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The NEVERENDING QUEST is BACK! [community]
Old school Neg Worlder's remember fondly the experience quest. I decided to remake it. I actually had this ready long ago, I just wanted to get some more stages going, but I've been pretty busy and thought WTF, it has 10 stages already which isn't a bad start. I'll work on more stages once people need them.

So enter the new and improved NEVERENDING EXPERIENCE QUEST.

For the newbz, essentially it is a meta-game contained in this site, seeing how many stages you can complete. Some are just simple quizzes. Others will make you think outside the box. Can't explain it much more than that, just play it yourself and see what I mean!

The Neverending Experience Quest can be found HERE or under "NEQ" in the "etc" menu above (link actually does something now.)

You can also view user rankings HERE (just sort by NEQ to see who is leading the quest.)

A. Massive XP now given for every stage completed. MASSIVE.
B. There is now a strike system. You start with full XP for any given stage, but lose XP each time you answer incorrectly, up to 3 strikes. After that, there are no more penalties, so guess away!
C. There is now a hint system. When you answer incorrectly you will get a hint. There is only one hint per stage.

Post any questions, concerns, bugs, etc. in this thread! And you can also use, but do NOT post actual answers in this thread.

WARNING: DO NOT POST ACTUAL ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD. OR ANY THREAD, FOR THAT MATTER. The point of the game is everyone figures it out on their own. If you want to private message a friend an answer that's between you and them, but keep it private.


Have at it!

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06/26/09, 21:39    Edited: 10/22/12, 08:13
@PogueSquadron Welcome to hell.
02/01/11, 05:16   
Nevermiiiind got it. God, I tried a lot of different combinations. But then the answer is so simple. Gah.
02/01/11, 05:17   
Stuck on question five, obvious ones are out, just gonna plough through two letter combo by two letter combo, with afew bursts of inspiration...
03/03/11, 22:09   
Edited: 03/03/11, 22:09
@Awkward Tumbleweed

I thought I had tried every possible combination too, but yeah, once you get it you might be tempted to bash your head against the wall for not having done it sooner...
03/03/11, 22:22   
I can't believe I'm still stick at the 7th question... old 3D themed Nintendo games ?! Try search that on Google now that the 3DS is out *o* ! Oh wait... I may have found the solution.

Well, not. The main problem is the structure of the answer : how I am supposed to answer with "Two words" ? Can I wrote : "One game", "Two games", "Three games" or "Obi-Wan Kenobi" ?
04/23/11, 16:49   
Edited: 04/23/11, 16:52
Could anyone give me a non-spoilerific hint on the No More Heroes question I mean this is ridiculous ...
04/23/11, 18:53   

It's possible to solve it.
04/23/11, 19:18   

That question is just like the link one. The only clue I can feel safe giving you is when there isn't a place to type words you need to click something. So look around for what you can click. If you still have trouble pick up the game.
04/23/11, 23:56   
I can't remember the link one. Does it come before the NMH one?

I beat both games. I think the question's referencing a finishing move but I don't get it.
04/24/11, 00:46   

Yeah the Link question is question three, but I can't think of any clues that don't give it away completely. If you remembered what it told you after you got it correct it gives away every other clicking question, if there are any others besides the two.
04/24/11, 01:27   
Just like GelatinousEncore, could anyone give me a non-spoilerific hint on the "Two words" (How many Nintendo old 3d games are there ?)" I mean this is really ridiculous... please.

I don't get it at all. There's definitly something wrong with this question (or maybe my english isn't good enough...).

And when I see how hard seems to be Stage 8, I think it's time to start again No More Heroes...
04/24/11, 02:00   
Holy shit ... I did it ...

First I made an alt account just to go through the NEQ again and remember the Link question, THEN I saw that message and I'm like OK ... this is interesting.

Then I went into safari and I activated what it told me to look in that Link question (I had it set to Hide) and I started hovering around with the mouse. What's cool about Safari is, when you hover over a link, it TELLS you the name of the page the link is taking you to. And one of those links had a suspicious name...

Holy shit I can't believe it.

Couldn't have done it without you, Willie. THANK YOU! I was stuck in that question since February/March 09 NO JOKE


EDIT: Rest of the questions were ridiculously easy. I BEAT THE NEQ MOTHERFUCKERS

@Luther Look at the picture the words are on. Does that remind you of a game?
04/24/11, 02:09   
Edited: 04/24/11, 02:13
Yes, I already tried X times to use the name of the game (even what the voice says while the Arwings get throught).

For I know that it is NOT the good answer, Star Fox, StarFox, Star Wing, Star fox, Starfox, Lylat Wars, Stunt Race FX, One game, Two Games, Three Games XXXX games don't work. This is ****** off.

And one final word : Is it possible to avoid the whole page of the "You SUCK" screen to reload when you try again to answer ?
04/24/11, 17:11   
Edited: 04/24/11, 17:14
You need to use the letters they give you. Can't be Star Fox, since there's no X there.

Look closely at the letters. If you know the game you'll figure it out.
04/24/11, 17:39   
Thanks but it did not help, sadly.

I'm currently trying to search the whole Internet for this game, called "AACEEILNNOPRRT", "TPIRCNALEROEAN" ou maybe "TPIRCNALE ROEAN".

Try searching something when you don't know where's the space between the two words. It's the worst question of the NEQ, seriously.

I could find "PINNACLE ROTARE" (it fits with all the letters), but off course, Nintendo never did a game called "PINNACLE" thing. I saw in this topic that Simbabbad told once that the "Two Words" thing is very bad. Could be more specific please ?
04/24/11, 23:33   
They are two words. One is a common word, the other is a known word in the Star Fox universe. The name of something.
04/24/11, 23:42   
Got it finally, thanks a lot, I coudn't get it without your help, seriously. And the clue is completly stupid, it has nothing to do with the answer !

To help others, the clue of #7 is "How many Nintendo old 3d games are there ?". Well, it doesn't help at all, don't search for the number of games Nintendo did in all untextured 3d glory like StarFox, Stunt Race FX, Vortex and co. No, it has nothing to do with the answer.
04/25/11, 00:01   
Edited: 04/25/11, 00:10
Ok, I finished it. I loved the last questions (8, 9 and 10).
04/25/11, 00:25   
I finally just got 5 and it was terrible.

EDIT: And I'm up to 9 in like 4 minutes. Thats got to be something special.
Wow. So, I'm stuck on 5 for like, I dunno, a year?

And I fly through the remaining ones (after 5), without hints, in 6 minutes. Amazing.
Never thought I'd finish.
09/06/11, 02:32   
Edited: 09/06/11, 02:37

5 was *brilliant*. You should have been around for the Double Dash question in the last version of the quest. Zero deserves to be strung up over the captain debacle though.
09/06/11, 02:54   
Edited: 09/06/11, 02:54
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