 people and the team co-founder is ex-GameSpot editor-in-chief, Greg Kasavin.
Posted: 07/20/11, 17:03:34
I'll try the demo.
Posted: 07/20/11, 17:30:42
Jim Sterling didn't like Bastion as much as some other reviewers did. [/Captain Obvious]
Posted: 07/20/11, 17:31:48
Jim Sterling is the Armond White of video game reviewers.
Posted: 07/20/11, 17:48:06

Looks like Sterling didn't read 15 things videogames can learn from Bastion. :p
Posted: 07/20/11, 18:12:11
Tom Chick is also Armond White. Everyone is Armond White.

@New Forms
That article makes the game sound very smartly designed. Hype rising.
Posted: 07/20/11, 18:20:49  - Edited by 
 on: 07/20/11, 18:38:23
Apparently PSN just got Limbo? I didn't think it was coming to PSN. Will probably check it out... eventually... not that I need new games right now.
Posted: 07/20/11, 20:54:10
Bastion looks interesting.
Posted: 07/21/11, 08:09:34
This looks like a really interesting PSN game

Posted: 07/21/11, 11:17:43  - Edited by 
 on: 07/21/11, 11:18:10
Looks confusing. Could be cool, though. Isn't it weird that PSN has so many exclusives, yet almost everyone acknowledges XBLA as the better platform?
Posted: 07/21/11, 15:21:13
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