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3 Nintendo characters you'd like to see playable in the next Smash Brothers [roundtable]
NINTENDO CHARACTERS. As in, characters that are part of Nintendo owned IPs. If you want you can make some 3rd party picks too, but I'm curious to see what Nintendo characters you guys think still need to make the cut.

Here are mine...

3. Dark Samus (Metroid)

The Metroid series is way too awesome to only have one character in Smash Brothers games. And there is no way in hell I'd want to see any of the "good" side characters from Prime 3 or Other M come into the mix. Dark Samus, on the other hand, is a total badass. And I'm giving Nintendo a bit of a copout here, as they can make Dark Samus one of their "skin" characters while still adding a few different moves (in fact, in the Prime games Dark Samus has a LOT of different moves than normal Samus). Final smash could be some kind of uber phazon blast.

2. Andy (Advance Wars)

Advance Wars has to be the only franchise from Nintendo that has had 4 (count them, 4!) releases over the last two handhelds, all of them releasing in both the East and the West, and yet no real representation in Smash Brothers. Meanwhile Fire Emblem, Advance Wars' brother game, has two playable characters. Unfair. Andy could beat people with his wrench, and for a final smash, call in the cavalry and have tanks and planes bombarding everyone on screen!

1. Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)

Screw being an assist trophy, Little Mac needs to be a playable character!!! Considering that he is a boxer his moveset kind of makes up itself... a bunch of punching, and his smash attacks can be his power punches. His final smash? I dunno, maybe he could be pulled back into a behind the person view (like in his games) wireframe model filling up most of the screen and get left/right and high/low punches to use. With the new Punch-Out!! on Wii being such a success (in quality, if not sales) it's time to give Little Mac his shot at stardom!

Ok, and as long as I opened things up to 3rd parties, there is one, and only one, obvious choice...

A. 8-bit Mega Man (Mega Man)

There are so many reasons to choose 8-bit Mega Man. His attacks could be super varied, there are about 80 or so powers he has absorbed from boss robots over the years, not to mention his slide could be made into a kick. Final Smash could call in Proto Man and have him go nuts on everyone. But the main reason? The have an awesome 8-bit stage with 8-bit Mega Man music. That'd pretty much be the best Smash Brothers course ever.

Alright, there are mine. What are yours?

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10/10/10, 06:35    Edited: 10/10/10, 06:36
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Also Waluigi.
10/11/10, 08:21   
@ShadowLink_89 Damn, for some reason I assumed that Layton was a Nintendo IP (probably because its way too not traditional for a random 3rd party to come up with on their own...)

It'd suck if Layton ever moved elsewhere.
10/11/10, 08:28   
1. Fierce Diety Link
2. Midna/Wolf Link Combo
3. Nude Suit Samus*

*if that doesn't work, than Tingle. That would surely annoy most of the people I play against (which is sort of the point).
12/09/10, 17:00   
Even though SMB2 is Nintendo's bastard child I still love the characters within it. GameDad already beat me to Wart so I'd have to say...

Final Smash: throws a ton of bombs all at once.

Not an actual game character but definitely belongs to Nintendo...

Captain N
Final Smash: pauses the game and can run around dealing out mega blasts with his zapper

Mii's only if you can further customize their look within the game.

Final Smash: blows a whistle and a stampede of Mii's (Mii parade) flood the screen and trample all that get in their way.

3rd Party: Of course, Mega Man!
12/09/10, 17:35   
Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man Mega Man

and they could use Protoman or Bass as his clone characters.
12/09/10, 18:02   
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